friday five

This Friday I am all about homewears - pj's, nighties, gowns and everything in between. There is nothing more exciting to me then lounging around in pretty homewears with the air conditioner on and my duck feather blanket encased in Egyptian cotton bedding. For me, that's the ultimate decadence and if I manage to be able to snuggle with my Husband and watch a movie or TV series that's ours while B. is asleep that's all the better. I have a fondness for homewears that are 2-3 sizes too big for me for ultimate comfort and while the largeness of these items means my body can look a tad {or a lot} shapeless I still like them to be pretty to counteract any frumpiness that may occur.

three. something pretty and floral to flit about the house in {I can't actually sleep in shorts/pants so I buy things like this for pj days}

Also, I just had to add this adorable doggy tee {also from Peter Alexander}

Even though Summer has gender identity issues {she think she's a boy} I feel like she needs this. She doesn't actually mind wearing clothes when the weather cools down. This would be perfect for the times where her coat would be too heavy but she still requires a layer for extra warmth.