oh bailey. silly bailey.

Bailey likes to eat toast. Except toast in Bailey means frozen bread. She eats the "toast" with butter and you need to check with her to see if the butter is spread properly {just like her mumma} and then she eats it with a fork.

Bailey likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD's {and I don't mind because she learns from them and we're a TV kind of family} and she knows some of the parts so well that she shouts "ball" or "plane" before it comes on the TV and she laughs at Goofy being Goofy and Donald being Donald. Her favourite character is Pete. She likes an underdog.

Bailey wears my clothes to bed. She puts on her sleep nappy and then she says "mumma clothes" and then we pick out something of mine and she's happy. The other day she wore an owl pj singlet top and socks and she was so excited.

Bailey is currently mixing her "toast" on the TV unit using a microwave jug, a mixing bowl, a strainer, her Bailey name bowl and a fork.

She just put the strainer on her head.

Bailey is really quite polite. She says "please" and "thanks" except when she says please she also says your {always positive} answer before you have a chance to speak.

"please!... alright!"

This is Bailey age 2 years 4 months and 21 days


my best friend

Just so you know this post isn't about my Husband.

Or Bailey.

Or any living thing really.

But it does have a name.

It's Bob and he's amazing.

Bob is a HoMedics Ultimate Compression Foot & Calf Massager and he does everything his technical name suggests. He's quite expensive {$269 from Harvey Norman} but he's worth it {and to be honest I'd have paid much more}.

The HoMedics Massager has a range of different approaches to choose from, with different programs and a tilt bar. Bob works with two different types of massage - compression as well as rolling and pulsating for feet. He's designed to help your muscles relax.

For me, Bob helps minimise my slipped disc and sciatica pain. I don't know why but as soon as I feel my feet start to tear in the arch area and ache or my big toe {formerly known as broken} starts to throb I know I need to sit with Bob for a good 30 minutes and let him compress and vibrate my pain away. In fact, I'm doing it right now after a long day of Halloween costume shopping for Bailey to wear to Kindy on Thursday.

I feel relief.

I feel less anxious.

I can walk without pain in my arch.

I know I'll wake up tomorrow in little to no pain.

So, that's why Bob is my best friend.


my precious

Owning anything Chanel related is a big deal for me - beauty and fashion wise. It's just one of those brands I've always lusted after. One of my favourite products is something I picked up in July {shown here}, Mouche De Beauté Illuminating Powder. 

If you're scared looking at it, don't worry I was too. I initially thought gold was a weird colour for an illuminator. I'm used to champagne and pinky tones and this frightened me. The colour on my finger and in the product is the true colour {and a fabulous patted-on eye shadow colour} but it is easily blendable.

Now, I know the product looks barely there when blended. Was my camera off? No, this is just how it goes. Obviously, I didn't blend as much as I would on my cheeks/cheekbones but you get the idea. It's sheer whilst still being noticeable and it provides a gorgeous illumination to whichever areas you choose. My most preferred spots are my cheekbones and cupids bow.

Lastly, I know this product was limited edition. This post might seem weird for that reason but I wanted to show the product off for a few reasons, mostly because there will always be products like this out there {illuminators are important people!} and also because I wanted to show how gorgeous a gold toned illuminator can be.

And P.S. I've written before about shying away from products that are too pretty {here and here} but the design on this powder has lasted a good few months so if you want something pretty but are wary I'd give Chanel a go.


friday five: priceline

I'm a big Priceline fan. If you live in Australia you'll know it's kind of all we've got in terms of a one stop shop for low-to-mid end beauty products and it's a mecca for the beauty lover. I'm constantly avoiding Priceline because it's ridiculously addictive. I can not go in for one thing and leave with one thing. It's more of a $200 later kind of thing, me and Priceline. In the past few months I think Priceline has really stepped up their game, particularly with adorable palettes and gift sets. Here's what I'm loving from them lately

ONE. Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Cosmetic Tin {a good Too Faced dupe}

I think any, or all, of these 5 would make perfect gifts {handy with Christmas coming up}. I'd love to see them all under the tree but in the interest of not being greedy items one and four are the ones I crave the most.


vanity worthy

I keep the majority of my products hidden out of sight. I like my makeup to be out of direct sunlight and nowhere near en-suite shower steam and I like my brushes and blenders to be hidden from dust. The products I do keep out are my on-top of vanity essentials that I need to reach for on a daily/weekly basis that I may forget otherwise {I'm now reminded that I really should keep my night and eye cream out here too}. Here's what I deem vanity worthy for the current moment.

1. Edward Beale Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment - use on wet hair after washing, focus on ends
2. Institut Esthederm Osmoclean Hydra-Fresh Lotion - this is a toner. Used in the morning after cleansing with a cotton pad on a dry face {very hydrating - I currently use this in place of a moisturiser in the warmer weather}
3. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion - used as a spot treatment with a cotton tip on blemishes right before bed 
4. Vitamin C Energising Facial Spritz - used in the morning after item two to add extra hydration and some much needed vitamin c
5. Mario Badescu Drying Cream - used on blemishes during the day, rubs in clear and can be worn under make up

*the little bowl holding my 3 rings {engagement, wedding and eternity} sits by all the products because I usually forget to wear them so I need them upfront. I'm not the biggest ring person, just so you know.


it's getting hairy & oh so scary

I'm growing out my eyebrows.
It's taken me 4 years to get to the point of pure bravery.
And here I am.

This ARTDECO Eye Brow Filler is the only thing that is helping during this difficult time {please send all flowers and gifts directly to my bedroom}. It is also the only thing that has made me not reach for the tweezers during the past few months {also, I lost my good tweezers but that's neither here nor there}.

It's easy and helps the stray, still growing, hairs look more uniform with my brows.


sink worthy

all my bathroom sink essentials*

^Mario Badescu Silver Powder - for my nose and chin
^Institut Esthederm Osmoclean Hydra-Replenishing Cleansing Milk  - used morning {with Larry} and night {without Larry}
^Lush Dark Angels - used once a week
^Lush Mint Julips - used daily/every second day on damp lips

*Larry, sadly, is not pictured. Despite his brilliance he is quite notoriously camera shy. Forgive him this one. 


friday five: a present roundup

Last Thursday, I turned 26. I had a relatively good day all things considered. To be honest, last week wasn't the best week. I was sick with a cold and a slight ear infection. I didn't want to celebrate my birthday without Minnie and I struggled through the day {Husband planned a great day - very me - but it was hard nonetheless and I was glad when it was over}. Husband's childhood dog passed away two days later and on the final day of the week Bailey got bitten by a white tail spider. Cue Sunday spent in the hospital emergency room.

Despite all that I wanted to dedicate this Friday Five to some of the birthday presents I received {don't worry Husband I'm not playing favourites. I loved them all} because they were all really awesome.

ONE. this pillow arm thingy that's made for sitting with and has been a dream for my back

 *I feel as though I should mention that I finally got a Breville Automatic Tea Maker and it is the best thing in the entire world. It's also really pretty. Also this cat watch- adorable.



If you're now wondering just how much TV I watch you should know the answer is... a lot.

Currently powering through Suits season one.

Stumbled across because I was reading about Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams {who had a bit part on PLL to get Troian back - cute story, google it} and then came across this video and decided he was sweet. I then became curious about the series in which he stars and that's how Suits and I came to be.

Little crush on Harvey Specter {a.k.a Gabriel Macht}. I mean...


too pretty, such a pity

Yesterday, I mentioned that I tend to shy away from products that are too pretty {especially ones that feature a pattern/picture on the products itself} because I never use them and if I do it makes me really sad when the pattern/picture fades {which it invariably does}. However, in one of my regular make up browsing sessions I happened upon this gorgeous palette which I may have to break down my wall of rules for and purchase. Because how could you not?

The product comes from Chantecaille and is aptly titled the Wild Horses Palette.

The limited edition palette is inspired by colours seen on the Fall 2013 runways and features three silky shadows: Palomino {a soft, creamy beige}, Mustang {a warm chestnut brown} and Black Stallion {a midnight black liner with some shimmer} as well as a Freedom Cheek Shade {a sunset pink}.

I think this palette would be the perfect gift {perhaps for Christmas?} for someone special. As an added bonus, a percentage of proceeds of every palette sold will be donated to The Human Society of the United States to help keep wild horses free to roam. It's also Paraben-free.


oh honey, you're adorable

Cuteness isn't something I usually look for in products. For one, you rarely happen on products meant for adults that can be described as cute or adorable {or even pretty}. For a second, when you do the products are usually hard to use - meaning, they usually feature a pattern on them {make up product wise} that after the first swipe will gradually fade rendering the user sad. As a rule, I generally shy away from products like these because they never see the light of day and, well, that's a shame.

The other day I happened upon 2 products {in the same family} that fit the description of cute/adorable/pretty but had the added bonus of something I'd be able to use. Behold.

How gorgeous is the packaging?



Who ever thought this would ever appear on my must-read/currently reading list? Not me, that's for sure but Bilbo had me hooked from my first viewing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey {unlike his douche of a cousin* Frodo in the LOTR trilogy} and after little insistence by Husband I set upon my own journey... to read this.

Haven't finished it.


But I'm getting there.

It's actually quite good.

*it is a common misconception that Bilbo and Frodo are uncle/nephew. It is referenced directly in The Fellowship of the Ring in the first chapter that they are cousins. Also, the family tree in the appendices shows Bilbo as an only child.

"But he (Bilbo) had no close friends, until some of his younger cousins began to grow up. The eldest of these, and Bilbo's favourite, was young Frodo Baggins" - A Long Expected Party, The Fellowship of the Ring.


friday five: games

I'm a board game kind of person. Love them. We have a Christmas tradition of having one {or more} board games under the tree that are either given as Christmas Eve or Christmas presents. Around Christmas time especially Husband and I can be found playing board games, sipping hot chocolate and slowly turning grey. Here are my five picks {all of which I crave}.

ONE. Logo Board Game - The Best of TV & Movies {trivia/guessing games like these are always my favourite. Husband got the original Logo Game for Christmas Eve last year and we love it.}
TWO. Boggle {love word games}
THREE. Operation - Star Wars Edition {a re-vamped version of a childhood favourite featuring an adulthood favourite}
FOUR. Jenga Tetris {games with this level of concentration make me itchy but I want it anyway}
FIVE. The Game Of Scattergories {I've never actually played this game but it looks challenging/interesting}

P.S. this is a must watch for lip-sync off fans


a birthday card from chanel

On Tuesday I'd had one of those days that were fun but horrible at the same time. I was out with Bailey at a play land. We both had fun and, yet, this ear infection kept getting the better of me and I returned home sullen and cross. Not long after I had pulled on some comfy Peter Alexander pj's and slumped into bed, Husband came upstairs and into our room with an envelope bearing CHANEL in black capitals.

"I hope it's a birthday card!" Husband squealed excitedly {he didn't actually squeal but he did seem oddly excited and anticipatory of this being a birthday card. Why I wonder?}.

And guess what? It was {I know I am being ridiculous about this and the fact that I got so proud about the card probably means that I should never shop at Chanel again}. But, gosh, I was in such a bad mood and the gorgeousness of the detail in the card made me happy. What can I say? I'm easy to please {I actually, really am. Just ask Husband}.

Like I said gorgeous...

The back reads: "Chanel wishes you a wonderful birthday" {which, it seems, made me even happier because I wish people a wonderful birthday all the time. Also, the flowers match the flower pattern on my Chanel wallet. I'm a loser. I know. Don't even look at me}.

I must say, this was almost as exciting as all those times when I was a kid and received a birthday card from the Bombers {we were members} and I really actually thought that my favourite Bombers player {can't remember who it would have been back then but it definitely wasn't* Darren Bewick or Gavin Wanganeen that's for sure} had written me the card themselves. Don't worry, I know Coco Chanel didn't send this herself**.

*They both were actually my favourite players at one point. Darren Bewick was my first but he quickly soured because I had a photo scheduled with him {that I had to book and had my name down for!} that he never turned up for. Guess where he was? Sleeping! Blasphemy! So, I had to settle for Gavin Wanganeen who was my sister's choice. Now, I'd never really liked Gavin {I like to think now I always knew} but I took a photo with him anyway and he was so nice that Darren-who? quickly became a thing of the past. But then guess what happened? Gavin what's-his-name went to play for Port Adelaide even though I distinctly remember him promising he'd never leave the Bombers. Humph. Now, don't even get me started on bloody Angus Monfries.

**Or do I?


conversations with bailey

If you've ever been around a toddler you'll know - they say the cutest/weirdest things. Bailey is no exception. So, welcome to a new series: conversations with Bailey. Fascinating stuff, right? Not to anyone but me? Who are you kidding? I know you live for this stuff. You live for this stuff I tell you!

In part one I will regal you with a bunch of words Bailey says whenever Husband is at work.

"daddy! oh, daddy. missing. silly daddy."

a few things you should know:

^Bailey has the most adorably sweet and softly spoken voice in the entire world. Mummy bias does not exist in this fact.
^"oh, daddy" is always said in a very pitying voice, as if she feels sorry for the weird man that is her father.
^I might have taught her the word "missing". I think this might come back to bite me in the butt later on {just like how I taught her how to throw eggs and now - every day - she wants to throw and break eggs} but for now I'll enjoy the sweetness that is her saying the word.
^sometimes she says silly like this "seely". I love the mispronunciation of words. It really is one of the sweetest things.

* this picture was taken the day she started crawling at 5 months and 2 weeks old. This Elmo romper was like those jeans in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants - they fit from newborn to around 9-10 months old. The day the buttons wouldn't do up I cried for a good 10 minutes. 

my favourite eyeshadow

Let me introduce you to my favourite eye shadow... ever. Stila's Kitten.

Kitten is an award-winning/cult classic eye shadow but, to be quite honest, I never quite got the appeal of it until I purchased the In The Light palette and had the ability to use it everyday {I had previously only used it when I had my make up done at Mecca Cosmetica}. Once I had the opportunity to apply it on my own with other colours of my choosing I found complete and utter love and adoration with this product.

Kitten is a gorgeous champagne colour with a twist. It's a shimmery shadow that, to me, has a gorgeous rose-gold tone to it which, when blended, has a glowing sheen that bounces off the light. 

Kitten is heavily pigmented and although it may seem daunting in its packaging it's really not a scary product. It can be blended into almost transparency and while it seems heavy on the sheen I've never experienced heavy fallout {or any fallout at all for that matter} with this shadow.  

Also, look at the state of my palette - dirty, scratched and dented. All the signs of a good one.
This is Kitten smoothed out as much as I'd let it go. Here the rose-goldness that I see when I pat it onto my eye with little to no blending has almost disappeared, this is where you get the true champagne finish.

Now, I am a fan of both. Depends what mood I'm in. I will admit that I do tend to favour the "heavier" look with Kitten {which is not heavy in the weighing down of the eyelid or flaking sense} because I'm a huge fan of the rose-gold colour it gives me {I think my colouring might have a little bit to do with this though}. 

Kitten is buttery soft and has amazing staying power. For a base I always use a liquid concealer before adding Kitten. This, of course, assists in longevity. Most of the time I'll use Kitten as my base and will then add a brown {like Urban Decay's Naked} to my crease. However, I also use it alone on the eye or on the outer corner which I'll then blend into the outer v. I've also used {and quite adore} Kitten as a highlighter on my cheekbones and cupid's bow.

It's gorgeous. 

A cult-classic for a reason.

And find other Kitten products here, here and here

*You'll find that I mostly link to Beauty Bay to buy products because a) it's a store I love and b) it ships to a multitude of countries which is hard to find in a beauty website {in the first link on the page I did link to Stila's actual website, so there's that} so {I hope} it will be the most useful for you all.



^I actually have a very real {and highly ridiculous} fear of being watched by a duck and so does Bailey because sometimes she'll tell you she's scared and when you ask why she'll say "duck". So there's that.
^My favourite sentence in the world comes for Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and it's this: "The story had been picked over so many times, and had been embroidered in so many places, that nobody was quite sure what the truth was anymore". I can't even fully begin to describe why. I love writing like this and I think it sums up life pretty perfectly too. 
^I can fall pretty easily into a funk when I've been sick for endless amounts of time. What starts with slipped disc pain ends with something else completely ridiculous. This time it turns out to be an ear infection and I'm feeling frustrated and useless.
^This morning I woke from a dream about Minnie {nothing unusual there}. In this she hadn't been cremated. Instead we lived in a universe where dead bodies just preserved themselves naturally. So there she was, all wrapped in her blanket, seemingly sleeping, high above, somewhere safe, and the next minute she was on the ground, twitching in her sleep like she used to when she had a bad dream. We rushed her to the vet and they put her back together and she was back with us. Alive. I hate my mind. It seems to be focusing on hope and longing these days. It's ridiculous and I'm not sure if it beats the constant loop of the afternoon in my head or the dreams I have of people hunched over her body with forks. All I know is I miss her presence more with every passing day. I still can't bring myself to even go near her little footprint urn. One day. All the strength and power she gave me, the safety, the knowing love was worth it left with her. I really want it back. One day I'll be able to talk about why she meant so much but part of me isn't ready and the other part feels really guilty for putting so much pressure on her, for being my everything. Anyway, one day...


friday five

one. hand made personalised family scrabble art {may have ordered 2 of these for christmas presents for 2 little families}
two. this quote. so true.
four. stickygram phone cases {you use your favourite instagram photos to make these}

have an amazing weekend everyone