When it comes to Husband and his age we tend to swap the numbers around. That's how it goes in this family. Well, just for him anyway. Today he's 28 which really means he's 82. Or something. This comes from when we were in the first years of dating and someone asked him how old I was and he said "19" {because I was} and then they said he was "robbing the cradle" because they thought he was 30. This memory always makes me laugh because aside from his rapidly receding hairline {poor man} and his grey flecks of hair {both of which he insists he inherited from his mum} he doesn't look very old at all.

Let me tell you some things about this man named Husband {or Husby/Husbacles when I really want to annoy him which never actually annoys him because he loves me and finds me endearing - weird guy}:

^He's one of the only people I know that follows the same football team as me and that's how we first became friends 9 years ago. As an aside, when I was a kid I thought you couldn't marry someone if they followed a different football team.
^He loves Star Wars and Star Trek and Lord of the Rings and all those really nerdy things and he's never ashamed of it.
^If you ask him to make a decision about something, like what he wants to do, he'll rattle off a few things and then when he runs out of ideas he'll say "Nintendo" {because he really wants a Nintendo 64 and apparently one of his greatest regrets in life is not picking his 64 up from his Dad's house before his dad threw it out}.
^He's really quite sensitive and believes very much in love.
^Though he hasn't quite gotten the hang of this whole marriage and not keeping things from your partner even if the truth will hurt them thing.
^He loves his family more than anything and if he had a choice of going out after work or coming right home he'd pick the latter because he has the most fun with his wife and kid.
^Last week he told me that he finally made it to the moon on Kerbal Space Program but that he was now stranded because he forget to make sure he had enough fuel to get back to Earth.

And that is my Husband.

Happy 28th Birthday Husby.

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