friday five


how to break your own heart...

The answer is simple. Have a child. OK, fine I'm being slightly melodramatic but I had a rough time with Bailey devastating my self esteem and I need to be sarcastic and type furiously to get the pain out. Here are 2 ways in which Bailey has broken my heart recently.

exhibit one. She puts on the Hello Kitty shortalls/overalls/coveralls and is so happy to have them on and looks so darn cute in them and then, just when you feel safe in the fact that the $25 you spent on them wasn't a waste, she starts to cry because she doesn't like them even though 1 minute before she was bouncing in delight and saying she loved them {p.s - she calls HK 'soft kitty' because she's grown up with the song Soft Kitty from The Big Bang Theory and I guess she thinks HK and SK are one and the same}. 

See evidence below of aforementioned excitement of this new wardrobe addition. 

 exhibit two. When she returns from hours at Kindy and proceeds to ignore you until 6.30 PM, half an hour before her bed time. She doesn't say hello, is not excited to see you waiting at the door, does not allow hugs or kisses and only wants "daddy" to help her with things. Devastated doesn't even begin to cover it.

Did she not realise that I spent 30 minutes on her Bento for the day and that I missed her like crazy? Huh? 

This is how much she cares about the elevated levels of devastation... 



bits & bobs: days of our lives

^we paint

  ^we peel wrappers off broken crayons and "bake" in cupcake moulds

 ^we coo over how adorable & helpful little Bailey Jane Gaff is

^we practice our Bento skills even when there is no Kindy to go to

 ^we celebrate Valentine's Day with the best valentine ever
{this was her present and outfit of the day}

 ^we bake things that are edible {unlike the "baked goods" above}


 ^we do "face painting" {this time was with make up and not actual face paints} and then we take selfies

^and some days, no matter how many things are planned and how much fun you have, you end up in your pj's eating Nutella


date night in

On the 25th of each month Husband and I have a date night in. After we came back from our honeymoon/before we had Bailey/while I was pregnant with Bailey we decided that instead of having a date night once a week we'd make life easier and have one on the 25th of every month. Usually we'd go out for dinner or a movie or to the drive in's, some nights we'd stay in and watch a movie in bed - just the simple things that we've always enjoyed spiced up a bit with the meal with eat or the thing we do.

Now that we have Bailey our date nights are always date nights in {though there are no complaints here - we both enjoy it}. It's never a hassle and there's no pressure from either party to do anything extravagant.

Tonight the plans are: pizza, XBOX, pj's and a cozy blanket {though of course plans can change at a whim to something crazy like chinese, a movie, pj's {always} and no blanket - whoa!}.

A date night in with all the best things that is so perfectly  us.

*psst - hey husband, I love you x 

these flats were made for walking...

 As you may have noticed I have developed quite an obsession with the flats over at Modcloth {remember these? - still a firm favourite). Whenever I crave new flats their cute flat department is my first go-to and they always have something I adore. Today they have 3 pairs that I'm finding it difficult to say no to {shoes speak to me}.

2. Stroke of Genius Flat {in beige}  

I'm fairly certain the bam! and pow! pair will be in my collection very soon. 


new series: weekly spotlight

I wanted to start a new series called weekly spotlight to showcase my favourite thing/s of the previous week. When I mentioned this idea to Husband he asked, "don't you already do that on Friday?" And the answer? Yes and no. My Friday Five is anything that I'm loving that Friday that I don't have {of course, there are some exceptions}. I see it more as a "hey I happened upon this thing that I love and that you may love too" kind of thing. A weekend shopping list if you will {although sometimes it's more like a weekend to watch/listen/read list}.

My weekly spotlight will be something tried and tested by me that has made me smile all week long and that I now want to share with you {if it warrants a review may follow}. Or it could be a food/drink/book/movie that I have enjoyed. So, every Monday that's what you'll see right here on jayebyday. Enjoy!

First up, my Valentine's Day present from Husband {well, one of them anyway}. These gorgeous rose gold heart earrings from Mimco . Mimco is one of the only places I can get earrings from because they have surgical steel posts and my ears are very sensitive. These studs are a little larger than I'd usually wear for everyday {they fit my earlobes perfectly, however}but I'm quickly becoming used to the size.

Psst... Mimco also have the same earring but with black hearts and I think they're pretty sweet too {find them here}.

 I have been craving an eye mask for a while now and I finally got around to picking one up. This is the Be My Valentine's Eyemask from Peter Alexander. I'm a troubled sleeper so having something that blacks everything out is perfect and ensures I fall asleep easier, get up less during the night, toss and turn less and wake up happier {better sleep will do that to you, didn't you know?}

Both items have been my favourites of this past week and made me smile & feel loved.

*and, as always, your opinions & thoughts are always welcome 


new buys: a little trip down shopping lane

In a completely self indulgent post I wanted to share some of my new buys - some things for me, some for Bailey and something for the house. All things I adore.

^Detango Detangling Brush {purchased for $19.95 from my hairdresser during the week}

Cats for B. and I
^these Hello Kitty shortalls {I call them 'overalls', husband says 'coveralls' which really, husband, makes no sense since they don't "cover all". so which is it?}
^this ridiculous cat skirt for me from the teenager-y section from Target {that I can't find online}

^These tights. I mean... am I four?

^My fisherman dress. I wore this the other day {with my nude bunny shoes} and I've never had more compliments on an entire outfit before {I featured the dress here but it is now completely sold out online. I picked mine up in store, on sale for $80}

everything in one smooshed up place 
^a hat with cat ears from Dangerfield {in store}for me 
^an assortment of thin headbands {for me}
^this Mimco baby bag {rose gold love} 
^an owl table for the lounge room {because we need more owl things in this house} 

And that's everything... ta da!


friday five


I'm currently on a print hunt - desperate for some gorgeous pieces to fill my home with - the three here are all good contenders {and I think number 4 would make a perfect gift for me come mother's day}


new beauty goodies: a bb & a scrubby

A few goodies I picked up the other day -

^a Dermologica sample for their sebum clearing masque that I was given during a treatment {tested the other day and it burnt so badly that I had to remove it within minutes}
^Palmer's BB Cream in Fair/Light {a random purchase whilst waiting at the chemist}

An un-blended swatch of the BB cream. It feels soft and creamy and is ridiculously easy to blend.
Rant or rave to come.
The brush feels lovely and soft on the face and comes with a handy lid to keep the brush hidden from any bathroom nasties {price is also a bonus at $24}.


this plus that: lifetime memories from harvey norman

I've always wanted to be a scrapbook-er and while I can be crafty at times I don't exactly have the patience for scrap-booking. If you've ever seen my Instagram you'll know that I'm a huge photo taker so I do have a large abundance of photos, however, I'm not the most organised photo printer-offer and I don't actually own a photo album because I so desperately want to be that scrapbook-er. So when I came across this range of 'lifetime memories' products from Harvey Norman I knew these were the perfect items for that in between person like me.

If you're interested you can check out the entire range online here .

I'm excited to take a look at these in person and give them a test drive 


baby gap & bailey

A selection of items in my wishlist from Baby Gap for Bailey

2. a short sleeved Oxford shirt {with a tiny teddy bear on the pocket}
8. knit shorts - to dress up and down
9. adorable metallic loafers - that the kid would probably never wear because she is obsessed with this ratty pair of cat shoes and refuses to wear anything else 


friday five: for love

Hey, it's Valentine's Day. And it's Friday so how about we combine the day of love and the Friday Five? That sounds like a wonderful plan that we all totally agreed on before hand.

Today Bailey is at Kindy in her Valentine's Day present of tutu, top with fairy wings attached and leopard print shoes {she also got a love heart coin purse which, of course, could not go to Kindy with her}and Husband and I are together with lunch date plans. 

 Here's the 5 ...


lovely locks

I have become obsessed with the idea of getting a fringe {or bangs if that's your thing} again. I had a fringe on and off for years and when Husband and I got engaged and set a wedding date I decided to grow it out because I didn't want to have a blunt fringe in my wedding pictures {for some reason I thought it couldn't be styled 'pretty' and also I barely even look at our wedding pictures and don't have any on display or really printed off at all so it wasn't even necessary}. 

Anyway, now I want one again. I've been toying with the idea since I got my glasses last year but have presumed that fringes and glasses don't go and then suddenly I realised Zooey Deschanel has a fringe and glasses and she looks adorable and even though I'm no Zooey I figured why the heck not. Then the pinning begun and now I'm hooked not only with a fringe but with some colour change too. I've only really ever coloured my hair to hide a few greys {I was an early grey developer} and aside from that one time I got some foils {or where they tints?} and that other time where a colour went bad and my hair was orange that's all I've had done and now I've decided that needs to change.

Here are five of my current favourite looks that I've scoured Pinterest for, and it's no coincidence all the girls have glasses too because I've realised I kind of like my glasses so there -

^two {I have been informed the original link no longer exists}
^three - she's also wearing a Star Wars dress that I kind of really want right this second
^four - this is my top pick for hair and colour {and would you look at those lashes!}
^five - this is adorable but I'm unsure if I want to go that short


blog love

Ages and ages ago I compiled a list of my blog loves {find it here} and since that post was so long ago and looks so... amateurish I thought I'd share a new and improved list of my favourite blogs {most, or all, of which I'm sure you know and read too}.

-formerly nat the fat rat-
funny, smart & raw

perfect style for self & home

simply beautiful

adorable little family & eats

a beautiful mess
a beautiful jumble that perfectly melds 


paddington bear for baby gap

This Paddington Bear range for Baby Gap has to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. Even though the sizes are too small for Bailey to wear {they range from 0-3 months to 18-24 months} I just had to share some of my favourite items - if you have anyone in the size/age range then I strongly suggest you check out the entire range here.

three. a cuffed graphic tee {love the back & front}
eight. FREE HUGS!


friday five

Friday seems to be coming around faster every week {though now I've said that the next week will probably crawl along at a snails pace}. After a busy few weekends I'm looking forward to a relaxing one this weekend. 

This week I've been on a massive pinning kick so I've rounded up five of my favourite pins.

five. a sweet {though he looks grumpy to me} doggy mug {both mugs from genius Jonathan Adler}


six things for bailey

six things for Bailey

three. a grey quilted skirt {which I hope is not too mini in person}
five. aztec trackies {if all trackies looked like these I'd wear them all the time}


a trip down memory lane

I talk a lot about presents for certain occasions and while I am a big present person nothing means more to me than sweet presents that come from the heart. Are you right now thinking so why the heck is there a picture of doughnuts up there? Well, let's take a trip down memory lane why don't we?

Husband and I started dating on July 25, 2005. Our first Valentine's Day was {obviously} the following year. I was doing a Diploma of Communications and Media at TAFE and Husband was working in a kitchen at a cheesy restaurant. We were poor but none of that mattered because we were in love and all that mushy stuff. Husband had invited me over to his house for the night and we were going to watch movies and cuddle {aw!}

When he opened his front door for me he led me in to his apartment {a crappy studio} and to my gift. I'm pretty sure we had discussed that we wouldn't do gifts because we didn't have much to spare but, yet, there it was... a present. Just for me. And it was, if you hadn't already guessed, a box of original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Krispy Kreme had just opened near his house and I was in love with it and at the time I thought an entire box of doughnuts was the height of extravagance. It was quite honestly one of the sweetest things he's done - a surprise just for me. I loved it.

And every year as Valentine's Day rolls around I always remember this one gesture/gift above them all and dream that he'll surprise me with a box of these just like on our first.


love & whimsy {mobilezap review}

To be honest I was quite surprised to be contacted by MobileZap for a review opportunity*. Why? Well, if I'm going to be honest {again} it's because I'd never heard of them. One quick search and I happened upon their website and was surprised again, this time in the most pleasant of ways. As a Samsung phone user {I have the S3} it's been difficult to find phone cases that fit my 'pretty' standards. MobileZap fits that brief {and then more some as they also feature a wide range of Samsung Galaxy Tablet covers and Galaxy Note - Husband's phone of choice - cases too}. 

I was sent the above phone cases - the Case-Mate Tough Case for the S3 in Love and in White Heart - two styles that are very me {though if you prefer less busy cases they have those too}. Both cases are from the 'barely there' range from Case-Mate and have been designed to be as slim and as protective as possible. The cases are just over 1mm in thickness and don't add any bulk to your phone. While you can tell that they're on the phone {nothing quite beats the lightness of a 'naked' phone} they aren't heavy or bulky and feel soft and smooth in your hand. 

The cases also provide added protection {which needs to be kept on otherwise the S3 is too small for the case} around the sides/on the buttons of your phone while not disturbing access to the lock and volume buttons - the rubber pushes in and bounces back easily. Despite not seeing the inside of the back often I love this design on it - extra details always draw me in.

 The only downside {if you could even call it that} is that the fit is tight which means it can be a tad tough to get on {or maybe that's just me? I'm notoriously bad with putting tech-y things on}. I'd also like to see them come in colours that match with the case but now I'm just being picky. 

My favourite feature about these cases {and the first thing I excitedly noted after ripping open the parcel} is how the back doesn't have any dividers between the flash/light, the camera and the speaker. All my other cases have the dividers and I like the openness. 

Both cases looked better in real life which was a relief. I can't tell you how many times I have been disappointed by the look of phone cases once I received them {every owl case I've ever seen/had I'm talking about you!}. They feel lovely in my hand and haven't collected an abundance of scratches. 

The cases are priced just under $40 {$39.49} but they are both currently on sale for $31.99 - for cases of this quality that's a good price match. And not to be all infomercial-y but I think these would make perfect gifts for Valentine's Day. Now, if you're thinking "a phone case! For Valentine's Day!" - let me explain. I'm not a roses/jewellery/chocolates kind of girl. I'd much prefer something like this - something that makes me happy and that I would get more use out of. I also adore the idea of carrying around a piece of a loved one with me and while jewellery may do that for some people, phone cases {currently} do that for me {my infinity bracelet being the only exception - sorry engagement/wedding/eternity rings}.  

So, 'love & whimsy'... these cases are all about love {duh} but they also fill me with whimsy {which is my word of 2014}. They make me feel happy and bring out the child in me which is what I usually go for in accessories such as these. I don't want to take life too seriously and since I'm always busy organising my life and family {which I love} I love things like this that make me smile whenever I see them.  

Also, can we please discuss the photo above?

Think Rambo, only pocket sized.

Now I've never seen Rambo but, gosh, this made me happy and giggle and I had to mention it.

If you're interested in purchasing the phone cases I featured here you can buy the love case here and the white heart case here.

*Disclaimer: I was contacted by MobileZap for a review opportunity on their S3 phone cases. I was not paid for this review, however, these phone cases are courtesy of MobileZap. Just like any review you see here on jayebyday, I gave my honest opinion and was not obligated to do anything but.


in breaking news

And that is all.