weekly spotlight//scandalised

I know, I know. Another TV show starring in a weekly spotlight. Ugh, Jaye, get a grip on reality already.

But I can't. I just can't. TV is how I relax. I write in front of the TV. It inspires me. I can't help it. I am a TV addict. Sue me.

Currently loving Scandal. It is addictive and gorgeously done. Kerry Washington is amazing. The writing & stories are amazing. The entire show is amazing. Shonda Rhimes how do you do it?

I'm on Season 2 and loving every second of it.

Have you watched it? If not, you should be.

New favourite show. 


kevyn aucoin available on kiss & makeup

Oh it's a good day.

Notoriously hard to find {at least in Australia - in stores and online}brand Kevyn Aucoin is now available to buy online on one of my go to's - Kiss & Makeup.

You may have heard me rave about the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer on jayebyday {see past posts here} and now I'm excited to try out more products from this brand in an easily accessible place.

You can view the entire range available here - I for one can't decide whether I'm most excited to try a foundation, eyeshadow, brush or the candlelight powder.

If you have been on the lookout for Kevyn Aucoin products I'd say Kiss & Makeup is the way to go. They ship worldwide. Shipping rates and times are reasonable and products are genuine.

Eek, I'm so excited! 


bits & bobs//in this life

^husbands fall asleep while putting bailey to sleep and the only one left awake {that would be me!} takes pictures of them both asleep in basically the same position - arm up/mouths wide open/adorable

^a little girl named bailey makes a bed out of padded footstools in the lounge room and then falls asleep for hours like that and it's hard to walk away from watching her because she's so stinking cute

^bailey plays "doctor". She loves Doc McStuffins so after a while she says "I have a diagnosis" and runs away to get a pen and paper and draws it for you. This day I had a "scary monster in tummy" and she's so sweet and loveable I can't even believe it {and yes, her shirt is dirty}

^this mirror fell off our wall and since it did it has sat against the wall and now bailey likes to pose in front of it and giggle at herself. I had to bribe her to wear the Hello Kitty overalls with a boiled egg.

^some little lunchboxes for bailey to take to the shops with us. We did easter egg shopping in advance to prevent buying crappy chocolate the day before and that went down the toilet when the eggs/bunnies came home liquified. Hey, family, enjoy this flattened bunny why don't you.


bailey bento

Bento accessories are currently my must-have/need purchases. I can't pass them up. 20 food picks aren't enough. I need 50. You need 50. We all need 50. Actually, let's make it 60. Here are some of my current bento buys for Bailey from the fabulous website Trendy Lil Treats.

 one. animal sandwich cutter & stamp set {set of 4}
two. 2 tier cow lunchbox {in blue - this is actually for husband}
three. hello kitty egg & rice mould
four. foodoodler edible markers {5 assorted colours}
five. condiments/sauce containers with pandas & bunnies
six. pig shaped lunchbox  


go glam glow

I've recently become intrigued by the brand GLAMGLOW - their products seem to speak to me.

So what is GLAMGLOW exactly? It was founded by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore for exclusive behind the scenes use in Hollywood's Entertainment, Music, Fashion and Award Industries used professionally pre-makeup for "camera ready skin". It's for men and women of all ages and skin types.

^GLAMGLOW Brightmud Eye Treatment - the world's first tap on and wipe off Bioactive Technology for reverse action under eye and orbital eye treatments that helps asorb toxins while delivering high nutrients and minerals to tired eyes.
^GLAMGLOW Super-Mud Clearing Treatment - the world's first scientifically advanced SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment that helps fight all common skin concerns for clearer looking skin.
^GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment- designed as a 10-minute professional 'facial in a jar' for glowing skin for both men and women. 


weekly spotlight: 2 android game apps

When it comes to playing games I'm more of a board/console person. Playing games on my phone has never really appealed to me. I often play and quickly get bored or forget I even downloaded it in the first place. The past few weeks, however, I have become increasingly obsessed with 2 games that I downloaded for free on the android play store - QuizUp and Candy Blitz 2 - and I love them so much I figured what better to feature them here today.

QuizUp is basically what you see right here - a trivia game with topics from General Knowledge to Harry Potter. You can challenge friends or play with a stranger from around the world. You get new titles as you keep playing- I am currently a 'House Elf' because I've been doing so many Harry Potter topics. 

Husband and I challenge each other {I even beat him in Lego} and I also let the app select random people for me to play against. I adore trivia games, always have, so this game is perfect for me.

It's available for download via the Apple Store and Google Play.

*oh and if you're interested my name on there is - Jayebyday.

  I guess you could say Candy Blitz 2 is like Candy Crush but this fits me better because you don't run out of lives and then have to wait for a certain amount of time for more {you could call me impatient}.

This is addicting in the most frustrating way because sometimes it takes days for me to complete a level. The makers should realise that 10000 points is impossible. Impossible I tell you.  


mini haul: a small buzzy thing & more

 A few new products I picked up while at the chemist.

*I will feature any products that rate a mention


friday five//for the whole family {minus my bum}

This Friday I'm doing something a little different for Friday Five. Instead of one list of five things I'm loving today {though I have done more than one group of five in the past} I've compiled a list of 5 things for Bailey, Husband and myself and to make it even more tricky/fun/convenient I selected all the items from one shop - Target. So, here's the five, or rather, fifteen for today.


go go gadget go

I'm kind of beauty gadget obsessed - anything that could help make my beauty routine easier I want it. I've rounded up a few that I've been wanting to try for lips, eyes, cleansing {to try something new from the Clarisonic}, facial steaming and hair removal.


williams-sonoma is my spirit animal

I've mentioned Williams-Sonoma on multiple ocassions. When they, along with Pottery Barn/PB Kids & West Elm came to Australia I thought PB would be my favourite store, hands down, no competition, but I was wrong. Williams-Sonoma surprised with their gorgeous range of cookery things and I surprised myself with my need to get them all. 

And now I'm hopping mad with their Easter delights.

^see what I did there?

Here are my 9 favourites -

  one. speckled egg salad plates, set of four {no longer available, darn}
two. sculptural bunny spreaders, set of two
three. yellow banded easter salad plates, set of four
four. easter mustache tattoos
five. embroidered bunny apron {for kids - no longer available}
six. damask easter bunny platter
seven. easter egg hunt kit {isn't this the sweetest? - no longer available either, ugh! I think this would make a wonderful DIY project - I'm going to attempt this}
eight. easter bunny candy dish {perfect for speckled eggs, no?}
nine. large wicker gathering basket 

Oh, and I couldn't resist adding 4 of my favourite items from the Pottery Barn Kids Easter range for the little bunnies out there {oh, I'm just into the theme today} -

one. peter rabbit treat basket and liner
two. furry bunny chair backer
three. bunny garland
four. vine duck decor

     & that's all folks!


satchel love

I'm currently having a satchel moment. When I say moment I really mean a forever moment because I doubt my love for satchels will ever go away. They fit my style perfectly and I like that they can be sweet, tough and casual. Here are my current five favourites:


weekly spotlight

This week, to be honest, was in one word: blegh. Sick. Sick. Sick. That's what's summed up me, my body and my family this past week and we're all sick of it. When I'm sick I live in pj's and I rest, rest and then I rest some more. I haven't been paying as much attention as I usually do to my skin so I've been enjoying quick and easy skin care that keeps my skin clean and hydrated and ensures it doesn't look as bad as I feel. Here's what's on my radar this week.

I adore this Vitamin E Face Mist from The Body Shop. I use it in the morning in place of a moisturiser because my skin has been craving something light and refreshing that isn't heavy - this face mist {along with The Body Shop's Vitamin C one} is the only thing that provides my skin with hydration and doesn't make me sweaty.

 This hydra-replenishing fresh lotion has been a wonderful addition to this sick-person skin care routine. Unlike most toners it doesn't dry out my skin. I apply with a cotton pad and it leaves my face hydrated and smooth. After using I have no need for a moisturiser/face mist/serum and I love that. 


autumn/winter clothing wishlist for b: animals & easter

Seven clothing items I'm craving for Bailey's wardrobe for Autumn/Winter and a few things for Easter.

two. grey mouse jumper
three. denim bunny dress {a possible Easter dress up idea, perhaps for Kindy?}
four. cat character tights
five. denim bunny braces skirt {another Easter possibility}
six. grey textured cat peplum tee
seven. glitter rabbit pj  {every Easter we fill our Easter baskets with pj's and chocolate and I think this could be the perfect pair for B}


friday five: oh mickey {and minnie} you're so fine!

I'm a huge Disney fan {always have been and am actually just a huge cartoon fan in general}. Out of them all Mickey and Minnie and Winnie the Pooh are my favourites so when I saw that Typo, {a gorgeous and eccentric {at times} stationary & decor store, had released a Mickey and Minnie range I couldn't not include them in this week's Friday Five. Here are my five favourite things from the collection.

one. an adorable minnie mouse eye mask
two. mickey & minnie tape {love decorative tape}
three. a minnie travel mug
four. a minnie book
five. minnie & mickey messages in a box {50 postcardscards, 10 designs}

Does anyone else feel like watching Bring It On right now? Gosh, I loved the credits where the casts dance to Hey, Mickey! 


j reviews: a three bb lowdown

If you missed the memo here's the jist - I am BB obsessed and I thought, hey!, wouldn't it be fun and super nice to make a little list of my favourite BB's? Why, yes, yes it would. So here they are {oh, and just so you know, I've listed my 3 favourites that are easily accessible so, sadly, no Asian products listed because they are hard to find}.


bento must-haves

^for cheese, ham, veggies & mini sandwiches

 Pocket Sandwich Maker Set
^to make adorable sandwiches with 

^for sandwiches and little treats 

Lego Treat Boxes
^for condiments & snacks 

Dots & Stripes Sauce Containers
^for easy dipping with condiments

Fruit & Veg Silicone Cups
^little cute pots for tiny food 

All of these goodies are from one of my favourite new lunchbox goody websites - Trendy Little Treats - where you can fulfill all your Bento desires. 


let's talk about a favourite beauty tool // manicare blackhead remover

Truth. Blackheads gross me out. I mean, why? Ugh.

So now we've discussed my distaste for blackheads let's discuss how I get rid of them - using this little, evil looking, beauty, the Manicare Blackhead Pimple Remover. I'm a big fan of the removal of anything that can and will blemish my skin and this is the only tool I'll use. The pointy end is what makes me favour this tool over the others.

After a shower I use the little circle to push out any yuck and the pointy end helps with anything too stubborn. The real trouble lies, for me, with not going too overboard with the squeezing/pushing/removing - the aim isn't to draw blood or make the face look like a pin cushion. And if I'm really in pamper mode I'll also use Mario Badescu Silver Powder to help unclog congested pores {this stuff is amazing}.

The next step in the destruction of blackheads would be to use something like this: a cleansing facial sauna to really open up pores and remove even more ick. Something like this is next on my beauty wishlist because I'm desperate for something more that I can do at home and avoid lengthy trips to the salon {which I detest - does anyone else just get bored during or is that just me?} though I do enjoy a good extraction facial once in a while. 


weekly spotlight

I apologise for another weekly spotlight involving a TV Show but it's the only thing on my radar this week. It's kind of cheesy and the fashion hasn't aged well but I'm obsessed with shows/movies/books about witchcraft, etc and I'm liking this.


mirror image

Sometimes, no matter how much I love my life and my family getting out of bed can be hard. Whether it's because of anxiety, stress, bad dreams, memories from the past or because my bed is just so darn comfy {with its feather down pillows and blankets and delicious mattress} it's, at times, a struggle to drag my butt out of bed. 

Most days Bailey wakes me up with several pokes followed by a hug, a kiss and an "I love you" {I trained her well}. Most days it's enough and some days it takes something extra to get over my tiredness/achiness/whateverness and this quote and post-it note are it. 

I like to remember to be thankful. Sometimes it's easy to forget. 

And a special note from Husband always makes me smile. I'm not the biggest fan of romance {it usually makes me uncomfortable} but I made an exception with this post-it that Husband left on our ensuite door for me to find while he was at work.

I love you just as I always have, and will forever. 
For as long as forever turns out to be.
And if there is something after forever, I will love you still.
- Husby

^because sometimes I forget and sometimes it's just nice to hear it.    

I never thought I'd be the person who likes to have positive affirmations around the house but, honestly, there's nothing that perks me up more than these two things on my mirror.


friday five & a j reads: of riches, monsters & hairy feet

This Friday I wanted to share the 5 books on my current 'read' pile. Here they are -

^The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald
^Dracula - Bram Stoker
^Party of the Century: The Fabulous Story of Truman Capote and His Black and White Ball - Deborah Davis

*I mentioned I was reading this quite awhile ago now {see here}. The copy I was reading fell apart so on one of our recent weekly trips to the library for Bailey {she adores it there} I borrowed a copy to give it another go. 


the 'fictional' & mathmatical flats to make all my shoe dreams come true

Gorgeous and only $129 - the perfect new flat to add to my collection.

Currently on sale for $79


pregnancy gave me... a beard


Ok, so that was a dramatic lie of a title.
But here's the truth -

Pregnancy gave me one black hair under my chin. So I pluck it and then... it appears randomly again when I'm without tweezers. It's always the way.

So there, I said it. Pregnancy gave me a million hairs short of a beard and I hate it*.

*and yes! I am aware that Bailey is worth a hair on my chin but honestly the kid gave me a slipped disc and sciatica that won't go away so did I need the stray hair too? 


pure & simple

I've heard wonderful things and will be picking this up as soon as I can. 

Philosophy's Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy
 I've been looking for a nighttime lip treatment that is heavy enough to nourish my lips all night long - hopefully this one makes my dreams come true. 


weekly spotlight: a tv show to binge on & something to snack on


If you're my Husband or Bailey {or stalking me} you'll know that I've been binge watching all the seasons of Gossip Girl {I originally watched them as they aired}. Yes it's trashy but in the best possible way. Obviously, Blair is my favourite. Chuck is a close second. Dorota an even closer third. Dan as Gossip Girl had to be the worst idea ever, though I do get the outsider wanting to be 'in' thing.

If you haven't seen Gossip Girl or haven't seen all of it you need to begin asap. It's perfectly delicious in the most amazing ways and if you can get over the GG reveal not making any sense {seriously there were times when he just couldn't have sent the 'blasts' unless he had an automated set up and I did always imagine that the e-blasts were just an automatic thing whenever someone sent a tip} you need to become as obsessed and addicted as I am.

Now, if they can make a Blair & Chuck movie/spin-off I'd be happy.

New favourite lollies. Hands down.

Anything sour is the lolly for me but it's so rare to find lollies these days that make my mouth pucker and while these aren't the most sour ones in the world they beat a lot of the sour imitations out there. 

Try these.

Try these now. 

And then try both together. 


beauty wishlist: velourlips matte cream

I'm constantly on the hunt for products on my beauty wishlist. I don't buy all of these items, of course, most I swatch {when their swatchable} or test out and sometimes they just don't fit my expectations. These Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Creams are at the top of my current wishlist in a variety of their colours.

I have my eyes on NY-CEE, MAL-I-BOO and RIO-D.

So what are the Velourlips all about?

These lip creams take highly pigmented lips to the next level with a beautiful matte finish. The creamy long-wear formula glides on easily with its doe foot applicator, finishing to a velvety matte look with intense, full coverage colour payoff which is perfect for lasting lip colour that won't flake.

Velourlips applies creamy, lasts all day and finishes with a soft suede look. The matte cream moves with your lips so you don't have to worry about caking and flaking.