friday five: a present roundup

Last Thursday, I turned 26. I had a relatively good day all things considered. To be honest, last week wasn't the best week. I was sick with a cold and a slight ear infection. I didn't want to celebrate my birthday without Minnie and I struggled through the day {Husband planned a great day - very me - but it was hard nonetheless and I was glad when it was over}. Husband's childhood dog passed away two days later and on the final day of the week Bailey got bitten by a white tail spider. Cue Sunday spent in the hospital emergency room.

Despite all that I wanted to dedicate this Friday Five to some of the birthday presents I received {don't worry Husband I'm not playing favourites. I loved them all} because they were all really awesome.

ONE. this pillow arm thingy that's made for sitting with and has been a dream for my back

 *I feel as though I should mention that I finally got a Breville Automatic Tea Maker and it is the best thing in the entire world. It's also really pretty. Also this cat watch- adorable.

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