friday five

On Fridays I can either be found cleaning my house like a maniac or lounging about like a sloth. I can be enjoying my time alone or calling Husband crying because I miss Bailey. The quiet can bother me or make me smile. I'm sure that as each Friday comes I'll become used to this alone time thing and while I'm not sure if relaxing and not taking care of/doing things for my family will ever be something I'm good at I hope that Fridays will be welcomed rather than dreaded. And with all that said and done here are some things I've loved today.


shop the mimco sale

A Mimco sale isn't something to turn your nose up at and it's not something to be missed. I scoured their current sale page for seven of my favourite items that I'd love to call my own.

TWO. a nude cover-up for your phone {if you're Samsung inclined}
FIVE. a weekender that could double as a baby bag {check in stores for this}


pantry love

I'm obsessed with pantries {pin them here} - looking at them, buying things for them, organising them, cleaning them, straightening the items in them and while my kitchen doesn't boast a walk in pantry I make do with what I've got. Everything is organised by type, bins keep things neat and tidy and containers store open bag contents to keep it all pretty. Kitchen organisation is pretty much my domain - when I'm stressed I tidy it even if it doesn't need to be tidied. Slightly obsessive I am. So, of course, I'm always looking at other people's pantries to keep myself inspired. Above, are four pantries I love.

Find out more on each here;


Oh, my heart is all a flutter


friday five

This Friday I am all about homewears - pj's, nighties, gowns and everything in between. There is nothing more exciting to me then lounging around in pretty homewears with the air conditioner on and my duck feather blanket encased in Egyptian cotton bedding. For me, that's the ultimate decadence and if I manage to be able to snuggle with my Husband and watch a movie or TV series that's ours while B. is asleep that's all the better. I have a fondness for homewears that are 2-3 sizes too big for me for ultimate comfort and while the largeness of these items means my body can look a tad {or a lot} shapeless I still like them to be pretty to counteract any frumpiness that may occur.

three. something pretty and floral to flit about the house in {I can't actually sleep in shorts/pants so I buy things like this for pj days}

Also, I just had to add this adorable doggy tee {also from Peter Alexander}

Even though Summer has gender identity issues {she think she's a boy} I feel like she needs this. She doesn't actually mind wearing clothes when the weather cools down. This would be perfect for the times where her coat would be too heavy but she still requires a layer for extra warmth.


mug obsessed

When I started out this mug game I thought you had to have all the same mugs and you weren't allowed to have any that didn't match. This way of life quickly got boring. I didn't want to buy a complete set of mugs every time I wanted new ones. I decided it was perfectly acceptable to give this way of thinking the flick and so I started on my mission of collecting one or two of the mugs that were truly special.

I don't like cartoon character mugs or anything that is too out there. I don't like mugs that are too tall or too small. Too round isn't great but neither is too tall and don't even get me started on handle width. Suffice to say it's difficult to find mugs that are cute with whimsy that also fit all my other standards. Etsy, however, is a page upon page treasure trove of mug goodies that can send me into a frenzy at any given time. Here are some mugs that are currently on my wishlist.

1. drink me mug {love an alice in wonderland reference}
3. PIE math joke mug {for a husband}
4. ceramic white and gold mugs {these stopped me in my tracks, gorgeous}


a love letter, of tear streamed sorts, to you, my dear minnie

Dear Minnie,

It's been a year since you left. The screaming howls of anguish are gone but I don't miss you any less. One year – one year since you were crumpled and crushed by an unknown car. One year since my world came crashing down. I'm still crushed. I don't fear I always will be. I know I always will be and I'm fine with that. You meant the world to me. In fact, you still mean the world to me. It will never be a case of “I loved her so much” it will always be “I love her so much”. And I do Minnie {Maxy, Maxybon, Bon Bon, Maximus} I do.

Remember that first day we met at the RSPCA? You were all alone in your cage and amongst all the barking you were huddled at the back, scared and shaking but when you came out the first thing you did was roll over for tummy rubs? We had to leave you that day. The wait for more money was excruciating. It was only two days but in that space I was sure someone else would come to get you. I was sure people would be fighting for you but we came back and there you were, this time sharing a cage with another dog. Seeing you with a friend broke my heart because I wanted to take her with us too. But you Minnie, you were the one.

You were all ribs and matted fur, tooth missing. You were abused. It had taken you weeks to recover, they'd told us. In that instant you reminded me of myself and I knew I loved you more than anyone else in the whole entire world. You were instantly my everything. You were me. Abused. Unloved. Abandoned by the people who were supposed to love you the most. I held onto that so much. I vowed to give you a better life. The best life. You deserved it and I needed it to happen.

The fact that you died from an accident made me hate myself. The fact that I let you out the back made me want to run out in front of a car too {in the melodramatic sense at least}. I couldn't, still can't, fathom it. How? Why? You wanted to go out even though it had started sprinkling with rain.

Are you sure? I asked. And you gave me a look and then walked away. It wasn't until five or ten minutes later when I hear a clap of thunder that I knew no matter how much you wanted to be out you needed to come in. Remember you were always a trembling ball when it was stormy? So I looked for you. Called your name. And when I couldn't find you I enlisted your dad for help. I wasn't worried. You were Minnie. There was no way in the world you would have crawled under a fence that had spikes on it and then under another wooden one and gone onto the road when you hated the noise.

But you did and your dad came back with the most terrible look on his face and said the two words that have haunted me ever since: she's dead. It all happened so quickly after I had enquired as to whether this was a joke or not {you see, it had to be a joke because you were meant to be with me forever. Remember?} It wasn't so I ran, barefoot, out the front door with your dad crying and trying to hold me back. Eventually he let go. The bones in my feet seared with pain but it was much later before I noticed. And there you were, crushed on the road. Cars passing by you and I fell to the ground, screaming that we needed to get you back.

Nobody stopped to let your dad cross the road easier. He navigated through the cars, scooped you up, and brought you back. My first sight was of blood and then your intestines and I screamed for you to go away because I couldn't bear the sight of you in pieces right before me. He left with you to wrap you up and I stayed by the side of the road, staring at that pool of blood, barely noticing the people in the cars staring at me, pointing and looking back as they passed.

It started to rain. A man came running up to me to ask if I was alright. He knew instantly what had happened, who had died and then he left on my insistence. I wondered later if he had been the one who hit you and if the guilt had made him hang around. I cried in the rain, my face on the pavement, wanting it to swallow me whole. The wet was perfect in many ways. After some time I got up and called my friend Sam. You remember Sam? She thought you were so cute that she always talked about stealing you? Then I called my sister. I needed someone close, not my Husband, who would give me a hug. I needed a hug from my sister.

Bailey was awake now and we had to act quickly. We took you to the vet to get cremated. On the way we put you in a box with your blanket in the boot. We didn't want to scar Bailey by seeing you like that, how you least deserved to be. We didn't trust Summer with you out in the open but we wanted her to come so she could say her goodbyes, gosh she loved you. And me, well I still couldn't hold you. If there's one regret I will always have it will be this. I wish I was braver. I shouldn't have cared about having blood or anything else on me. I shouldn't have cared how hard it would have been to wash off those last remaining bits of you. I should have held you until the vet had to pry you from my hands. I should have stayed with you long after the vet closed so you weren't alone that night.

I'm sorry. I wanted to make up for all the abuse you suffered just like you made up for all of mine and on your last day, when you were already gone, I wasn't brave enough. I'm sorry.

The days, weeks, months following were torture. Every second without you felt like the worst seconds I'd ever experienced. That time was a blur of sleep, showers for hygiene sake and barely eating. We spent most of our time in front of the TV but not even noticing what it said. After your dad went back to work Bailey and I didn't venture out of the house by foot. I couldn't. I wasn't brave enough. I hoped that you were at the RSPCA having been found. I hoped that the dog on the road wasn't you. We left the back porch light on. Summer looked for you everywhere. We didn't give up hope even though we all knew that you were there in your little paw print urn.

We moved, the scene of it all was too much. I toyed with the idea of leaving signs up on the road, leaving a note for the driver who killed you to let them know that they ruined us. But I didn't. They didn't stop for you. They wouldn't care. I dreamed about a law being put in place that drivers who kill animals were put in jail or fined. I dreamed of you dead. I dreamed of us finding you sooner. I dreamed of you there, wide open and people hacking at your insides with forks and spoons. I dreamed a lot of things. I went out of my mind. I took cold showers that burnt my skin. I cried alone. I blamed myself. I blamed Husband. I blamed Summer. I even blamed you.

Why would you do that? Why would you escape?

We changed our bed. Our sheets. Our bedroom furniture. Everything in there reminded me too much of you. Our bedroom was your place. It all had to go. It helped for a while and then the cold, burning showers resumed, and I dreamed of everyone I loved dying and I finally admitted to myself what I'd know when I was pregnant with Bailey, when the anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks – I needed help. You did that. Thank you. The doctor told me I had generalised anxiety and we're on our way to fixing it. Losing you didn't get easier but the pain lessened and the torturous dreams stopped.

You would have hated seeing me like that. You would have had to go the whole hundred numerous times a day. That wasn't your style. Remember when we brought Bailey home from the hospital and you were so protective of her? Like you thought your dad and I had no idea what we were doing. Every time we fed her, there you where making sure we did it right. I'm sure we only did because of your watchful eye.

I was convinced we were best friends. You and I were kind of one and the same. We both got cold really easily. We both loved lounging in bed and watching TV. Remember when I realised you were addicted to Antiques Roadshow so we'd watch it together and you'd actually stare at the TV? Or the ANZAC Day match when the Bombers were losing badly and then you came and watched and they won? Or when I came home from another crappy day at Uni and we'd cuddle until forever? I made you my everything. I wonder now if that was too much pressure for you? If it was I'm sorry.

You were the first person I really let myself love properly and you made it ok for me to finally love your dad properly and for us to get married, get Summer and then have Bailey. Every piece of wisdom you left behind is still here. Every amazing thing you ever did is still here, in everyone in this family. We are all the much better for you.

It saddens me that Bailey will never remember you. That she'll never be able to reminisce with your dad and I about how great you were. I think sometimes of how much she loves Summer though and I wonder if it was best she didn't get to know you too well. You were amazing, she would have felt your loss as much as I did, I'm sure of it, though I think she did notice your absence because she never napped in the day until your ashes were returned and once they were it was like she felt safe again. We all did.

You know how you pretended to detest Summer but when you thought no one was looking you'd play or cuddle with her? I know you loved her in your own Minnie way and, gosh, that crazy poop obsessed dog sure did love you. Until your ashes were returned she looked for you. She'd stare at the bed just willing you to appear. She looked outside for you and when she would return with her friend still missing she looked stricken. When you returned in your urn it was like she knew you were back with us but sometimes, especially, when she's around other dogs, well, it's like her little heart is breaking for you all over again.

Maxy, we miss you so much. We miss snuggles. We miss the drive ins, we miss everything. We miss talking for you. We miss rubbing your tummy and giving you treats because you gave us that face.

I'm sorry it happened this way. I'm sorry I was so convinced that you would never die. I was so sure that you'd be this miracle dog that would live forever. You were a miracle but your forever wasn't long enough for me. I'm sorry if it felt like nobody aside from us four mourned your death properly. I'm sorry that nobody else who knew you mourned you in the way they would a human. You were human to us and I guess that's all that matters. Still, parts of me long for flowers and condolences and a little memorial service. Something, anything, from someone else to remind us that you were loved and loved greatly. Other parts of me are glad people left us alone so we could cry on bathroom floors and feel our hearts ripping into pieces.

All of me is glad we got to know you and I hope that you know you were and will always be the greatest gift of all. 

perfect mummy gifts

Hands down, two of the best "mummy" gifts I have ever received

My Quotable Kid: A Parents' Journal of Unforgettable Quotes - the book has quirky pages to write in all your child's unforgettable quotes. I love filling this book with the random things that Bailey says.
The Honest Toddler: A Child's Guide to Parenting - this book is funny and while obviously tongue-in-cheek it is a handy how-to guide for parents of toddlers because it's pretty much an accurate description of life with a toddler.

I think both of these are perfect gifts for parents of young kids and would make a wonderful addition to an assortment of goodies for the expecting mum. 


a detangling brush comparison

I'm on the hunt for a good detangling brush. Maybe some of you are too? Here's a comparison of 6 brushes from Beauty Bay.

1. This brush comes from the Beauty Bay collection, is priced at $11.50 and comes in a variety of colours. It's the "detangling brush large" and has been designed to treat your hair with the utmost respect while removing knots and tangles without pulling. It's has 250 teeth of varying lengths and an ergonomic handle. It's also great for styling and untangling synthetic wigs and hair extensions.
2. This adorable creation is the Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot. It comes in 3 colours and is priced at $20.30. It features Tangle Teezer's patented flexi teeth which detangles hair without pain. This is specifically designed for children {though I'd use this for myself too to keep in my bag} and the flower pot acts as a stand for the brush or as storage for hair accessories.
3. This brush is the Tangle Teezer Original and is priced at $16.50. It also comes in a variety of colours and features the same teeth as mentioned above. This is Tangle Teezer's award winning brush and is perfect for all hair types. It's also recommended by pet groomers to brush your pet's hair.
4. This angelic brush comes from Tangle Angel {this is the cherub blue} and is priced at $18.70. The contoured base retains full bristle height with no reduction in performance. It has heat resistant bristles {perfect for use while blow drying} and was designed by Richard Ward, an award-winning celebrity and royal hairdresser. 
5. This no tangle brush comes from Macadamia Oil is priced at $13.90 and utilises an innovative flex bristles. It minimises cuticle damage, hair breakage and split ends.
6. Michel Mercier brings the detangling brush for normal hair. This brush is priced at $26 and won the award for best detangling brush in the Your Hair Awards in 2012. The brush has 428 bristles at varying heights and widths which guide through tangles easily. The handle is ergonomically designed and the brush is gentle enough to tackle hair extensions or synthetic wigs. 

Which is your favourite?


new find: the kidstore

Over the weekend we made a family trip to Dee Why to visit friends and the beach. On the way home we stopped by Warringah Mall and made a few discoveries, the most exciting of which was the kidstore which, with its abundance of polka dots, had my heart a flutter. I picked up the four items above {3 shorts and 1 top} in their sale for under $40 - pleased doesn't even begin to describe it.

What I loved most was that the clothes balanced the fine line between kid and grown up well. What I've noticed since having Bailey is that many stores stock clothes that only have the ridiculous I'm a princess on them or shirts with pictures/TV characters on them and, gosh, sometimes you just want to buy your kid a simple tank.

The Kidstore is the perfect mix of casual basics and dressy pieces with fantastic quality shoes and accessories as well as adorable swimwear and fun stuff for kids {or young at heart} to enjoy.

Sadly they don't have an online store and their locations {in NSW at least} are few. You can see if there's a store near you here.

he's coffee, i'm tea

If you could sum Husband and I up in a few words I'd say: best friends first. With that said, we're actually complete polar opposites in most regards. He's a true neek. I'm anything but. I like clothes. He favours character T's. I like sleep. He likes to stay up all night.

He likes coffee.

I like tea.

These holidays we dug out anything and everything, organised, cleaned and made things pretty. One product of this clean out was a coffee and tea bar in our little dining area. Now, of course, I am on the hunt for something extra to add to this little bar of ours. The prints above {from here} are strong contenders but I'm still looking, not sure I've found the ones quite yet. 

These are quite nice too...


williams-sonoma does valentine's day right

I'm not the biggest Valentine's Day fan in the world but we do celebrate the day {yes, love should be shown everyday but a special day doesn't hurt anyone}. We give gifts and eat yummy food. It's a no stress day. Husband and I both put in the same amount of effort, we don't expect one person to do more than the other and we always include Bailey because, for us, Valentine's Day is a day about all kinds of love not just the romantic kind.

This year Williams-Sonoma is doing Valentine's Day perfectly with these Valentine's Day Mugs {$10} and Plates {$8} which would be perfect as a gift alone or as something extra with breakfast in bed. If you're single? I'd gift these to myself or a good friend because loving yourself {or a friend} is important too {and, yes, that was a corny as heck}.


friday five

This was Husband's first week back at work from holidays. It also marked Bailey's first week back at Kindy and today is her first second day of Kindy for the week. I'm not sure that made sense. Let me explain, last year she began Kindy exactly one month before she turned 2 and was there one day a week. This year she'll be at Kindy every Thursday and Friday so excuse me while I go sob in a corner. I know it's the best thing for her in order for her to get prepared for pre-school, etc but, gosh, I hate having to let her go. Also, I have asked her quite a few times if she'll live with me forever and never go to school or work and she's always said "yeah" so I don't know what her deal is leaving me for two days a week. Anyway...

I was sure this week was going to be a bust with Husband gone and all that whole Kindy thing but it wasn't all that bad {so far, it may be a different story after I'm home alone for hours without my kid}. Bailey and I swam, painted, swam some more and cuddled on the couch. Anyway, enough said - Happy Friday.


eye mask roundup

For a long while I've been on the hunt for eye masks that don't just come in a one use sachet, a tube would be ideal because I'd love to be able to do an eye mask whenever the mood takes me {every second day or so seems reasonable} and finally I've come across a few that have tickled my fancy.

four. bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye mask {these are individually packaged, so not so fab for every day but seem wonderful for a special treat}

*every mask aside from the clarins is from bath & unwind, a gorgeous online store that ships worldwide {and this, below, is what happens when your search has no results - a site after my own heart}


movies of 2014

A short list of movies I hope to devour in the first half of 2014.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - I think I'm more excited for this than Husband
Saving Mr. Banks - love Mary Poppins, love Disney, love this poster
Frozen - animated movies get me every time. This may be one Bailey and I can watch together
Veronica Mars - can't wait for this {I've learned this may not even have an Australian theatrical release - outrage}


mumma wisdom

I learnt something recently. It was one of those self-taught aha! moments where you realise something so simple it's ridiculous you hadn't known it all along. It's this:

just chill the eff out. your computer isn't important. the internet will still be there when your child is asleep. put the phone down. when your kid is saying "no phone/no computer" listen to them. life doesn't need to be rushed. take the time to lounge in a kid sized swimming pool in your bathers that you haven't worn since your honeymoon. act like you're a little kid again. ignore the time. schedules aren't important. just be a kid and be with your kid. and most importantly, relax


from the archives: in the kitchen - triple choc cookies

I know for a fact* that the Cookie Monster would kill me for some of these.

2 1/3 cups of plain flour
3/4 cocoa powder {I like to use Cadbury Bournville Cocoa}
1 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon salt
285 grams of butter, softened to room temperature {use in stick form}
1 cup of caster sugar
1 cup of brown sugar
1 large egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
1 bag of white chocolate chips
1 1/2 - 2 bags of milk chocolate chips
if you like nuts you can add around 2 cups of silvered almonds. Only use 1 bag of milk chocolate chips if you do this.

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
2. In a medium bowl, combine the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt.
3. In a larger bowl cream the butter with an electric mixer. Add both the caster and brown sugar. Add the egg and vanilla and beat.
4. To this mixture add the flour mix and combine with a wooden spoon {or your hands}.
5. Add the chocolate {and almonds if using} and mix until combined. Using a small ice cream scoop {or your hands if you prefer uneven sizes - these cookies actually suit both ways} drop the dough two inches apart on a baking tray either lined with baking paper or just a regular cooking spray. Bake for 15 minutes.
6. Leave the cookies to firm up for 10-15 minutes. If, like me, you love to bite into a warm cookie then this is the time to do so. So good. Trust me.

- 2 and a half/3 bags of chocolate chips may seem like a lot but I promise it's not. I always add more chocolate chips then any recipe calls for. Cookies are always yummier this way.
- Depending on their size before baking this mix can make up to 30-40 cookies.
- If you like a crunchy cookie bake for longer than 15 minutes.
- Cookies can be frozen for up to 3 months.

*made up fact


from the archives: what's in a name?

To fill in some blanks over the holidays I wanted to share some of my favourite posts from 2013. I thought it would be fun to go back and have a look at my year in posts to show you the ones which still make me smile or which are still useful {products wise} today. Here's number one.

I have a confession to make. Bailey wasn't going to be named Bailey. Her name was originally supposed to be Tia. I always wanted to name my daughter Tia. Husband and I both loved the name and while I was pregnant we told people that's what her name was going to be. Still, for my entire pregnancy we flicked through books searching for something better. 

When I was in labour {with Tia still as our only option} Husband and I wondered if it would be an adjustment to go from calling her Baby Gaff to Tia. We'd been saying "Baby Gaff" for 9 months and we worried that we'd have trouble calling her anything but. And then it hit me, after another semi-painful contraction, lets call her something that sounds like baby...

I'm serious.

And that's how Bailey came to be. I said "baby" over and over again in my mind and then somewhere around the 1,000th recital I accidentally said "Bailey" instead. I shouted out to Husband "hey, what about Bailey?" He loved it. I loved it. And when she was born the name just fit.

I dread the day Bailey asks where we got the name from. Does it have any special meaning?

Nope... it just sounded like baby.

Or we could just tell her we had a thing for ladders...


gimmicky brush love

I love a bit of a gimmick when it comes to beauty products {like this mascara for example}. I use "gimmick" in the best possible way, I think gimmicks can be an amazing thing, though in the case of these brushes I can't be sure as I haven't actually tried them myself but I can only imagine they'd be perfect for precise make up application. 

These are all Japonesque 150 Degree Brushes with angled handles and a unique, ergonomic, design. 

one. Japonesque 150 Degree Contour Brush {for the face} 
three. Japonesque 150 Degree Crease Brush {for the eyes}

All four brushes are definitely ones I'd want to add to my brush collection for the sheer gimmick alone but I'd imagine they'd keep me coming back for more with their ability.  

I'm excited to add them to my shopping basket one day soon.


new year. new you.

It's a few days into the new year and I've finally sorted out what I want to accomplish in 2014. I'm not the biggest resolution person. If I want to change something I'll do it right away but I do have some wishes for 2014. I want to spend more time writing. I want to take better care of my feet, particularly my heels, and my lips. I want this to be the year I learn how to relax and actually be. I want to watch a movie and not have my phone/tablet/laptop right by. I'd like to maybe go have a beauty treatment and not get bored 2 minutes in. I want to do more face masks and do my night beauty routine every night. I'd like another tattoo or two.

I want to spend more time with my family together and individually. I want to spend nights with my Husband without technology. I want to be happier when my Husband works nights {which is quite a lot} and when he does I want to do things for myself that are more meaningful. I want to be more present with Bailey. I want to not jam pack her days. I want to teach her and watch her learn. I want Summer, Husband and Bailey to be happy and healthy. I want to be a mum and a wife. Pack lunches, cook dinners, keep the house running and be fun. I want to read more books, do more Husband-like things with Husband and do more Bailey-like things with Bailey. I'd love more outings and more relaxing. Weekends are for both not just go-go-go.

I want to be okay with Bailey being at kindy 2 days a week. I want to keep up this hanging up clean clothes thing. I want to tidy as I go. I want to clean my bathrooms every week. I want to tidy the house before Bailey is in bed. I want everyone, not just including the ones I love, to be happy.

And you'd know what I'd really love for 2014?

Let's make gay marriage legal {though why there's still any need for it to be a question I have no idea - it should have just always been}.
Let's not be racist. Let's see that everyone is different and beautiful.
Let's be more kind, not only to humans, but to animals too.

Let's make 2014 rad.


friday five

It's the first Friday of 2014 and I have responded accordingly - a very laid back Friday five. I've been wearing more casual clothes as of late and am favouring kaftans/kimonos slipped over whatever outfit I'm wearing {providing it suits, of course} so here are three I'm currently craving. I've also been falling into florals and adorable, lightweight, blouses that I can wear buttoned, loosely buttoned or unbuttoned over a plain singlet. Here's the five.

four. Senorita Dress - Dangerfield
five. Peaches & Cream Blouse - Dangerfield

Husband is still on holidays so we're enjoying one-on-one time with him until he goes back to work. Summer had an eye scare on New Years Eve so we're all staying at home with her until she's all better so our days have been filled with playing outside, swimming {paddling}, eating yummy food, playing Xbox {Husband's Christmas present} and relaxing in air conditioning. I hope everyone is enjoying the early stages of twenty fourteen. 


top 13 of 2013

Well, hello 2014, nice to meet you. Kind of. Maybe it will be when January is over {or January 22nd passes at least}. Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and in celebration of a new year I wanted to share my top 13 of 2013. Some of these are old {as in I've had them for ages and mentioned them before} and some are new {as in I haven't had them for the entire year but I may have mentioned them before and, rest assured, I wouldn't mention them if they weren't a firm favourite after the first use}.

one. L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - I use this after I have washed my hair {usually 2-3 times a week}, when I use my GHD and when I want to prolong my wash. I also find it's a miracle worker for frizzy hair and as a nice finish when my hair is straight. I've only been using this for over a month but as I mentioned above I wouldn't feature this if I wasn't sure how amazing it is. It's the best hair product I have ever used for my fine hair.
two. Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion - again, a product I haven't used for that long but, gosh, it really was love at first sight with this. It's gorgeous and makes your skin silky soft.
three. Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara - it only just occurred to me that I never actually mentioned this mascara before and for that I feel sad. This mascara is lengthening and voluminous and I love it so. It does take a minute or so to dry but if I can look past it I think anyone can.
four. NARS Eyelash Curler - it's truly amazing what a good quality eyelash curler can do.
five. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer - it needs to be used like so but when it is this product is truly a make up lover's dream
six. Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream - for a "cheap" eye cream this works so amazingly well. I own the cream and the roll on {which lives in the fridge for a pick me up when needed} and I doubt I'll ever leave them. 
seven. Sanctuary Time Reversal Hydrating Face Mask - this is the stuff glowy skin is made of. When I run out life seems less pretty.
eight. Rachel K CC Cream - oh goodness, how I love the. A perfect primer/foundation/colour corrector. The must have product in everyone's make up collection. 
nine. Stila In The Light Palette - sorry, Naked 1, this is my favourite palette, if only, because of Kitten. Use it all the time and I actually just hit pan on Kitten last month and I feel quite devastated about that. 
ten. Garnier BB Cream Eye Roll On - a product I haven't had long but one I fell in love with instantly. It's perfect for every day. That is all.
eleven & twelve. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner - just the perfect duo for my fine, frizzy and slightly kinky hair.
thirteen. Real Techniques Base Flawless Core Collection - the perfect four brushes for every make up need.

So, those were my favourites for 2013. What were yours?

*You might have noticed that I didn't include a brow product. There's a reason for that - I'm growing out my brows and it's a process and while I love the brow products I do have I don't want to judge one as my favourite of the year while my brows are still in this in between stage. 


happy new year

It's officially 2014 - happy new year everyone!

Here's my year in review for 2013 from my Instagram snaps