shop with me//big w & target

When it comes to clothes and accessories I've never been much of a store snob - I buy what I like and think everybody else should do the same {wear what makes you happy and all that sappy stuff}. My favourite stores/labels, of course, are: Modcloth, Laura Ashley, Dangerfield/Princess Highway, et al. but if you've ever seen any of my posts you'll already know that. What you may not know is that I tend to buy a lot of things from stores like Target and Big W too.

When I was at University and living with Husband and oh-so-poor my wardrobe was basically made up of Big W and Target finds. What I learnt from that time {though my style has evolved since then} was that I don't need to spend big to dress well and so I learnt to buy items that were made well and would last. When I got a job and we had more money I stopped buying clothes from these stores because I thought it shameful but have since learnt that spending more money does not necessarily mean the item is better. Also, stores like these have good dupes and trendy pieces you don't want, nor need, to spend a fortune on.

I've scoured both online stores and paired down my current craves to 10 must have's - some bargains, some a little more expensive but nothing too outlandish and all on the cooler weather side of things. Enjoy.

one. a chunky ribbed & studded snood {a snood is always a good addition when you want a scarf but don't want to fiddle with it}
two. a floppy grey fedora {I'd wear this with a rainy day outfit}
three. a flippy leather-look skirt {I'm not sure how this looks in person but have, so far, been impressed with the Peter Morrissey range for Big W. If it meets expectations I'd love to pick this up}
four. two material knee high boots {I only own two pairs of ankle boots - in black and brown {both with glittery back} - so I need to add a pair of longer boots to my collection and these look like good contenders}
five. silver slip on canvas shoes {I picked these up recently because I didn't have one pair of shoes to wear with a 'throw on' type outfit and these caught my eye with the pretty silver colour and no laces. They were also a good dupe for a similar pair I had my eye on at Seed}
six. tunic with leather-look trim {I originally wanted the grey in this but had to opt for this colour in order to get the larger size that I wanted to fit with the loose and longer looked I wanted and I'm glad I did. This is super comfy, non-itchy and adds a not-so-loud pop of colour to an outfit}
seven. a tawny port cross-body bag {I am a cross-body/satchel bag fiend and have never seen one in this pretty warm colour so, of course, I lust after it}
eight. pretty printed pants {I'm not a pants person but these look like a comfy addition}
nine. leather-look quilted biker jacket {if this meets expectations in person it would be a wonderful jacket addition even for this cardigan wearer}
ten. zippy ankle boots {oooh, I adore these, even if they are so not me}


some pictures//from an ordinary monday

^just so you know this is going to be a picture heavy post for no real reason at all...
 ^Bailey insisting on wearing sunglasses and taking a purse to music class {first day back for term 2}. I'm actually wearing pants here. If you don't know me well this wouldn't seem like a big deal but, hey, it actually is because to me pants are a useless emotion but I wore them with this tunic with leather-look trim and it was fine but as soon as I got home I took them off and put a skirt on

 ^this tunnel is from Ikea and we love it

 ^hey look-y over there mummy!

^she takes my hand in hers and says, so sweetly: mummy, let's go over here and pick flowers
so we did. except she really means let's go over here and you can watch me pick flowers...

^this is random but I like it
^^so let's play with the sand and the water until the kid thinks her hands are far too dirty and insists we go wash them. not the hands!


weekly spotlight: the cotton pad crew

I have a few items on my weekly spotlight list this week - some I've already featured and some I haven't. It's the cotton pad crew and they form an integral part of my skin care routine. I've labelled them the cotton pad crew for the very obvious reason - I use them all with a cotton pad {that's about as deep as it gets}. Let me introduce you to the crew -

^garnier micellar cleansing water - used to clean skin and remove make up, featured recently here
^sanctuary spa pore refining toner - used mostly at night after cleansing to refine pores and remove any last bits of make up
^the body shop vitamin e face mist - used in place of a moisturiser when my face is too overheated for one, also used as a refreshing facial mist/pick up in the middle of the day {cotton pad not used for this need}, featured recently here
^swisse argan face oil - used after cleansing at night and before a night cream {if using one}. when used with a cotton pad the finish is less oily


gift guide//mother's day

Mother's Day is almost here so a little gift guide seemed to be the order of the day. Aside from that I don't have much else to say - we're still all sick {going on a week now} and cabin fever is starting to set in so, without further ado, here's a little Mother's Day gift guide just for you.

three. a simple bracelet that I think would be perfect engraved - my new engraved-must is the word loved because I think reminders are lovely
four. silky pj set {a new obsession}
five. a sleepy owl heat pack {for sore bones}

^and you know what I think would the sweetest gift for Mum? why not take a trip to a place like colour me mine and make something that she can keep forever? if I got something made for me there I would be the happiest most bounciest person around.


friday five: for ze house

^last week it was Good Friday. This week it's ANZAC Day - do you say 'Happy ANZAC Day'? That seems weird and not quite right. Anyway, this family is spending the day with the high hopes that the Bombers beat Collingwood {blegh} today and since we're spending the day in the house wearing red and black I thought what better then to make this five all house centered.

one. gorgeous pink cutlery - spare $400 anyone?
two. blackboard canister - love the yellow lid.
three. hot dog placement- why do I like this? I don't even know...
four. ceramic punnets - perfect for storing berries to make the fridge pretty
five. pretty handle-less mugs 


a kind of wishlist just because//lark & kate spade

I'm sick again and, boy, am I sick of being sick. It's been endless weeks of slipped disc issues, sciatica, colds and more colds and just when you start to see through the haze and feel better you get sick again and, ugh, it's frustrating. The only good part - aside from the love from my family - is that the supply of chocolate in the house around Easter is kind of never ending so feeling bad has its good parts.

Another good thing? I have had plenty of time to wallow in I-need-this! sorrow and, so, my wishlists and closet have grown. Of course, as is always the way, I am lusting more things than I am purchasing but I'm okay with that. Kind of. Sometimes it's just nice to lust after gorgeous things rather than own all the gorgeous things and without further ado here are some gorgeous things I've found recently.


a random asos order//cat glasses, batgirl & a tan satchel

Over the past year I have spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at online shops and searching for items, more often than not, with the words "cat/kitty/kitten" or "rabbit/bunny" because, apparently, I need more cat/bunny items {I don't. Actually I do}. During one of these searches I happened upon ASOS. I say "happened" not because I have never shopped on ASOS before {because I have} but because I had completely forgotten about it. I'd gotten distracted with Modcloth and Shopbop and for that dear ASOS I apologise.

Anyway, my first port of searchy call came with the word "cat" and as I scrolled through the many cat related items {all the while hoping for an adorable pair of cat flats or a cat watch because I've been feeling all cat-watchy lately even though I already have a cat watch} I happened upon these sunglasses and I got that tingly feeling that means get it! get it now!

^but then I got a bit nervous. I mean, does one really need sunglasses with cat ears on them? Do they? Also, I've never worn glasses with the round frames. Would they even suit me? And then, most importantly of all, hey fool! you're not even supposed to be looking at, let alone buying AND wearing, non-prescription sunglasses. You are a foolish woman!

After Husband got home from his jellybean purchasing journey {for me! his cold-stricken wife!} I asked him the ever so important question: what did he think? His response went something like this: "obviously you need cat eye sunglasses. Get them!" So I added them to my basket - because he's an enabler like that.

Next came a look in their sale section. Oh sale sections how you get me every time.

^what was that you said? The tan satchel that I've been eyeing for months on sale? For 26 dollars and 25 cents. Well how about that? Yes I will buy it. Thank you very much.Tan satchel hunt over.

^and look at that! A superhero tee for my nephew's superhero birthday party. Now I know it's cropped and showing flesh unless it comes in the form of cleavage or a normal amount of leg is not my thing but it was cheap and looked good so I got it anyway and will plan to wear something under it if it gives too much away.

So there - a mini ASOS order complete with things that were all totally necessary - even the glasses that will hurt my eyes and blur my vision. 


happy easter

from me to you x


friday five: jewels & toast

a few pretty things on this good friday {happy easter for sunday everyone!}

^take two bow stud {I wonder if anyone would ask you if you knew your earrings didn't match while wearing these?}
^take two heart stud {my favourite of the two}
^pom pom throw {from the adairs kids range but I want it for me anyway. Love pom poms}
^fossil charm bracelet and daisy charm {daisies are my favourite flower if only because of Kathleen Kelly}
^discovery tassel wrist {oh so pretty}  


the amazing b.

"No I not silly. I Bailey Gaff"

"Bailey what superhero do you want to be for Kai's party?"
"I not super. I a princess."

"Don't worry I be back soon mummy" - whenever she leaves for Kindy.

"I pick it!" - whenever she needs to get dressed. The outfit above is a Bailey original for Kindy.

"What's in your tummy? Poop?" - Husband as he blows raspberries {"farts"} on Bailey's tummy.
"No not poop. Pancakes!" - even though she hasn't eaten pancakes in days.

"Mummy's in bed/out of bed!" - whenever she mentions me while I'm not there or when she comes home and sees me as if all I do is lie in bed.

"Oh! I cute!" - looking at herself in the mirror.

I have to say this 2.5+ age is my most favourite so far. If she's at home she spends her days putting all her stuffed toys to bed around the house. Once she's done she calls you over {"come look mummy!"} and then explains why every single toy has the blanket she selected. After that's done the blankets need to get washed and then they go to sleep again and the cycle repeats itself. 

When she wakes up in the morning she exclaims "the sun's out mummy/daddy" and that's her cue to get up. If it's still dark she sadly states that it's still dark and goes back to sleep.

At bed time I tuck her and her dad in and she gets to pick who has kisses and how many they get. Then I leave and her dad starts to read and usually I get called back because "I need kiss mummy" and then she gets too distracted by the story and tells me to give Husband another instead.

Sometimes she calls Husband "Lindsay" or "husby" or even "stinky" and me "chookie" or "wifey". Sometimes you can hear her calling "babe" when she's looking for one of us and her voice is just the sweetest.

When she has guests over she can usually be found showing them everything she owns, holding it up excitedly and explaining its use. It goes on for their entire visit. 

She loves to help clean. Her favourite jobs are changing the sheets, making the beds and cleaning the bathrooms. Give that kid a cloth and spray a surface and she's happy. She loves to help cook. She helps her dad with breads and me with treats.

She can pick out your flaws that your most self-concious about and mention them repeatedly.

"Mummy has sore on her mouth"

"Mummy has yucky sore"

"Mummy has no sore"

"Daddy has yucky teeth"


She laughs when she farts.

Burps are hilarious to her.

When asked a word to describe me she said "burp" {I so don't burp!}. Husband "fart". Bum Bum "poop". Willow "growl". 

And herself?


And that's my little Bailey. B. Chuppa. Chups. Billy.

Nicknames ever evolving. 


dear olay va va vivid, i'm disappointed in you

^so I went to the shop and saw you and thought, yep, you look cute, I want to get you. So I got you and then I started to use you and you were a fun little novelty. I mean, your bristles were tough and a little hard but you can't really expect much from rubbery things. You cleaned my skin well even though you didn't do as deep down as I'd like.

But then, here's the thing - you stopped working. Now why would you do that? I get it. You were only $15 but did that mean you were only supposed to work for a few days? If you weren't supposed to get wet then why be a cleansing tool in the first place? Did I submerge you in water? Drop you in the bathtub? In the toilet {ew}? No I did not. I did not! Water was used sparingly around you.

So, why? Did you think it would be funny? Did you not like me? If so, then that's not so nice. I mean, you only knew me for a few days and, also, what's not to like? I'm awesome. 

$15 not well spent.

You know what I could have bought with that money?

Well, chocolate probably but that's so not the point!

Goodbye forever.

Or for now {I could just use you as a non-buzzy brush thing}.

I'm kind of fickle you know.

Is that why you don't like me? 


friday five + a bonus one just for fun

Happy Friday everyone. I know, technically, as a stay-at-home mumma I don't really need to say "thank goodness it's friday!" because when you spend the majority of your time having pyjama days with the person you love the most the end of the traditional working week doesn't mean much. Still, I'm glad it's Friday because the last few days of this week have been busy in the home keeping sense and I'm ready for some relaxation and vegetation.

This Friday I couldn't stick to five things so today is a friday five with a bonus item thrown in for fun. So, friday f-six, if you will...

two. bunny polka dot briefs
three. bunny bed socks
four. a cozy & affordable tunic {that looks much better in person} 
five. a beachy/vintagey desk organiser
& the bonus one. a pretty rattan tea box   


polyvore obsessed

Recently I've become a bit Polyvore obsessed. Polyvore is a new way to discover and shop for things you love - their sets are shared across the globe. Polyvore disrupts the traditional e-commerce model by giving "everyone everywhere a voice in shaping today's trends and influencing purchases".

I use Polyvore to create "dream" fashion and home sets which I use as inspiration boards for dressing, decorating and shopping. Here are some of my favourite creations -


i bought a poodle skirt//a tale of ridiculous

^Those who know me best will be well aware of my penchant for ridiculous items of clothing. Sailboat dresses. Cat skirts from the teenager section of Target. Pencil flats. It took a while but I've learnt to fully embrace what I like without concern of what others may think.

When I was a kid I adored the outfits that the girls wore in Grease. I wanted to wear a poodle skirt & cardigan so bad so when I saw this poodle skirt on sale at ModCloth {50% off!} I had to order it. I read the reviews and despite the general consensus being the skirt was only suitable for costume wear I purchased it anyway. Had to. If it doesn't work on me I'll just cry and cry.

Also, added to my basket - these flats I mentioned a little ways back {see here}. Gosh, they're pretty.

I adore these but was on the fence about getting them because I do not need more shoes but my nephew's upcoming birthday party pushed these into the must-have category. He'll be having a superhero theme - Bailey will be dressing up as a superhero {even though she insists "I not super. I a princess"} and Husband will most likely be wearing his Superman shirt. I, on the other hand, had nothing super to wear so, you see, I had to get these. Just had to.

Also, when you think of superheroes what is your first thought? Batman? Spiderman? Superman?

Mine was Sam Wise Gamgee.

The most underrated superhero of all time.

Love you Sam Wise.

^p.s - I think the song 'you're so vain' is about Frodo. Has to be.


weekly spotlight//an affordable cleansing water that works

^this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is my weekly spotlight item today for many reasons but most of all I'm blabbing about it today because...

it works

The cleansing water is suitable for all skin types and removes make up, cleanses and soothes with no rinsing required {though it can get a bit foamy if you use too much on your cotton pad}. It's perfume free and for face, eyes and lips. 
I love it because it doesn't dry my skin out and has a slightly hydrating feel to it. I mostly use it at night after my nightly shower. It dries quickly so I can apply my Swisse Argan Face Oil {with a cotton pad too to avoid extra oiliness} right after.

It's the ultimate convenience product and also removes make up {including heavy eye make up} with ease and without stinging.

It comes in a 400ml bottle {which, it says, makes 200 uses} and retails for around $12.


need: the topshop texture gathered knee midi skirt

If you follow buynowbloglater's blog or Instagram you will probably have seen her mention this Topshop skirt a few times. I finally tracked it down and now, of course, I want to purchase the skirt in all 4 colours. 

^the black {the most practical colour choice}
^& bright tangerine {my favourite colour pick}

Each skirt is priced at 45 GBP {so around $80 AUD} and shipping is free for all Australian orders over 50 GBP.


williams-sonoma junkie

Please be prepared for an epically long post on my Williams-Sonoma junkiedom. I just can't resist everything they have to offer. The store is just so good. So good. Okay, deep breathe, drool, breathe, continue...


friday five//let's all scream for ice cream!

I adore ice cream - adore it I say! I'll eat it any time of year. Hot or cold. It doesn't matter and, usually, I crave ice cream the colder it gets. Trip to the beach or pools? Ice cream. Sore throat? Ice cream. Happy? Ice cream. Sad? Ice cream. Get the jist? I'm thinking an ice cream maker {something simple, nothing too fancy} would be perfect for mother's day which is coming up in a month and a bit.

one. cuisinart ice cream maker, white
two. ice cream storer, pink {1L}
three. prepara topper chopper
four. williams-sonoma ice cream starters
five. home made ice cream storers, set of 4 

^and, just for fun 2 others

^cuisinart ice cream maker, pink {I now regret not using this up there^ in my friday five - the pink is much more jaye-friendly}
^snack hereos ice cream maker {I assume this is more for kids but, alas, still cute}

^and speaking of ice cream...

We'll certainly be taking part.


write it all down & journal away

I've recently become obsessed with the idea of having a diary or journal of sorts. I like to write, that much is a given but there are some things you can't write about on a blog but you need to write them somewhere. I have started and stopped {and started and stopped} typing diary-like entries on my laptop but it's never felt quite right. The other night I realised one of my favourite writing activities {aside from jayebyday} is in my Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal and while I love answering each question and seeing the past answer from the year before sometimes it just ain't enough. So I've decided a diary/journal is the way to go and I've sorted through hundreds of sub-par ones to find my favourites.


go-to with zoë foster blake

So, you've probably all heard by now that Zoë Foster Blake has launched her own skincare line - go-to {which is possibly the best name she could have picked}. You may have noticed that I'm quite the Zoë fan {see here} and I'm excited for this new launch.

the line is small but includes all the necessities
^exceptionoil - a nourishing body oil
^lips! - a super balm
^exfoliating swipeys
^properly clean - cleanser
^very useful face cream 

So what is Go-To?
Go-To makes uncomplicated, effective natural skin care for all skin types {"except those made of drinking straws").

It was founded by Australian beauty editor and author Zoë Foster Blake. Go-To is the result of years spent reviewing and using every kind of skin care product available and feedback from women on what they like, don't like and what they find confusing about skin care.

The skin care is "pure but powerful" and is touted as "skin care minus the confusion". 

And really, doesn't that all sound wonderful?

You can't help but trust Foster Blake who is always humorous and honest with her tips, tricks and reviews.

You can pick up her line online here.

I will be giving all the items a go as soon as I can and I can't wait. Actually, I don't think I've ever been more excited for a skin care line.

the thing about//cream blush

The thing is, I own a NARS Cream Blush in Penny Lane and I hate the damn thing but I can't bring myself to get rid of it. Don't get me wrong, the colour is beautiful but the payoff is crap and I don't get it. This is NARS we're talking about. NARS is amazing and, yes, I realise that every brand has their down fall but why is that every brand's downfall has to be in the cream blush arena?

Every cream blush that I have ever tried, every single one has been utter crap. Perfect once applied and ten minutes later it's disappeared into nowhere. Why? Why Penny Lane why? 

Anyway, so that's my little rant on cream blushes.

I so badly want to find one that works for me but I can't and that makes me sad.

Recommendations in a reasonable price range please! 


true story of the tmi variety

I once "dated"* this guy who while berating me over the phone that I wasn't good enough for him and his family hated me and wanted him to date this girl from church that he wanted to break up with me because someone told him that if it was really love {it wasn't} you would lick their dirty bum crack {he actually said this} and he didn't think I would lick his dirty bum crack {correct assumption guy whose name I forget}.

So, yep. That's my little anecdote. And there's plenty more where that came from! Except, not with this no-name character because I don't remember anything else. Actually, that's a lie. I remember telling him I wasn't a virgin and he chucked a tantrum and then threw his school bag down a flight of stairs.


I insist that if you love some you do not let them lick your dirty bum crack. If you want to break up with them maybe ask for it. That should do the trick.

*I say "dating" like so because looking back you couldn't really call it dating. I think we went out once and that was it. We were in high school and I don't even remember what he looks like now. He could come up and say hi to me and I'd have no idea.