friday five//let's all scream for ice cream!

I adore ice cream - adore it I say! I'll eat it any time of year. Hot or cold. It doesn't matter and, usually, I crave ice cream the colder it gets. Trip to the beach or pools? Ice cream. Sore throat? Ice cream. Happy? Ice cream. Sad? Ice cream. Get the jist? I'm thinking an ice cream maker {something simple, nothing too fancy} would be perfect for mother's day which is coming up in a month and a bit.

one. cuisinart ice cream maker, white
two. ice cream storer, pink {1L}
three. prepara topper chopper
four. williams-sonoma ice cream starters
five. home made ice cream storers, set of 4 

^and, just for fun 2 others

^cuisinart ice cream maker, pink {I now regret not using this up there^ in my friday five - the pink is much more jaye-friendly}
^snack hereos ice cream maker {I assume this is more for kids but, alas, still cute}

^and speaking of ice cream...

We'll certainly be taking part.