I'm currently on season two and loving it. 

I must confess that this is my second attempt of trying to watch the series. The first did not go well. I found it too simple and quiet but on this try I find I love those things.

Also, what's the deal with the haircut? Keri Russell looks gorgeous no matter what. I don't see the big deal. How can a haircut affect a show? Explain. 

edit {spoilers}: I've finished watching the series and I have to admit I'm disappointed. I'm very much the person who, when I've made an investment in a show, am very vocal and angry when the finale {or in Felicity's case the last few episodes} is lackluster {Dexter anyone?}. In the last few episodes Felicity managed to time travel and finally in the dying minutes of the finale wakes up from it and it's reasoned away with "you had a fever and were talking in your sleep" so it was just a dream. This doesn't seem that bad apart from the fact that we find out that she actually went back in time {also the fact that this stupid time travel concept lasted many episodes and, apparently, in all that time they couldn't fit in there somewhere that she warned one of her best friends about their fate}. I mean, ugh.

I know the show was meant to end at The Graduation episode {which I thought Scott Foley beautifully directed} and then they needed to add more episodes but time travel? Really? Was that necessary? Couldn't they have jumped to a few years in the future and shown them then? I just don't get it. Actually, I kind of get the concept behind it. Felicity needed to see what her life would be like if she'd chosen Noel {spoiler: Noel finally comes to his senses and realises he deserves a better life than one that's spent pining after a girl who picked a guy who she cheated on and, then, who cheated on her {for an entire month} and who also drinks too much, gets into fights for no reason, got someone pregnant and contemplated abandoning the child and all the other crap that Ben encompasses}. Do you want to know what happens if she chooses Noel? Julie comes back {and she's still mean}, Felicity ends up cheating on Noel with Ben while Noel re-contemplates a relationship with Hannah and Noel dies. Yep, Felicity. Lucky you really picked the guy who you can't stay faithful with/who can't stay faithful with you because if you didn't Noel would be dead. That makes sense.

My advice? If you want the show to end without a shark and a jump stop watching after The Graduation episode {yes, she still picks Ben but rest easy in the fact that Noel gets his happy ending while Felicity and Ben will probably spend their lives cheating on each other}.


friday five

This Friday I've compiled a list of things that I'm currently craving above all others and since Bailey and I have been spending more time out of the house than in I'll make this short and sweet so we can adventure out into the unknown.

ONE. R2-D2 Samsung Galaxy Phone Case {from Etsy} - I confess that I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but ever since viewing the last 3 {release wise} movies I've found a love for some elements {Hayden Christensen's acting was not one of them, though the kid who played young Anakin wasn't really that bad and I feel quite sad that he got teased about his performance}. My Husband is not pleased that I adore Jar Jar Binks {he's cute!} but my most favourite character of all has to be R2-D2. I cemented my love for him when Husband and I went to a Star Wars exhibit for his birthday years ago. So, long story short: I love R2-D2 and I want this phone case. Also, it's really hard to find good Samsung Galaxy phone cases and I wish designers like Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade did the same designs for these models as they do for Apple products.
TWO. 2014 Weekly Cute Diary {from Kikki.K} - I like to start planning for the upcoming year as October hits.
FOUR. The Hogwarts Library {pre-order from Amazon} - I am having some serious Harry Potter/Hogwarts withdrawals.
FIVE. Tiffany Flat Pouch  - to keep cards in/take with me to the park and out with Bailey.


a bouquet of sharpened pencils

You may know that one of my dreams was to receive a bouquet of sharpened pencils.

Yesterday this dream came true courtesy of a Husband named Husband {or when I'm being really annoying I call him "husby" just to be, you know, the best wife ever}.

I imagine when Joe Fox mentioned this bouquet he referred to normal pencils but mine are coloured because that's how we roll over here.


i can't cook microwave popcorn: and other random confessions by jaye gaff

^I can't cook microwave popcorn. It's always burnt or under cooked and I always seem to get bored and never listen to the popping to see if it stops hence the usual burnt taste.
^I can't cook a pancake to save my life and it's a terrible shame really. Sometimes you just need a pancake {or seven}.
^I have a craft tub under my bed full of crayons, pencils and colouring pages. I love to colour. It calms me.
^If I could eat anything for dinner it would be nothing. I'd go straight to dessert.
^I can only drink coffee if it's heavily flavoured. Vanilla is my current flavour of choice.
^Pregnancy gave me an intolerance to milk so, despite years of insistence that they're not real milk, I'm forced to drink soy "milk" and use almond "milk" in my porridge {I actually love both forms now}.
^If I could wish for one thing it would really be world peace. Sorry Sandra Bullock.


back to basics

When it comes to make up I've learnt that going simple is usually the best. I've never been one for anything overly complicated and if I encounter a product that becomes too meddlesome and I can't find a way around it, it will go. Whenever I go back to basics it's like it's the first time I've ever been and I always vow to stick with it for everyday {though I usually slip up every now and again}.

Although I'm a huge fan of easy make up {that, of course, still looks great} I tend to find I over-complicate things when it comes to palettes. Too many colours = too many decisions and there I am trying to figure out how to work a fourth {or fifth/sixth} colour onto my eye {I get over excited}. Of course, palettes like I've mentioned here will always be a wonderful addition and will always have my heart but I crave something simpler for both my eyes and my face so I will find it easier to slip into 'back to basics' mode. In my quest {that didn't take that long to be honest, no Tolkien epic here} I found these two products from Urban Decay at Beauty Bay {I swear that even though it feels like I mention them in every post I am in no way affiliated with that company I just love them a lot}:

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette - features a medium toned {matte} bronzer, highlighter and rose satin blush
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - features 'Venus', 'Foxy', 'Walk of Shame', 'Naked', 'Faint' and 'Crave' 
*both palettes are $34.10 {AUD}

These two palettes are definitely on my wishlist and would {in my very seasoned opinion} be perfect for travel or to keep in your bag for touch-ups {confession: I never touch up}.

And, if you're interested here is a little post I did on eye shadow for beginners which is kind of the same as this one, but not really. Though I do think the two Urban Decay palettes mentioned above would be great little "new to make-up" starter kits.


this plus that: for everyone with feet

Since having Bailey I've had an issue with cracked heels that I could never seem to cure {even pedicures didn't help} and then these two products happened and my heels have never looked better {please note that they need to be used together otherwise it won't work as well}.

First, after a shower, smother your feet in EcoTools Love Heels All and let it sink in for about 10 minutes.
Then add Lush's Ultrabalm to your problem areas. For me that is the base of my heels and the edge of my big toes. 
Add socks, don't add socks. Whatever.
Repeat every few days.


life & luck

Sometimes I wonder if Bailey was switched at birth. I mean... how?
This kid is all the shades of awesome and then some.
And always so happy. It's like I'm doing something right with her.

At Jet's party {last Saturday} Bailey insisted on going to the toilet about one hundred and fifty times. No joke.
Sometimes she'd need to go with Husband and sometimes with me and then sometimes she'd need us both there and then sometimes she'd just want to go to sit on the toilet, or just flush for no reason or sometimes she wanted to wash her hands. Out of the one hundred and fifty times she visited the toilet she probably went five times. This whole kid using a toilet thing is often all consuming but, hey, at least she's having fun.

I'm the type who likes to take pictures of my outfits so I can look back and see what I wore and loved. 
I'm also the type of wants to take a mum and daughter outfit picture.
Bailey is the type to hold hands and pretend she's posing until the picture is taken and you notice that she's looking away from the camera and munching an apple. 

These pictures make me feel lucky. That huge swelling type of lucky feeling where you can't stop smiling. That's kind of cool. I also feel lucky for the following reasons:

^My Husband makes me cups of tea just because. He also seems to know just when to ask if I want one. That perfect time where I'm slowly easing into needing one but not verging on desperate so that when it's ready I can take my first sip and feel that instant warming relief and feel all of my anxiety slip away
^I'm surrounded by people who love dance parties as much as I do.
^I have adorable nephews who like to jump with me {Kai}, who munch sausages really adorably that you sit there thinking "who knew someone could munch a sausage so cute?" {Jet} and a little baby who sleeps and when he does his foot twitches or he munches with his lips or he bobs his head {Flynn}. 
^Bailey and I have conversations like this:
Me: Bailey do you have a boyfriend at kindy?
Me: what's your boyfriend's name at kindy?
Bailey: KAI! {different Kai to cousin Kai}
Me: do you give Kai kisses at kindy?
Bailey: YEAH!


Me: Bailey who do you identify most with on Peppa Pig? Peppa or George?
Bailey: Peedoo. {Pedro}

And that friends is why I adore my life and family and feel incredibly lucky to have them all


friday five: dangerfield & co

If you've ever happened upon my Pinterest board "j wears" then you'll know I have a penchant for the Dangerfield online store {and their racks in Myer too - I've already mentioned them here and here}. I own items from Dangerfield itself as well as Revival, Princess Highway and Black Friday. Something about their clothes and bags are so me that I can't help but obsessively browse and the obsessive need to own it all won't go away. Not that I'm complaining and since I'm married to someone who welcomes my shopping needs {usually because it means he gets an abundance of geek tees and Lego} neither is Husband {or Bailey because she gets the most stuff out of everyone}.

Let me introduce you to my current 5 wishlist items from the Dangerfield online shop...

These two dresses also earn an honourable mention and were only not featured because I'm on the hunt for more summery pieces at the moment -

Have a wonderful weekend everyone x


bits & bobs

My life is pretty simple. Nothing too fancy.

It's also amazing and awesome.

*all pictures taken on September 1st, 2013 on Father's Day. Husband got a Star Wars onesie. Enough said.


i believe

that re-reading all of the Harry Potter books every few months - year is good for the soul


six plus twenty. a wishlist.

One month until my birthday/one month until 26. As is my usual standard I've compiled a wishlist. Mostly just for fun but also Husband needs a bit of help every now and then {which is fine because I have issues letting go of control and, also, one time he got me a pair of thongs with palm trees and rhinestones - not as a present, just to sooth my aching feet - and ever since he's been a bit scared to buy me anything}.

one. Breville Perfect Tea Maker/Auto Tea Maker {depending where you buy} - one day I will stop talking about needing this
five. a vintage style women's bike. have not found the ideal


j review: original source mint & tea tree shower gel

Allow me, if you please, to begin this review with the following:

this is the best shower gel I have ever used

Now, let's begin. 

This Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel comes from the Original Source brand. Original Source uses natural ingredients for their products. They're made containing either pure or natural essential oils or extracts from different parts of fruits, roots, trees, leaves, stems, flowers, fruit peels and plants. "Every splash of Original Source is packed with natural stuff".

Now, I can't vouch for their other products but I can for the mint and tea tree. It smells amazing and tingles in the best possible way. I feel I must come confess the reason why I picked this up at the supermarket. Here goes. The top of my arms tend to get little bumps all over them. Some seem like pimples and some are just bumps under the skin. They don't hurt and they are really only visible to me but I detest them. 

I've had these bumps since I was a teenager and nothing has ever worked in getting rid of them. I was always embarrassed by them {and always reminded of that time Jane Lynch sang "baby got bacne" in that 2nd Cinderella Story movie with Selena Gomez}. I even had one that most certainly had to be a pimple that stuck around for 2 months before the head came up and I could pop it {that confession makes me want to gag. Forgive me}.

Then, a few months ago I picked this product up on a whim while I was food shopping. I was sure tea tree oil could help my problem but I'd had such issues in the past with products containing it {burning, redness, etc} that I usually steered clear. The special price of $1.99 was the only reason I picked it up. Since then I haven't looked back. I'm hooked.

I use it every morning in the shower {the tingly sensation actually helps to make me feel more awake} and I no longer have bumps/pimples/whatever on my arms. However, to keep the bumps at bay I do need to use this product everyday. Though, if that's a downside life's pretty good isn't it?

Original Source says: combining the invigorating energy of a mint with the famous healing hit of a tea tree, this is one wash that will really leave you feeling tingly and ready to take on anything. We've flexed all our muscles and crammed 7,927 real mint leaves into every bottle. And every one of those mint leaves is stuffed full of thousands of years worth of history and medicinal traditions, with a power to boost breathing, digestion and spirits that's very hard to beat. Give it a go to feel every single one of those mint leaves at work, right when you need it most.

Here's what I do: 
1. Begrudgingly roll out of bed and try not to sob
2. Get into the shower and do all my stuff
3. While my cleanser is resting on my face {either before or after I've used Larry} I squeeze some of the shower gel into my hands and lather
4. Apply gel to arms and shoulders and work into skin
5. Use any leftovers for top of back or any other area you might like {don't forget the product isn't just for lumps and bumps}
6. Leave for as long {or as little} as desired
 7. Rinse
8. Feel all clean and refreshed and stuff

*The Mint and Tea Tree combination also comes in a hand wash {find out more here}

Where to buy: apparently "to get to the top of the mountain you need to start climbing first", a.k.a in all leading supermarkets. I purchased mine from Woolworths where it is priced at $4.29 {the price of $1.99 was an on special price}.

The gel also works well under any lotion {I'm currently using one from Nivea}. It doesn't leave a smell after rinsing and the tingling doesn't last all day. 

I'm not sure if I've ever wanted to recommend a product more, especially to those with the same lumps and bumps I have. Or, rather, used to have.

Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel = love of my life {sorry about that Husband}.

*this product really should have been listed in my August favourites but I forgot. Alas. Alack. 


how many products made this face?

Yesterday we headed out for my nephew, Jet's 1st birthday party. It was hot so I knew I needed lightness to my make up but I also knew I needed some layering of products to make it all stay in place. Here's what I used to create a "simple" look {I apologise for the lighting in this picture. I don't know why it was so dark. My face shape also looks weird. I don't know...}:

Base: Rachel K CC Cream in Neutral {used as my primer}
L'OREAL Lumi Magique in Pure Pearl mixed with Australis All Over Face and Body Tint in Light {used all over face and neck aside from forehead}
Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX02 {as an under-eye, around the nose and blemish concealer - used like so}

Eyes: Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer in Ivory {as a primer and to even out colour}
Urban Decay's 'Virgin' {as a base colour}
Urban Decay's 'Sin' {on the outer base area}
Urban Decay's 'Toasted' {in the crease and outer 'v'}

Eyebrows: Almay Brow Brush {comes with their brow pencil}

Cheeks/Contour: NARS 'Zen' {used to accent cheekbones, around chin and jawline, to contour nose and on forehead}
Chanel Mouche De Beauté Illuminating Powder {to highlight cheeks - product was limited edition}
MAC 'Pink Swoon' {used on apples of cheeks}

Brushes Used: MAC 130, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Sigma E55 and Sigma SS252 {no longer available - similar here}. Brushes for brows included in Brow Zings palette

Doesn't that seem like the most ridiculous amount of make up for something so simple and not at all perfect? I don't dare note down every product I use when I'm going out somewhere fancy.

Also what's with my nose? I have no idea. Let's blame the lighting.

going bananas

This dress is one of those that makes me umm and ahh numerous times over until I make a decision.

It's ridiculous in the best possible way.

I mean, who needs a banana dress? But then, who doesn't need a banana dress?

I feel like Bailey may grow up to be embarrassed by me if this dress finds its way into my closet but I feel that, maybe, it's a risk I'm willing to make. 

P.S. if you're interested I'm constantly pinning some "j wears" on my pinterest 


essie at priceline

Essie is now at Priceline. Very exciting stuff especially because their pricing is a few dollars cheaper than other places I have seen {Adore Beauty starts at $18.95 and I've heard Myer starts at $20}. Priceline has their Essie starting at $16.95 and, of course, a $2 difference isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things but it always helps doesn't it? Here's what they're stocking...

*all the coloured polishes {not the base/top coats and treatments} have a wide variety of colours available. My favourites are Ballet Slippers, Fiji and Mint Candy Apple as well as the ones shown above}.


friday five: mimco

Despite the fact that I think some of their products are a tad on the expensive side, I adore Mimco. I can't help it. I'm drawn to their products. The day I found out I had to wear transition lenses and, therefore, couldn't wear my Mimco sunglasses anymore I cried {yes, I actually cried}. I love those glasses {I've actually looked into getting their original lenses replaces with prescription ones. The $400 price tag keeps putting me off}. Anyway..

I find Mimco is always really, spectacularly, spot on with their entire range from handbags, wallets, jewellery, accessories and shoes. And their sales, oh gosh their sales. Without further ado, here are my top 5 picks from Mimco. You may notice a theme.

one. button up signature stud {described as "cute as a button" which we used to say to Bailey all the time when she was little, quite obnoxiously, because she had a onesie that said the same and she really was caab}
two. abacus flat sandal {I find that I often neglect the sandal, favouring flats instead. No more!}
three. abacus midi wedge {love the idea of a more casual wedge}
four. offbeat hip bag {quite nicely priced}
five. run the numbers scarf {love a good circular scarf}


eye shadow for beginners

When you're starting out with make up eye shadow can be a daunting task. Base, crease, corner, highlight. When I first started out I was confused. In fact, I thought the crease should just be this one line of colour and I used an eyeliner brush to apply it {don't ask and, please, let's never mention it again}. Now I know better and I have fun with different eye shadow palettes but I'm always reminded of the times when I had no clue, especially when I see little palettes like these.

For an eye shadow beginner who gets confused when it comes to eye shadow layering these kinds of palettes are for you. They either list on the shadows or on the back of the packaging what to do or, as you can see on the Almay or Revlon, they have the eye shadows in the shape of the eye and the places where you would put them making it easy to apply until it becomes a second nature.

All of these are from Priceline and come in different colour varieties.


stalking kate spade

I am becoming increasingly obsessed with Kate Spade. So much so that I am convinced it's bordering on stalking. Though, please note that I am referring to the label and not the person because if I were it would be weird that I was announcing my illegal activities on such a public forum. Also, I live in Australia so it would be kind of weird to fly to America {or wherever the real Kate Spade {is she real?} lives} to stalk her. You know, I do have a child to look after but she has become a giant flurry of ridiculousness so I might consider it...

Anyway, here's what I'm currently craving from Kate Spade. And, gosh, I could have added a lot more, but I tried to be sensible {$600 bags are sensible didn't you know?}, because their stuff just fits me {bows, cute flats and accessories, polka dots - you get the drift}. Also, did you know my birthday is coming up? What a wonderful coincidence that I've thoughtfully compiled this list of goodies for you to buy me. Please, send all packages to my PO Box in The Shire c/o B. Baggins.

three. 'toast' flat
five. say yes mrs. stud earrings {perfect for a newly engaged or married friend}
eight. go taxi leather flats {if these are not the most necessary purchase you'll ever make I don't know what is}

*note: the Kate Spade website does not ship to Australia but you will find websites that sell Kate Spade like Shopbop, Nordstrom and Saks do {though not all products can be shipped}. Kate Spade does ship within the USA and to Canada {so lucky you!}


august favourites

Some months it's a struggle to put together a list of favourites since I tend to favour the same products month in and out. And while I do dabble in other products my sensibility toward make up/skincare/haircare {and buying it} has changed in the past few years {I'd say since becoming a mother but that sounds a bit lame now doesn't it?}. You won't see favourites from me every month, simply because I don't want to bore you but when you do I can guarantee that I've loved them and will continue to for a long time to come. Here are my beauty favourites for the month of August {which, by the way, used to be a filler sort of month but now is a month of lead-up to and celebration because my little nephew Flynn was born on the 21st}.

^1 & 2 ^3 ^4 ^5 ^6


bag love: shopbop

As you can probably tell I have been on a bit of a bag kick lately and as the days/weeks/months pass by my taste keeps getting more expensive {damn you Chanel wallet}. 

I think starting with the Rebecca Minkoff Sunglasses Pouch {for my seeing glasses} would be a grand plan.