stalking kate spade

I am becoming increasingly obsessed with Kate Spade. So much so that I am convinced it's bordering on stalking. Though, please note that I am referring to the label and not the person because if I were it would be weird that I was announcing my illegal activities on such a public forum. Also, I live in Australia so it would be kind of weird to fly to America {or wherever the real Kate Spade {is she real?} lives} to stalk her. You know, I do have a child to look after but she has become a giant flurry of ridiculousness so I might consider it...

Anyway, here's what I'm currently craving from Kate Spade. And, gosh, I could have added a lot more, but I tried to be sensible {$600 bags are sensible didn't you know?}, because their stuff just fits me {bows, cute flats and accessories, polka dots - you get the drift}. Also, did you know my birthday is coming up? What a wonderful coincidence that I've thoughtfully compiled this list of goodies for you to buy me. Please, send all packages to my PO Box in The Shire c/o B. Baggins.

three. 'toast' flat
five. say yes mrs. stud earrings {perfect for a newly engaged or married friend}
eight. go taxi leather flats {if these are not the most necessary purchase you'll ever make I don't know what is}

*note: the Kate Spade website does not ship to Australia but you will find websites that sell Kate Spade like Shopbop, Nordstrom and Saks do {though not all products can be shipped}. Kate Spade does ship within the USA and to Canada {so lucky you!}