on the move ^^^

7 months after moving to the place we're in now we're moving again. This is what happens when your landlord misleads you into signing a lease on a property he wants to sell which he ends up not selling so the bank sends letters of late payments and he still does nothing so then lawyers get involved and you then get told your one year lease means nothing upon repossession and you'll have to be out four days after Christmas.

We've been looking for ages and finally we found something. We move this week, just in time for December to start and our Christmas preparations {decorating, etc} to begin.

Excuse any prolonged absences. Internet connection and all that jazz. 


fossil interchangeables

You should know by now that I'm a huge Fossil fan. Actually, I'm a huge watch fan in general and whenever I crave a new watch Fossil is my first stop {followed closely by Shopbop for their Michael Kors}. I often find myself browsing their online store just because and always find something lust worthy. Today was no exception - Fossil now has interchangeable watches which is perfect for someone like me. I am often fickle. Anyway, behold.

I've shown all the faces they offer but the bands come in a wider range all priced from $29-$39.

My only dilemma?

I kind of really want them all.


gift guide: books of the random kind

Christmas is almost here. Excited doesn't even begin to cut it. My Christmas shopping has been done for months now but I've learnt that most people don't start shopping until December begins so I figured today was a perfect day to start some gift guides. First up, some books of the random kind {Husband is a fan and I love to buy them for him}.

Interested in other gift guides?


an in-shower must have

Sometimes I can be as lazy as they come. At the start of the day my shower is rushed and at the end of the day I'm usually straight out of the shower and into bed so I often forget or can't be bothered moisturising my body. Obviously, both situations aren't ideal and while my skin has always been soft and relatively smooth it has lacked in moisture. 

This is where a product like the Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion Skin Conditioner is a skin saver. 

As the name suggests you use it in the shower after cleansing your skin. Rub it in {I use it all over}, let it absorb and then rinse off. Dry off when you get out of the shower and then you can get dressed immediately.

It's quick, easy and effective. It doesn't take ages to absorb and doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the skin.

The new range of body lotions are activated by water and work immediately. 

This is definitely one of my mumma beauty essentials. A wonderful must have. 


beauty wishlist

There's never been any denying that I'm a consumer. I love to shop. I'm always craving items {in case you couldn't tell}. While I constantly lust after dresses, bags {currently satchels}, flats and watches {from Michael Kors to Asos} my most lusted items come in the form of beauty supplies. I'm always on the lookout for things that are going to perfect my look but not change my appearance too much. With that in mind I wanted to share my current beauty wishlist.

FIVE. There's rumours of a Naked 3 palette {which I posted on Instagram here}. If they're true and this is it then I want it bad. 



For months I have been on the hunt for a pair of cat flats that haven't already started to collect dust/dirt in the shop and don't look cheap but also aren't too expensive. Let me tell you it hasn't been easy. If money was no option Charlotte Olympia would have been the ideal but I've never been able to justify the price tag.

I came across these cat flats from Daily Look the other day. At $29.99 they're reasonably priced {so much so that I could collect them all} but I'm somewhat dubious because I can't see or feel them and I've never shopped at Daily Look before. So the search continues... maybe?


sometimes kids shows ain't so bad

Kids shows can be really weird sometimes. I remember walking into the lounge room only to find Bailey was watching a show where a nurse was teaching kids about poop with dog food in a piping bag. The hole in the piping bag was the... well, you get the idea. I also find kids shows a bit insipid. So much learning/inserting random things to teach kids. Everywhere. Then there's stuff like Nina and the Neurons and Pop Shop that make no sense. I miss Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys.

Of course, some shows are okay. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is fine in small doses {though after a while you kind of want to shout at Daisy to stop being such a tease and Donald to stop being such a selfish ass}, Doc McStuffins is kind of cool. Sofia the First is my favourite but Bailey doesn't like it so I usually watch it alone {I'm a Disney princess fan}. Peppa Pig is somewhat funny but, gosh, sometimes you wish her parents would tell her to stop being such a brat {and attention to Peppa you have a big tummy too}.

It's usually slim pickings so most days I'm longing for some of the shows I grew up on even though their educational aspects are small. And then some times you happen upon something so awesome {though this is technically not a show} that makes everything seem that much more enjoyable.


friday five: tv {again}

Hey, let's do another post on TV shows because I haven't done enough already {yes I have}. What can I say? I'm addicted and sometimes {read: all the time} it's nice to lie in bed after Bailey is asleep and let my mind go blank and watch some shows {I could say "yo" right now but I won't}. Anyway, here's 5 shows I've been gulping down lately. Happy Friday.

Bones - I have watched/continue to watch the newest episodes but I wanted to start from the beginning. Good show. Think Brennan is kind of really bluntly awesome. Don't know why they don't just kiss already. Currently on season 3 {image source}
The Originals - I watch The Vampire Diaries, thought the cross over episode to this was interesting enough and there you have it. Kind of love vampires if it's done well {attention Twilight you were not done well} - {image source}
American Horror Story: Coven - I think Ryan Murphy is a genius. I watched the first AHS {loved}, couldn't finish the second and decided to give this a go {decidedly less gore than number 2}. Jessica Lange is amazing as usual. Kathy Bates is freaky ala Misery only weirder {image source}
The Blacklist - James Spader plays a criminal really well while still reminding me of his character on Boston Legal. I kind of think he's Keen's dad {image source}
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland - I'm a huge fan of OUAT so this was a natural progression. This features Wonderland characters {John Lithgow plays the White Rabbit} as well as characters from Aladdin {Jafar and Genie}. Love the creators take {image source}


a new hair favourite

I'm not big on hair products so you should know that if I'm raving about something it's for a good reason. 

My hair is thin and fine and is kind of kinky and very frizzy. The last two hair points have been somewhat negated by this hair duo but I've always needed something a little extra to put the finishing touches on the as perfect as my hair can get look I've been searching for. This is it. I received it as a sample in the mail from Priceline. My first instinct was to chuck it on the floor and hope it would get picked up along the way. Then Bailey decided to play with it. Husband gave it back to me {does he not know I detest hair samples?} and last night after I washed my hair I decided to give it a go and, boy, am I glad I did.

The Elvive Extraordinary Oil {I just now realised that extraordinary is extra ordinary} is touted as a "5-in-1 miracle hair perfector" and is suitable for all hair types. The latter claim made me dubious. Since my hair is so fine products tend to weigh it down and give it a greasy-haven't-washed-in-100-years-look. This oil did what so many products have failed to do. My hair is fluffy {in the best "full" way}, smooth and silky. Seriously can not stop touching it.

Here are the 5 claims:
1. Glowing shine - tick
2. Feels nourished - tick, I guess. I'm not really sure how hair can feel nourished as my hair has never felt malnourished
3. Silky soft touch - tick, see above as to the can't stop touching phenomenon
4. Sumptuously smooth - tick {isn't that the same as "silky soft touch" though?}
5. Looks perfected - tick 

The Extraordinary Oil has a blend of 6 flower extracts. The ingredients also tell me that it has coconut oil in it too which is an added bonus. It's non-greasy {true} and all you need to do is rub a few drops {I did 3} between the palms of your hands and apply evenly through the lengths and ends of wet or dry hair {I did wet}.

You can use it before shampoo, as a masque for a conditioning treat, before styling to protect hair and as a finishing touch for shine. 

When my sample runs out I'll be running out {ok that's a lie, I don't actually run in public} to pick this little multi-tasker/miracle worker up.  

The oil comes in a 100ml pump bottle and can be purchased from Priceline for $19.99


in my head

I have to say, being in my life has to suck sometimes. I am that annoying person who is constantly in their head so much so that I have trouble sleeping. When I'm sick, as I have been for the last few weeks, I am very much that person who cries because they feel guilty for being sick so much. I feel like a terrible mother and a terrible wife. I want to be that sick person who just sucks it up and does their thing and still recovers in the normal amount of time. I want to be the person who doesn't have lower back pain that makes me feel like I'm in the mid stages of labour again. I want so many things and when it comes to my health I want to be someone else entirely.

Today I got up and felt sick. I wanted to go back to bed. I wanted to feel better but more than both of those things I wanted to spend time with Bailey and be the team we used to be before I got in my head. Husband went to work. Bailey bounced on my stomach which was perfect for the constant nausea. An hour into the day I wanted to cry and crawl back into bed and then this happened.

Bailey came over to the couch with her "bug" {ladybug pillow} and laid down next to me. We cuddled, watched some reality TV and then her breathing steadied and her hand went floppy and I kissed the top of her head and got her re-comfy on one side of the couch while I shuffled to the other and my world felt right again.

When I'm feeling well and life is going good the thoughts in my head stop swirling and I can be calm and 100% all about my family. But when life isn't going so well the swirling is at warped speed and my stress levels rocket and my body breaks down I have trouble coping.

This, today, is exactly what I needed.


halloween with bailey

Halloween isn't all that big in Australia. We as a family don't go trick or treating but the stores have slowly become inundated with Halloween paraphernalia over the years. People are getting into it more and more. Bailey's kindy had a dress up day, etc, etc. Still, whenever I see shops laden with Halloween stuff {though still always being threatened with engulfment by Christmas things} I hear Regina George in my head saying "stop trying to make fetch happen" and then I quickly tell my mind that it meant Halloween not fetch. But me being me, I'm never one to shy away from an occasion where I can buy Bailey presents and an outfit to go along with the day. So here's how we celebrated Halloween in our own special way.

Bailey dressed up as B1 from Bananas in Pyjamas.
I would have much preferred her as R2-D2 or Yoda but we had to go with something that was warm weather appropriate.
She looks so sad. She wasn't having the going to Kindy thing.

I think she looks pretty awesome {but hey! let's ignore the backdrop. It was hard enough to get her to stand for a photo}. Let's not discuss how long it took to find yellow shoes {hours! and by that time her feet smelt like cheese. The poor lady who had to fit her for a pair}.

Food! The kindy lunchboxes-
Ghost banana bread
Black cat treats {a.k.a dried cranberries - looks more like cat poop if I'm being honest}
"boo" biscuit

Witches fingers {frankfurts and puff pastry with mustard nails - these look disgusting, though that's kind of the point, but are actually quite yummy}
Witches broomsticks {pretzel sticks, cheese and chives}

I think people at her Kindy think I'm that crazy lunchbox lady. I think I'm ok with that.

And here's what she woke up to on Halloween morning

Treat bag full of Halloween candy: chocolates, lollies, lollipops and maybe a white chocolate ghost pop that she ate for breakfast, Dora DVD {in this family you have to have a themed DVD {or book} and a musical bear/bat thing that plays the Addams Family tune. She also got some Halloween "punch" balloons.

Halloween is really starting to grow on me.


benefit countdown to love: advent calendar

Christmas is less than 8 weeks away.

I have all the presents, all the wrappings and all the decorations sorted. The only things left to do are purchase the stocking filler candy and get our advents and sometimes a Freddo Frog advent calendar is just not enough.

Sometimes, a girl just needs to spend $99 on a Benefit advent calendar full of gorgeous Benefit goodies. 

The Countdown to Love Advent has 24 mini goodies {including 3 accessories} and can be purchased from Adore Beauty: buy it here {with free shipping} or Myer: buy it here


friday five

This Friday I wanted to share five of my favourite songs in the entire world that may seem a bit un-Jaye like. Apparently, I do not come across as someone whose favourite singer is Meatloaf. I don't know why. Anyway, since I already wrote about my most favourite songs {see here} I thought I'd mention some of the others that always make me happy and have been on constant repeat since I was a kid {first four} or for a few years {last one}.

Living Next Door to Alice - Smokie {doesn't need any explanation in my opinion}
Sylvia's Mother - Dr. Hook {I adore the lyrics and the heartbreak}
Billy Don't Be A Hero - Paper Lace {this song always made me sad in the best possible way}
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep - Middle of the Road {I can't even begin to express why I love this song so much}
Baba O'Riley - The Who {I'm not usually one for long musical intros but, gosh, O'Riley gets me every time. It doesn't hurt that Husband says this song reminds him of me}

I also feel that I should mention I have been increasingly obsessed with Cher - especially this