a new hair favourite

I'm not big on hair products so you should know that if I'm raving about something it's for a good reason. 

My hair is thin and fine and is kind of kinky and very frizzy. The last two hair points have been somewhat negated by this hair duo but I've always needed something a little extra to put the finishing touches on the as perfect as my hair can get look I've been searching for. This is it. I received it as a sample in the mail from Priceline. My first instinct was to chuck it on the floor and hope it would get picked up along the way. Then Bailey decided to play with it. Husband gave it back to me {does he not know I detest hair samples?} and last night after I washed my hair I decided to give it a go and, boy, am I glad I did.

The Elvive Extraordinary Oil {I just now realised that extraordinary is extra ordinary} is touted as a "5-in-1 miracle hair perfector" and is suitable for all hair types. The latter claim made me dubious. Since my hair is so fine products tend to weigh it down and give it a greasy-haven't-washed-in-100-years-look. This oil did what so many products have failed to do. My hair is fluffy {in the best "full" way}, smooth and silky. Seriously can not stop touching it.

Here are the 5 claims:
1. Glowing shine - tick
2. Feels nourished - tick, I guess. I'm not really sure how hair can feel nourished as my hair has never felt malnourished
3. Silky soft touch - tick, see above as to the can't stop touching phenomenon
4. Sumptuously smooth - tick {isn't that the same as "silky soft touch" though?}
5. Looks perfected - tick 

The Extraordinary Oil has a blend of 6 flower extracts. The ingredients also tell me that it has coconut oil in it too which is an added bonus. It's non-greasy {true} and all you need to do is rub a few drops {I did 3} between the palms of your hands and apply evenly through the lengths and ends of wet or dry hair {I did wet}.

You can use it before shampoo, as a masque for a conditioning treat, before styling to protect hair and as a finishing touch for shine. 

When my sample runs out I'll be running out {ok that's a lie, I don't actually run in public} to pick this little multi-tasker/miracle worker up.  

The oil comes in a 100ml pump bottle and can be purchased from Priceline for $19.99

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