reasons why i suck at being an adult

I used to think being an adult would be the greatest. I could eat whatever I want when I wanted and I wouldn't have to listen to anyone. I quickly discovered that those two things are true some of the time. I mean, yes, some nights I just eat fruit for dinner {and for breakfast and lunch} and sometimes a large spoonful of Nutella provides me with morning and afternoon sustenance. I don't really need to listen to anyone the majority of the time, mostly when I'm at home with Bailey and can do whatever the heck I want {luckily what I want is to spend time with and take care of Bailey} but, listen, being an adult means having to keep a tidy house and get out of pyjamas and being a good wife and mum and I can do that...sort of. Look, let's cut to the quick, here's why I suck at being an adult.

1. When I'm trying on clothes I chuck them on the floor/bed/any piece of furniture I can find and instead of putting them back again later I put them in the wash, then in the dryer or on the line and then hang or fold them. Or sometimes I leave them in the basket and repeat the cycle. Longer process but, apparently, it's easier.
2. I still jump on the bed.
3. Come to my house and I dare you not to find me in pyjamas.
4. I introduced Bailey to egg throwing, whipped cream fights and toilet paper throwing.
5. And when she stuffs entire rolls of toilet paper in the toilet I laugh.
6. When I feel like dessert I'll usually skip dinner and go right to the sweets.
7. I think popcorn and chocolate is a perfectly acceptable meal all year round.
8. The word "hump" makes me giggle.
9. Whenever it comes to toy shops I have more fun in them than Bailey.
10. Husband and I spend too much money on toys for Bailey that we'll know she'll love but, secretly, we love and want to play with them just as much as her {maybe sometimes even more}.

This is why I don't make a very good adult. That, and the fact that I still go far too hyper in public.  

I think number 4 is going to come back and haunt me in the years to come...


my holy grail lip balm {i finally found it}

Meet my holy grail lip balm. It's from the Carmex Moisture Plus range with a clear finish and it's the only lip balm that has made my perma-chapped lips smooth and creamy for days on end.

My lips were always chapped, always flaky and always dry. They always have had skin peeling off them and I've never been able to wear lip colours because the look was a mess. Every other balm I tried had issues: too sticky, not sticky enough, wore off too quickly or only provided a short time solution. This lip balm has solved all my lip problems and I couldn't be happier that I purchased it on a "ahh my lips are burning and need comfort" whim.

The balm is formulated with Vitamin E, Aloe, Shea Butter and SPF 15 and helps penetrate, moisturise and protect your lips.

I use it throughout the day whenever I want but the most important application comes right before bed after I have cleansed and moisturised and brushed my teeth. I do a few swipes and wake up with perfectly smooth lips.

If you're interested this lip balm retails for $8.99 from Priceline and also comes in two sheer tints: peach and pink {which I'll be sure to pick up next time I'm in Priceline}.

After years of searching I can't tell you how glad I am that I finally found the lip balm that works perfectly for me in every possible way.

fossilize your phone

I view phone cases how I view watches {and how I used to view sunglasses before I had to go down the transition lenses route} - you need to switch according to outfits/occasions. I was iPhone obsessed for a number of years, upgrading whenever necessary. Actually, I was Apple crazy for a number of years and then my iPod needed to be upgraded 6 months into use, my laptop needed to be fixed twice in a 6 month period and each phone needed to be upgraded every year. Suffice it to say I started to understand what Husband meant when he said Apple don't design their products to last {and I'd thought it was just a nerd/Linux consipary}.

When it was time to upgrade my iPhone {after 1 year, a few months of those with a phone that would rarely charge} I switched to Samsung and while I've been more than happy with my phones performance the lack of pretty phone cases has been annoying. That's why I was so glad when I saw that Fossil have come out with a range of Samsung Galaxy phone cases {I currently have the S3}.

I plan to add some of these to my collection very soon {I'm currently walking around with this ridiculous bumble bee case that I love}.

1. Polka Dot Case - I love polka dots, didn't you know?
2. Penguin Galaxy Case - this one reminds me of Minnie in the best way. Years ago, after a trip to the emergency room with a severe asthma attack, I went back to Husband's house, with a few DVD's in tow, to relax. We watched Happy Feet and when I exclaimed how adorable the penguins were Minnie became jealous, climbed onto my chest and blocked the way of the screen. From then on whenever she was being naughty we said "happy feet" and she was good again {I know that sounds silly but that's me...}
3. Constellation Galaxy Case - this reminds me of Husband. He's very into stars/constellations/space and "our" song that he picked is Drops of Jupiter so this is fitting
4. Wonderland Galaxy Case - this is just pretty

And the best bit? These are all currently on sale. Check them out here

how-to: the jayebyday lip liner guide

Confession: I used to think lip liner was for old ladies. It's not and it's not just for days when you wear a lip colour. I tend to use liner whenever I wear make up, usually just a nude, to accent my lips. If I'm wearing lip colour I'll wear a matching liner to do the same job the nude liner does on bare days. Here's how I use any lip liner in my collection.

Line entire shape of lips with liner.
Sometimes I'll line a little bit under my lip line if I'm going for a fuller look.

Shade in the following areas with liner to create a fuller lip.
*You can also shade in your entire lip to prolong colour but my lips can become quite dry so I usually skip this step.

And that's my amazingly simple lip liner guide. I find it works well for me because I like the natural look it provides.

*both images are from the following with stuff added by me {talented I am}


merry christmas

from me, the husband, the nudist & the bum


the world's first wonderbrush {&, perhaps, the most interesting mascara ever}

All I can say is... wow. I was intrigued at first sight. How amazing does that look?

A must-test for all.


the naked 3 is here

Some people said it was a rumour and a false one at that. Some people said it was 100% true but the when wasn't confirmed. One thing I knew for sure that if it was going to happen it would before Christmas and, well, here it is and it's gorgeous.

It's currently priced at $80.80 on Beauty Bay {steep, I know, but I'm hoping - please! - that the price comes down after Christmas}.

Naked 3 has 12 completely new rose hued neutrals which are exclusive to this palette. 3 has smooth mattes, pearls and metallic shades that apparently "make you want to get Naked all over again".

The packaging is reminiscent of Naked 2 {which I didn't see the point of having with Naked 1 in my collection}. It also includes a new double ended Good Karma Shadow and Blending Brush with an Eyeshadow Primer Potion sampling set which features all four formulas of the best-selling Primer Potion.

Naked 3 contains:
^Strange - a pale neutral pink with a matte satin finish
^Dust - a pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro glitter
^Burnout - a light pinky peach satin
^Limit - a light dusty rose with a matte finish
^Buzz - a metallic rose shimmer with silver micro glitter
^Trick - a light metallic pink toned copper shimmer with tonal micro sparkle
^Nooner - a medium pinky brown with a matte finish
^Liar - a medium metallic mauve shimmer
^Factory - a pinkinsh brown satin
^Mugshot - a metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift
^Darkside - a deep taupe mauve satin
^Blackheart - a smoky black matte with rosy red micro sparkle
^Double Ended Good Karma Shadow and Blender Brush
^Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original
^Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin
^Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden
^Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Greed

*all shadows are 1.3g
*all primer potions are 0.75g

I am excited to get my hands on this palette, though I'm going to wait it out a few months and hope the price drops a little. The rose hues are what have me hooked. Like all Urban Decay shadows, or at least the Naked's I've tried, I imagine these won't have insane shimmer fallout which is always a major bonus when using shimmery shades.


update: growing out my eyebrows

You might remember that I've been growing out my eyebrows {I mentioned it here}. It's now been over 2 months and the progress is growing going well. It's slow but they're getting there. Before I go further I should apologise for the phone pic - this was snapped quickly before I rushed out the door.

In the interest of full disclosure I did add some tinted brow wax to my brows. However, as the days go by I find that I need to use less and less. The front of my brows where they are the thickest have started to fill in more {both brows didn't match} and everywhere is getting thicker. I haven't plucked my brows since I started growing them out {good work me!}.

There's still a long way to go. I'd say it's going to take 6 months or more before I'm truly happy but the progress has me excited.


how-to: my contour guide

Contouring is one of my favourite make up "tricks". The majority of time I wear make up I do this step. I think people with more colour than me {a.k.a 99.9% of the population} can do without it for everyday but I like how contouring injects some colour and life into my face.

At first, to me, contouring seemed incredibly daunting, however, as soon as I got my move down it became just another easy part of applying make up.

I use the "3" method which is where you {basically} contour your face in a three-like motion concentrating on your temples {I don't do too far on my forehead as it can come across as quite muddy if I do}, cheekbones and jawline. I like to begin with a nice fluid motion and then add in more colour wherever I need it {usually my cheekbones and jaw line}. I find contouring helps my face seem slimmer as well as more bright and cheery. 

If you're having trouble with contouring I suggest giving this "3" guide a go using a brush and bronzer/brown-y blush that suits your face and contouring needs.

My favourite contouring brush comes in the set from Real Techniques below {which you can find here}

It's the first brush to the left {the small, but full, dome shaped one} and it works wonders as a contour brush, especially for the cheekbones.

If you haven't heard of this 3 method I strongly urge you to give it a go. It's remarkably easy and makes the areas you work on stand out in exactly the way you need.

*I feel like I should also mention that I also contour the bridge of my nose when I do contour but it's not part of the "3" method and it only needs to be done if you want your nose to appear slimmer.


beauty goodies

I woke up early on Thursday morning. This wasn't my usual "early" 8.00 AM, nope this was a 5.00 AM type of early. Yep, that exists. See, I was excited and when I get excited I have trouble sleeping. Bailey's birthday, Husband's birthday, Christmas all see me losing sleep and now food shopping does too {maybe because it's so close to Christmas? Or perhaps the prospect of some supermarket beauty goodies was better than sleeping?} Anyway, I was up early and I was proud. Husband went and got us coffee {a soy very vanilla latte for me which they accidentally put Husband's extra shot in - I was crazed}. Bailey went to Kindy, Summer to the groomers and Husband and I headed out for food shopping. $1000 later we came home laden with goodies. Here's what I picked up - beauty wise that is.

Swisse Argan Face Oil - my rosehip oil had expired and my sister {who is newly engaged! woo hoo!} inspired me to put this in my shopping cart. I love the dropper on this bottle. It doesn't smell funky and doesn't seem as oily on my face like the rosehip oil I usually use does. It also absorbs a lot quicker and doesn't sweat off in the heat while doing so.
Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask - this is actually really quite hydrating and super easy to peel off {once when I was younger I used a peel off mask that came in a sachet and a week later I still had mask on my face that wouldn't come off. While I was trying to get it off I actually picked skin off my face. It hurt. The mask finally came off a few days later}.
Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser - I can't judge this product yet but it feels good and makes my skin feel hydrated and clean.
Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Mask - I haven't tried this yet but I figured avocado and oatmeal can't be bad.
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste - a repurchase, my favourite whitening toothpaste with the right amount of spice.

Lastly, I picked up the Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions Mascara from the Lash Blast range. I used it this morning and I like the look it created - long lashes with the little baby lashes showing up nicely.

*Not pictured* but I also repurchased my favourite shampoo and conditioner and in shower body lotion.

And this is why I adore grabbing random beauty goodies at the supermarket, I always happen upon such wonderful things.  

friday five: what i love most about this time of year

Christmas is always such a special and much welcomed time. It gives Husband some much needed time off work {though, annoyingly, he still is asked to do work during his holidays}, some family time, lots of outings and lots of relaxing at home. In case you failed notice I love Christmas and here are five things I love the most.

1. Family time - here's Bailey at her Kindy Christmas party, all festive in red.
2. In Australia, Christmas = Summer but that doesn't stop Husband and I indulging in hot chocolate, mostly under the cool air conditioning. My current favourite is from Williams-Sonoma because it has real chocolate flakes.
3. Baking. Oh, the baking and all the chocolate.
4. Summer fruit. I dislike the heat {I get heat stroke very easily and that ain't fun} but, gosh, I adore summer fruit. Cherries. Blackberries. Raspberries. Blueberries. Strawberries. All the fruit. All the time.
5. Precious memories/mementos. At Bailey's Christmas party they gave us some of her Kindy-made goodies as a present and it was one of the most wonderful things I'd ever been given.

And that's what I love about this time of year. What about you? 


ok, i fibbed. one more gift idea: for a guy

I know yesterday I said that post was my last gift guide but then I happened upon this mens watch from Fossil and I had to mention it. Just had to.

This is the Agent Three-Hand Moonphase Leather Watch. The Agent is a classic style favoured for its handsome design and elegant moonphase opening which tracks the hours of the day with the sun and moon symbol.

I think sometimes guys get a bit of a raw deal when it comes to gifts because people think they're hard to buy for. Personally, I think Husband is the easiest person to buy for and I always have fun doing so. I'm not a big fan of buying him watches all the time {does it seem like some people buy the guy in their life the same bloody watch every year?}. For someone like Husband, a calculator watch is plenty and I've never thought much about adding more watches to his collection, however, this watch may change my mind. It's something that has a bit of novelty and seems a bit more special than some of the other watches for guys out there.

I think it's lovely and at only $169 it's perfectly affordable. 

girls day with bailey

Yesterday Bailey and I had a girls day out. We've had a few before but she's now at the perfect age where we can do really girly things together. We went for coffee {soy very vanilla chiller, not blended, for me and a "chino" with whipped cream and all the colours of sprinkles for Bailey}, she played in their kids play area for a bit and then we went to have our hair done.

This was Bailey's only second proper hair cut and this was the first time someone cut her hair properly. Last time she had her hair done the hairdresser started cutting her fringe from the back of her head. This lady fixed her fringe and we both got layers. Bailey's will now, apparently, accentuate, her curls. She's fancier than me already.

After our hair we got our nails done. Or, Bailey refused to have hers done so we had snuggles instead. She picked out the colour which was the exact same colour as the shoes she wore.

Our day out was cut short by a little nudist who presumably wanted to go home so she could be nude again but that's okay. Sometimes, when plans get cancelled or cut short I get sad because I'm a stickler for plans and I don't like disarray but I'm learning {slowly} that any special time with this little girl is better than none at all.

When we got home we almost got attacked by our neighbours dog who was in our yard and chased after us as we went in the back door then Bailey decided for lunch she'd like uncooked quick oats because that's how she rolls. After settling back in at home Bailey requested I paint both her finger and toe nails with a baby blue glittery polish of mine. She looked at my toes and it was as if she'd just noticed they had polish on them {that don't happen that often} and got quite excited about it. It was one of those moments where I wanted to shake my head and cry a little because didn't she realise we were at the nail place not that long ago? Geez!

Since days like these don't happen too often I'm going to savour it all {even the bruised hip from closing the back door too quickly on myself while I tried to escape the rabid dog} until I plan the next.


last minute gift guide: what to buy someone like me

Attention: this is not a gift guide for a man named Husband. He already has my presents all wrapped and ready under the tree {but he is going off tomorrow to buy some more presents because he may have gotten upset when I spent $350 over budget on his Christmas presents which, by the way, I originally spent $300 over my $400 budget. I could say oops but I wouldn't mean it}. This is a gift guide for all you cool people out there who know cool people like me.

one. DIY Sticker Book: Let's Eat - because keeping my kitchen organised is one of my favourite things
two. Ruckus Polka Dot Bath Towel {in Pink and Jade} - I love Adairs and I'm currently craving some new bath towels to inject colour into the 2 bathrooms in our home
three. The Game of Scattergories - this just seems fun and like something to make you think at the same time
four. VS Sassoon Curl Secret - I tested this in store before adding it to my present list so I know it's good
five. Lindsay Sling in Black {or any black satchel} - satchels/sling bags are my new obsession. I currently have a black and white polka dotted satchel {will yellow accents} and a dark green one so I need to add a black
six. Wonderland Galaxy S3 Case - it's so hard to find a good phone case for Samsung and I'm so glad Fossil have come out with a range. This is adorable
seven. Polka Dot Key-Per-Zip Coin Purse - sometimes I just want something small to take with me rather than my entire wallet other times I feel intensely paranoid about carting around a Chanel wallet. A cute coin purse is a nice thing to have on hand
eight. Faber-Castell Connector Pens Bucket {45} - I love to colour. That is all
nine. The Hunger Games book trilogy - reading these has been on my to-do list for quite a while. I think the set makes a nice gift.

And that's all folks. 1 week until Christmas. All the gift guide posts are done.
Enjoy the rest of your shopping if it's not done and all your upcoming celebrations.


how-to: have a birthday like a gaff

Yes, you read that right - to celebrate a birthday like a Gaff birthdays begin the night before. We always plan a special day-before-birthday celebration dinner {last year I did a baked potato bar for Husband, this year, as you can see, I did a make-your-own waffle bar} and give a ridiculous gift as a day-before-birthday gift {this year Husband got 2 water soaker pumpy things}. You also need to plan like a mad person. All bases need to be covered. Here's all the stuff you need to plan for:

1. Day-before-birthday dinner {waffle bar, baked potato bar, etc}
2. Day-before-birthday gift {super soakers, Lego, birthday boy badge}
3. Birthday presents {bread maker, DVD's, books, musical instruments}
4. Birthday breakfast {pumpkin and pecan bread {in shape of cake} and pancakes}
5. Birthday lunch {"throw back" special to our Lonestar days, usually something short and sweet which was then changed to lunch out while we were shopping which then meant we were too full for my planned dinner so we had lunch for dinner}
6. Birthday activities {last year we had a "nerdfest" with the Back to the Future movies. The year I was pregnant with Bailey I planned an entire garden shopping day with Husband complete with outfits for he and I, a guide book and rest stops}
7. Birthday dinner {this year we did ribs and mac and cheese the next day and had our above mentioned lunch for dinner. So Husband's birthday celebrations spanned 3 days instead}
8. Birthday cake {this year was a lightsaber cake and the year before was a Pacman one. In previous years I've had Star Wars themed cookie cakes made professionally}
9. Birthday dessert if cake is not dessert {cake is usually dessert unless it's my birthday in which case cake is not dessert and dessert is dinner}

And that's how you have a birthday like a Gaff.

Fun it is. 


gift guide: what's under the tree for b.

Here are some of the presents that are under the tree for Bailey. Obviously, this is nowhere near all of her presents {if it were I'd be worried for my health} but they are some of my favourites that I think work well for a wide variety of kids {and you can just swap colours of things like the pj's and tumbler to swap genders if you feel the need}. I'm not the biggest stickler for age rules so some of these are for ages older than Bailey's current age of 2 and a half but they don't really contain small pieces and are more versatile for her to grow with. Here are my selections.

1. Doc McStuffins Doll - for the fan of the show
2. Fisher Price Little-People Happy Sounds Home - a little doll house just to get them started
3. Bobble Art Butterfly Tumbler - this isn't the exact one I got Bailey as that one is no longer available
4. Mr. Potato Head Classic Container - again, not the exact same as the one I got Bailey but similar enough
5. Cotton On Kids Rib Tank and Autumn Boxer - which she will be gifted on Christmas Eve
6. Curious George A Very Monkey Christmas - I actually found a 3 pack of Curious George movies with this Christmas one included but I wasn't unable to find it online
7. Sand and Water Table - perfect for an outside kid who loves playing with sand and water
8. Kawasaki Audio Pro Keyboard - just a cute little keyboard, perfect for the budding music fan


friday five: from instagram

Some weeks are light and leisurely whilst others are jam packed with activities. While I usually try and space things out so Bailey's days aren't too jam packed and so we get some relaxation and deep cleaning in this week ended up being the latter. Research for last weeks Friday Five post {and this one} made me crave a trip to Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn/PB Kids and West Elm {they're all connected} in Bondi Junction. I'm pretty sure one of the first things I said to Husband when he came home was "we need to go to Williams-Sonoma for new mugs" {and to be honest his response still stings a little "do we really need new mugs?" pssh, Husbands!} 

So we went and added on a trip to the beach for Bailey {her first time} to make the hour + trip a little more worth it. We were out for the entire day, throw in a mammoth food shopping trip, cleaning for the entire following day {unpacking is all done and the boxes are gone}, friend visits, swimming lessons, baking and more baking, a special day before birthday dinner for Husband {a waffle bar}, kindy for Bailey, a birthday for Husband and a kindy Christmas party for all 3 of us. I'm kind of tired. I didn't include any pictures from Husband's day before birthday and actual birthday because I'll be doing a special post on how I prepare for such occasions {hint: obsessively}.

1. Bailey's bedtime. Of course, she's nowhere near ready to close her eyes and drift off. I love my family.
2. Road-trip to Bondi breakfast. Christmas donuts from Krispy Kreme - it's a new tradition for this time of year. They were fresh {we got in around 8.30 am} and delicious.
3. Some of our Williams-Sonoma goodies. I got these mugs in L, J and two G's {for Gaff}, this pumpkin pecan bread mix, hot chocolate mix {they were all out of the peppermint} and peppermint marshmallows. Husband also picked up some coffee beans and a pancake mix.
4. While we were in Bondi Junction we picked up this inflatable pool for Bailey. It's just a paddling pool but it's a lot easier to handle then the large pool she got for her 1st Christmas and a lot more fun to her to play with.
5. Some of our baking goodies. Peppa Peg Muddy Puddle cookies. These were actually quite tricky to make in this heat but they turned out wonderfully. Bailey refused to eat any with the Peppa/George things on them. 



When it comes to Husband and his age we tend to swap the numbers around. That's how it goes in this family. Well, just for him anyway. Today he's 28 which really means he's 82. Or something. This comes from when we were in the first years of dating and someone asked him how old I was and he said "19" {because I was} and then they said he was "robbing the cradle" because they thought he was 30. This memory always makes me laugh because aside from his rapidly receding hairline {poor man} and his grey flecks of hair {both of which he insists he inherited from his mum} he doesn't look very old at all.

Let me tell you some things about this man named Husband {or Husby/Husbacles when I really want to annoy him which never actually annoys him because he loves me and finds me endearing - weird guy}:

^He's one of the only people I know that follows the same football team as me and that's how we first became friends 9 years ago. As an aside, when I was a kid I thought you couldn't marry someone if they followed a different football team.
^He loves Star Wars and Star Trek and Lord of the Rings and all those really nerdy things and he's never ashamed of it.
^If you ask him to make a decision about something, like what he wants to do, he'll rattle off a few things and then when he runs out of ideas he'll say "Nintendo" {because he really wants a Nintendo 64 and apparently one of his greatest regrets in life is not picking his 64 up from his Dad's house before his dad threw it out}.
^He's really quite sensitive and believes very much in love.
^Though he hasn't quite gotten the hang of this whole marriage and not keeping things from your partner even if the truth will hurt them thing.
^He loves his family more than anything and if he had a choice of going out after work or coming right home he'd pick the latter because he has the most fun with his wife and kid.
^Last week he told me that he finally made it to the moon on Kerbal Space Program but that he was now stranded because he forget to make sure he had enough fuel to get back to Earth.

And that is my Husband.

Happy 28th Birthday Husby.


gift guide: prefect stocking fillers for a lark

Lark has quickly become one of my favourite stores for quirky one-of-a-kind gifts for the people I love. I made an order on their online store a few months ago to fill the stockings of Husband and Bailey {some of which I featured here}. Lark is more than a quirky stocking filler store {they have gorgeous homewears} but I wanted to highlight some perfect {albeit maybe a tad random} stocking fillers to purchase for different people in your life.

1. Pirate Sword Wooden Ruler - this is one thing I ordered for Bailey. She loves the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates and has a fascination with other pirates too. I wanted to get her something that wasn't too sword-y because I wasn't sure how I'd feel about her having one and this was perfect since she can use it as a ruler too.
2. Doily Pattern Tube of Pencils - I think this is a sweet way to dress up coloured pencils and make them a more exciting gift whether it's for a kid or an adult who loves to colour and draw. 
3. I Love You Cookie Stamp - this is a gift that I'd adore because I love baking and I love give everything I bake a personalised touch.
4. Butter Popcorn Jelly Beans - an interesting flavour, a little bit more special than regular jelly beans.
5. Traditional Wooden Solider Skittles - I'm always drawn to toys that have a vintage feel/vibe and I think things like these make wonderful gifts because it's not likely to be something they already have.
6. Make Your Own Wind Up Vintage Red Racing Car - I'd get this for Husband because he'd love the make-your-own aspect and it would be something he could do with Bailey.
7. Kester Black Nail Polish {Supernova} - I think nail polish is always a good stocking filler and a colour like this makes it perfect for the festive season {though I wouldn't say no to it any other time of year either}.
8. Traditional Wooden Skipping Rope - I'd actually love something like this for myself. Love the vintage feel/vibe like as described above.
9. Retro Hair Bobbles - I got a few of these in various colours for Bailey. I think they're adorable and the red is perfect for Christmas.
10. Matchbox Trivia Games - I adore little games like these, especially when they involve trivia. Husband and I always like to spend Christmas evening after Bailey is asleep playing games, this would be perfect for someone who loves similar.

this plus that: for a dry, flaky nose

Last week I had a cold. No big deal, just annoying. The kind that made me feel blegh and made my skin dry out, my hair become less shiny and my nose flake from all that darn blowing. This is how my body is when sick and the thing I despise the most is the nose flaking because it can't be faked into looking normal.

This is where these two products come in. Usually I'll just slather myself in rosehip oil {this one from Trilogy is my favourite} and let it be because nothing else worked. Then, last week, after a pamper shower {scrub, cleanse, etc} I slathered on this face mask from Models Prefer. It's not my favourite hydrating face mask because I can only manage to leave it on for 5 minutes before it starts to irritate my skin {I like to leave my masks on for 30 minutes or more} but it was the only hydrating one I had on hand.

When I dried off my face after splashing it with cold water I noticed that my nose was free from flakiness. I was a little bit shocked to be honest because this mask has never done anything that great but now! now, it has firmly cemented itself in my favourites.

I finished off with my rosehip oil for some extra moisture and then I finally felt a bit more human and a bit less sickly. Though, in the interest of full disclosure: my nose is still dry to the touch but the flaky skin has gone which as much as I can ask for when I'm still blowing my nose every 10 minutes.


how-to: the perfect lunchbox

Before I start I just want to let you know that I am the type of girl {woman/lady?} who finds joy in making the perfect lunchbox for her kid to take to kindy. Now we've got that out of the way, here are my steps to making the perfect lunchbox for the kid or the kid-like adult.

Step 1: get a Bento. It's as simple as that.
I recently got my hands {finally!} on the pink Spencer Bento from Pottery Barn Kids for Bailey and it was the best purchase I ever made {I waited for months for the pink to become available. I'm not sure why. I could have easily gotten her the blue because I'm not into gender specific colours/toys/clothes etc but gosh darn it I just wanted the pink}. The dividers and the large size are what sets this Bento apart from the rest.

Step 2: most people have regular sized cookie cutters and while those come in handy {as you will see below} the cutters I use the most are the miniature ones you see here. These are perfect for cutting shapes in cheese, cucumber, carrots, deli meats, sandwiches, etc.

Step 3: get some silicone cupcake cups. Then don't use them for baking. I like to use these for foods like corn, yogurt buttons, dried fruits, etc. They're perfect for adding decoration and creating dividers in one compartment. 

Step 4: when you can, make a theme and have fun with it. The picture above is of a piece of a banana bread that I cut into a ghost shape and created a face for using an edible decorative glitter icing pen for Bailey's Halloween lunchbox this year. Below are some other goodies from the same theme.

And those, dear friends are my tips on how to create the perfect lunchbox if you are that way inclined. And now some more inspiration, just because.

For future reference, I usually post pictures of Bailey's lunchbox on Instagram. You can find me here


gift guide: the baker

I am pretty obsessed with baking. It feels weird for me to admit that I even enjoy the baking process over the eating of the goodies. Anything with chocolate is usually my specialty and I don't tend to go too out of my comfort zone. I don't fear failure with many things in life {marriage and parenting aside}, it seems like a pretty natural part of life to me, however, when it comes to baking I tend to have irrational fears of failing. If anyone were to hate something I baked I'd quite possibly cry. Still, these fears don't stop the love. In fact, they probably spur it on even more and I find myself scouring stores and online shops for baking accessories to help me hone my craft.

I've selected a mix of baking tools that I'd love to add to my collection and call my own in the hopes the baker in your life will love them too. They're all from Williams-Sonoma, my current baking wonderland. Enjoy.


christmas traditions

When I started my own family making traditions for holidays, especially Christmas, was one of my first steps in making the holidays ours. Traditions are important to me because they provide some structure during a busy time and they also make holidays that little bit more special. I wanted to share some of our Christmas traditions with you all. If you're in search of some for your own family maybe some of these will inspire.


friday five

This week I'm all about Christmas {though to be truly honest, I've been all about Christmas for a month now}. Williams-Sonoma has come out with a range of lust-worthy Christmas goodies at really reasonable prices, all of which have made me want to take a drive down to Bondi Junction to visit their store.

^as an aside, moving is completed and we now have our Internet back up and running and I feel like I'm back better than ever.