last minute gift guide: what to buy someone like me

Attention: this is not a gift guide for a man named Husband. He already has my presents all wrapped and ready under the tree {but he is going off tomorrow to buy some more presents because he may have gotten upset when I spent $350 over budget on his Christmas presents which, by the way, I originally spent $300 over my $400 budget. I could say oops but I wouldn't mean it}. This is a gift guide for all you cool people out there who know cool people like me.

one. DIY Sticker Book: Let's Eat - because keeping my kitchen organised is one of my favourite things
two. Ruckus Polka Dot Bath Towel {in Pink and Jade} - I love Adairs and I'm currently craving some new bath towels to inject colour into the 2 bathrooms in our home
three. The Game of Scattergories - this just seems fun and like something to make you think at the same time
four. VS Sassoon Curl Secret - I tested this in store before adding it to my present list so I know it's good
five. Lindsay Sling in Black {or any black satchel} - satchels/sling bags are my new obsession. I currently have a black and white polka dotted satchel {will yellow accents} and a dark green one so I need to add a black
six. Wonderland Galaxy S3 Case - it's so hard to find a good phone case for Samsung and I'm so glad Fossil have come out with a range. This is adorable
seven. Polka Dot Key-Per-Zip Coin Purse - sometimes I just want something small to take with me rather than my entire wallet other times I feel intensely paranoid about carting around a Chanel wallet. A cute coin purse is a nice thing to have on hand
eight. Faber-Castell Connector Pens Bucket {45} - I love to colour. That is all
nine. The Hunger Games book trilogy - reading these has been on my to-do list for quite a while. I think the set makes a nice gift.

And that's all folks. 1 week until Christmas. All the gift guide posts are done.
Enjoy the rest of your shopping if it's not done and all your upcoming celebrations.

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