colour me impressed

On the one day I wasn't confined-to-bed-sick last week I ventured out in celebration to get my hair did {blonde!}, try out threading {love, never going back}, order some new prescription glasses and sunglasses {mission success} and shop for some more clothes, make up and skincare {all much needed in the moment} - all of which are sure to feature here very soon, so keep an eye, or two, out.

One of the items I picked up was a Napoleon Perdis nail polish in 'Flamingo' {that came as part of the Love Birds Collection with "matching" lip gloss and Felicia Aroney bag - find it here}. I'm a huge nail polish fan but I've never been very good at applying it especially on my right hand and I find it never lasts on my nails, so for me to write about a polish you know it has to be good. Flamingo is.

^Isn't it divine? I'm a big fan of coral colours like this and it doesn't disappoint. 
It went on wonderfully, without streaking and most nails only required one coat {those that required two only did so because of my poor application skills}. Another plus? It dried super quick, didn't smudge one hand while I was doing the other and when I put my top coat on {which I did out of habit more than anything else} it didn't ruin the polish job. Tidy up was easy and I was able to use my hands properly around ten minutes after the job was done.

I'm now currently on day three of these nails and they still look like above^ which was taken after application. In the interest of full disclosure - I have been in bed sick since I painted these {no correlation there} so while I haven't been doing as much cleaning and out and about things with Bailey I have been washing my hands/face/hair as normal.

If you think this colour is for you be quick because the set I purchased this with is currently on sale and sure to sell out.

you can purchase it in store or online here and here

^and that bag? even more gorgeous in person
^^the gloss is pretty good too - just a lovely sheer tinty colour

weekly spotlight//orange is the new black

binge watching with the husband 
it is our new show
that is all that needs to be said really
get on it

^p.s, does anyone think Taylor Schilling looks like Katy Perry or vice versa?
answer: yes she does


dear disney collector,

Hi. First of all, thanks for entertaining my child on those days where you take her out to have fun but she misses her dad so much that she can't have any so you bring her home and the only thing that calms her is your videos and cucumber. Thank you. Really, I mean it. But also. I kind of don't get your videos. Do you actually like this stuff or is it just for the kids? I feel like you love this stuff and maybe you have a room full of everything you collect and, really, I don't have a problem with that because I still love lots of the things I loved as a kid.

But if you don't love this stuff then what's the deal? Do you have kids or know lots of kids or give this stuff to kids in need? I need to know! This is the stuff that keeps me awake at night. Because it really seems like you find this stuff interesting and it confuses me a little. Ok, it confuses me a lot. Especially the egg videos where you don't even seem to pay the chocolate the respect it deserves. Seriously. If there's crumbly chocolate you just brush it off like it's not that big a deal and, listen lady, it is a big deal! Crumbly chocolate is a big deal! And not paying the deliciousness that is chocolate a massive amount of respect and not even seeming to care about eating the stuff is a big deal in my book. A really big deal!

Do you eat the chocolate?

Well, do you?

As you can see, I am very bothered. I worry for the chocolate. Really I do.

Also, no one knows who you are.Apparently you are Brazilian. Good-o. But where do you live? Husband guesses America because you seem to post a lot of live Disney videos. Is my Husband accurate? Please confirm this weird stranger's obsession with you! Also I read this article that stated you make millions a year. Millions! I understand keeping kids entertained is a hard job and, yes, you have a soothing voice but, honestly, millions! Millions!

Who are you? Where do you live? What are you motives for life?

And do you actually eat the chocolate?

-a slightly obsessed mum  


friday five

This week hasn't been my best and, really, there's not much more to say so I'm going to get right on to the Friday five to avoid boring you all to tears with my whining. Blah. Blah. Blah.

^as for one & three I need the silver and yellow gold plated
^^and for the puppy booties - yes I need these. I believe these will become wonderful friends with my piggy slippers and without these my piggy slippers will be terribly upset and will no longer be able to slipper properly


snaps from around my home

Husband and I have spent the last week working on our house. We currently rent so anything we do can't be to the actual house which is fine because when it comes to home decor/improvement I am a fickle person and I like to mix things up {just ask the husband who will, more often than not, come home once a week to something in this house rearranged}.

^we made a headboard. It took hours in Bunnings because we had too many ideas and some of those hours involved me riding around on a trolley sitting on wood so it wouldn't topple over. Anyway, this is the finished product. Husband did the actual stuff and I made all the decisions {such is our marriage}.

^the up close detail of the pattern on the headboard. So pretty and in different lighting it differs slightly. I think it looks awesome and I think I am awesome because I had the genius idea of using wallpaper for this project.

^we've also been working on a photo wall for the wall where one side of bed is up against.
^^I feel like this will always be a constant work in progress.

Next up is turning the dining table we picked up at a church op shop for $50 {including delivery} into a dining/ping pong table. Being an adult is awesome.


a hairy change//going lighter

For as long as I can remember I have looked at Marilyn Monroe and her beauty with such awe and amazement because, gosh, she was beautiful. I have loved her curves and her beauty and most especially her hair - that platinum blonde hair. In awe. Always.

Anyway, for a while now I have wanted to go blonde. Platinum blonde. Marilyn blonde. And because Marilyn {or rather, Norma Jean} wasn't a natural blonde I had hope. And then, after speaking to a hairdresser, who told me it would be a long process, I lost a lot of that hope and then I perked up and decided while platinum blonde probably isn't for me I do want to go lighter. Now it's just a matter of which colour will it be. The hunt is on...





some dotti deals//from my closet to yours

I mentioned on Friday that I had been shopping up a storm - mostly in store, however, some of the items I picked up were online and I wanted to share some clothing items I picked up. One, because these items are awesome and two, because these items are a steal. All of them are available online at Dotti for $19.95 and all look perfect on.

^the animal check dress - this is not normally my style - the high neck, the tartan and the animal style {so, everything about the dress} but something told me to get it and I am so glad I did. It looks wonderful on {doesn't that sound incredibly narcissistic?} and isn't too chesty as a lot of high neck things tend to be {I did order a size up to avoid any tightness in that area though}. It has an exposed zipper at the back which I adore and which is ridiculously easy to zip up {a.k.a does not catch}. The only downside is that it came to me wrinkled so will need to be ironed which I presume will be the case with every wash and wear.

^check bomber jacket - another thing that's not normally my style - the checks! - but I ordered it anyway and I'm also glad I did. I went a size up because I have issues with jackets and claustrophobia. This leads to its own problems because they then tend to look too baggy and unflattering and too long in the arm but this jacket is none of those things. It feels delicious on and isn't too thick so could realistically be worn as a blouse also.

^tulle midi skirt - I've been searching for a midi skirt for ages that would suit a short girl like me and this does. The inside lining fits tighter like a pencil skirt would though the fabric is more stretchy than a pencil skirt is. This part hits above the knee and then the tulle sits just below it. The tulle isn't scratchy either - a major plus.

^printed tulle midi skirt - exactly the same as above except this is, of course, printed. The print is really quite delicate and has the most perfect hint of colour.

And I am a happy, happy girl.

All items are still available on the Dotti online store - in their outlet section {and delivery is free when you spend $60 or more}.


friday five

Every week it feels as though I begin each Friday Five post with the following statement: this week has been a busy one and while the same could be said of this week I'm trying to avoid falling into a cliched trap so let's just say this week has been an exciting one. I purchased my first Louis Vuitton item {the Neverfull NM GM Damier}, spent too much money and time in Mimco and Williams-Sonoma {ebelskivers are a go}, lunched with my two favourite people, shopped some more, parked, playgrouped, parked, shopped and parked some more. And let me see, what else was there? Oh yes, more shopping {online and in person}, more lunching {minus the sweetest member} wardrobe culling and chocolate for breakfast.

That about sums it up. And this weekend? We plan to be casual - Saturday sport, library stop and then it's a birthday for our furry Bum Bum/Bummy/Summer who turns four {we fell in love at first sight and took her home with us when she was 2 months old}. Now she's almost four! And her love for poop is still as ever present as it was when we first met. Hey Bum Bum - I love you x

FOUR. a triangle pattern throw from Typo's new, The Hall


pucker up

 When I get sad I shop and when I shop I head to Priceline. The other day when I got sad this is exactly what I did and here are my 3 favourite purchases - Savvy High Shine Lip Lacquer in bright lights, Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colour in rodeo drive and Savvy High Shine Lip Lacquer in paparazzi {none of which I can find online}. 
^bright lights
 ^rodeo drive

Each lip colour is intensely bright and most certainly need to be blotted so keep that in mind. They're creamy, smooth and non-sticky. Once applied {and tidied up a bit} the colour feels as though it's adhered to your lips and as though it would stay for hours. It feels delicious on, though the brightness of all do take some getting used to {or it did for me at least} and I would recommend using a liner with these to keep the look clean.

Now, of course, I can't give a proper review on these because I've only had them for a few days but I am adoring their colour and feel and am looking forward to wearing them with longevity to see how they wear and stain on my lips {and I feel confident that these will do that beautifully because the hand swatches I made did not come off for hours - how rare for a lip product right?}

And since information on these products seems to be scarce I can only recommend that you head into a Priceline store and pick them up from there. Another amazing perk? They're right around $10 each and there's whole range of amazing colours to go with the amazing price tag.


weekly spotlight//bailey & rock your baby

^one of the gifts Bailey received for her birthday from her Aunty Lee, my sister, was this dress from Rock Your Baby. It's the Peter Pan Sleeveless Dress in Pink Floral and it is the most adorably gorgeous dress that I have seen. This is Bailey^^ wearing said dress the day after her birthday for our epically long day out. That night she cried when she had to take it off. That is how much she loved it. If they had it in my size I would buy it for myself and B and I could rock the matchy-matchy look and be awesome {or ridiculous, whichever}.

This week I have been obsessed with this dress and Rock Your Baby. I had heard of the brand from my sister in the past, however, I'd never given it a look before. Why? Well, for starters, my sister and I have different styles and while her sons {my gorgeous nephews!} are always fabulously dressed {seriously, no bias there} I always assumed that the brand was for band tees and boys. But it's not. It's not! So if you've heard of Rock Your Baby and haven't checked into it before you need to because it's not all band tees and boy-ish things. It has got the most adorable clothes that I have ever seen and they are all right up my ally. 

I mean...look, just look...

^pom pom shirt
^betty sweatshirt
^harlequin circus tights
^floral circus tights
^little bear long sleeve dress

My heart swoons for all of their things.

And if Bailey isn't the perfect model for RYB I don't know who is.


friday five

Hello, well, this week was jam-packed with birthday celebrations and other mundane activities like bank visits and then more bank visits because banks are picky people. Bailey turned 3 {3! I have had a kid for 3 years and she's normal and functioning and she knows her ABC's and how to count and that 2 plus 2 is 4 and all kinds of other stuff and she's awesome and I did some of that}. My sister turned 31 and the kids bounced on the trampoline and spaghetti was thrown around and lots of cake was eaten and life was good. On my days off I snuggled up in bed with my Bum, re-watched Scandal while Sam-Wise bounced around, cleaned a little {because, you know, that's what a housewife does right?} and partook in some online window shopping for this here Friday Five.


here's a story about a man named husbles

In the early hours of Friday morning I woke up to an empty bed. Actually, correction, I woke up to a bed devoid of other humans and a discarded pair of my Husband's socks. Somewhere in the night Bailey had come into our bedroom and asked her Dad to come with her back to her bed which he did. I, of course, slept through it all and was none the wiser. Anyway, after I had checked on Husband and Bailey {they looked adorable by the way} and climbed back into bed I remembered the socks and said: I'm going to write a story about my husband.

So here it is...

My Husband is not a perfect man. He is not a perfect husband, father or friend but he does his best and then he does more. Sometimes his best is not enough but most of the time it is. When it isn't he's quick to make up for whatever he lacks. 

He is my best friend. Before we started dating we were friends and in the first few weeks of our relationship, before we became more intimate, we became best friends. Even when he makes me cry he's the only one that can make it better. 

He loves coffee. He rarely sleeps for a proper amount of time at night but he handles the lack of sleep wonderfully and still prefers to get up with Bailey in the morning and allow me more rest {because I do not handle lack of sleep wonderfully at all}.

He is a self-taught neek. He is my computer go-to person and he gets things about computers that make my mind boggle and make me look at him in awe. I am often awed by him. I am, also, often confused by him because he is just so weird. 

He is a walking encyclopedia. It's actually annoying because he can act self-important. Someone once said he thinks he's the King of England and when we heard this, even if they meant it as an insult, we laughed because nothing could be more accurate of him and I actually love that.

He will wear whatever I buy him.

He loves me for me and loves me because of my flaws not in spite of them.

He holds my hand and never lets go.

He's done some really shitty things.

He's done some really wonderfully amazing things.

He writes me regular emails to remind me how much he loves me.

He's the most perfect father for Bailey.

He truly sees me.

He pretends that he likes Jar Jar Binks.

He listens to my rants about Frodo.

He's terribly clueless when it comes to cleaning.

But he cleans a good bathroom.

He watches movies like Spaceballs and then listens to my ribbing about his watching movies like Spaceballs.

He likes board games as much as I do.

He loves my girly side.

He loves my not so girly side.

The first thing he ever said to me was "you got a message". He was 18 {almost 19} and I was 17. 

When he asked me to be his girlfriend he said he didn't want anything serious. 

On our first date a few days later he told me he loved me.

He loves his family more than I could have ever imagined any person loving a group of entirely random people.

He and I have this sort of sixth sense with each other where we know what the other person is thinking or what they're about to say and usually we don't even ask the other person before committing to or doing something because we both know the other would do the exact same thing. We're freaky like that.

He grew up in a town that has sheep races.



Husband made the final decision on Bailey's name.

I am convinced that Husband is the illegitimate love child of Lindsay Fox if only because I can not understand why someone would name their son Lindsay and also I'm holding out hope that someday we'll be rich because Lindsay Fox is rich and when he finally acknowledges that Husband is his child he'll have to give us money.

Can I get sued for that last part?

Husband is a sock leaver/chucker. This annoys me. It annoys him when I leave the lids off things but, honestly, if you leave the lid off you don't need to take it off again. Geez!

Husband is already going grey and is losing hair rapidly and we tease him about it but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Husband is also know as Husbles and Husby and he's pretty darn great even if I do wake up to random socks not attached to feet in bed.


happy 3rd birthday, bailey

Happy Birthday to Bailey Jane!
I am so grateful to have been given the responsibility to watch you grow over these past 3 years and to be your Mum. Everyday is a joy with you. You are my friend and daughter and I love you so incredibly much.
It is a pleasure to know such a wonderfully kind, caring, smart, funny and beautiful little girl. I love your independence and your shyness, your polite times and your tantrums. I adore your unique fashion sense and that you answer questions like "what's your favourite fruit?" with "chocolate"

I love our days out together, our trips down the slides at the park. I love days in with you cuddled up in bed watching movies and eating popcorn. I love hugs and kisses and sharing berries with you.

I love that the other day you came up to me and said "two and two is four" and after I exclaimed how smart you were you replied with "my bum hurts". You have perfect comedic timing little one.

Happy birthday to you. I hope 3 will be as wonderful as 2 and I can't wait to share it with you x


friday five

This week was all sorts of busy, relaxing and exciting and there are now only 3 days until Bailey turns 3. Before she was born I expected to be that parent who breaks down in tears every time a new year rolled around but instead I get unbearably excited. Butterflies start to form in my stomach in the week leading up to it. I give presents early {this year only the one - the obnoxiously large trampoline} and I plan special outfits and outings in the lead up just to get into the birthday spirit. This week her music class sang her 'happy birthday', we took Bailey on a picnic to a new park, today she's having a little birthday celebration at Kindy complete with home made cupcakes topped with little ladybugs {because she is known at Kindy mostly by her ladybug pillow that she refuses to leave at home}, on Sunday we're having a little family get together at home and Monday is the big day {hooray!}

This week, of course, my mind has been all centered on Bailey so here are five things that remind me of her.

three. this play equipment from plum - a christmas present idea 6 months and a bit ahead of time
five. a sequined tulle skirt {to wear with number one}


a letter to burt's bees

Dear Burt's Bees,

Firstly, I just want to tell you how much I love your brand and how fabulous your products are - but you already know that. My favourite products of yours are those above ^the beeswax lip balm and the lemon butter cuticle cream but I rarely use them {and I have owned both}. Want to know why? They are too gosh darn difficult to open! Is it just me? Am I unable to open things properly? Well, maybe... I can't open cans even if they have the pull tab. I have to use a spoon. But I am quite good at opening jars of pasta sauce so there's that.

Anyway, let's pretend that it's not me. It's you. I'll allow that to sink in for a bit.

Now that you've had a chance to mull it over I'll explain a little more shall I? When I buy a product I want 4 things:

^the product needs to work {yours does}
^it needs to be affordable {yours is}
^the packaging needs to look good {yours does}
^and the damn things need to open! {yours does not}

When it comes to your tins and opening them I've had to place my palm on the top, press down and twist. It actually hurts. Should nice looking lips and cuticles hurt? I don't really believe in this pain for beauty thing. And guess what? This method doesn't work all of the time anyway. Sometimes they just won't budge.

Your tins don't twist open and they really should. Why don't they twist open? Was that some designers genius idea so only the really worthy can use your products? If so, bravo and, also, that stings a little because your lemon butter cuticle cream is the best thing that's ever happened to my cuticles since ever.

In order to use your tinned products here's what I've since discovered I need to do: palm them off to my Husband and wait anywhere from 5-10 minutes for him to return the tin opened to me. But guess what? My Husband has a job {so I can buy products that turn out to be useless because they're un-openable} and he's not always around. Most nights he's also working. He may be at home but I don't usually like to bother him for something as silly as opening a tin of something that should be able to be opened by me!

As you can tell I'm a little bit bitter about this injustice.

So, answer me this {anyone} is it just me or are the tins difficult for a vast majority to open?

And if the latter is true then can someone please fix the damn tins?