eye shadow for beginners

When you're starting out with make up eye shadow can be a daunting task. Base, crease, corner, highlight. When I first started out I was confused. In fact, I thought the crease should just be this one line of colour and I used an eyeliner brush to apply it {don't ask and, please, let's never mention it again}. Now I know better and I have fun with different eye shadow palettes but I'm always reminded of the times when I had no clue, especially when I see little palettes like these.

For an eye shadow beginner who gets confused when it comes to eye shadow layering these kinds of palettes are for you. They either list on the shadows or on the back of the packaging what to do or, as you can see on the Almay or Revlon, they have the eye shadows in the shape of the eye and the places where you would put them making it easy to apply until it becomes a second nature.

All of these are from Priceline and come in different colour varieties.

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