tv unit: down that little lane find

I know I just posted about some Down That Little Lane finds that I was craving for my house on Friday {see the friday five post here} but I happened upon this TV Unit on Saturday night whilst curled up in bed with my laptop and Bum Bum and I couldn't resist.

It's the Big Rig Crate TV Unit by MILKCART and I think it's perfect for the mish-mash look I've currently got going in my lounge room. I don't know what it is exactly but I love the industrial look/feel and think it will fit right in with our new leather couch and wicker basket coffee table/storage thing.

I'm hoping to pour some love into our house when we find a new place to live {yes, I did just move house. Yes, the owner decided to sell less than 4 months in without telling us before we signed the lease. Yes, he's an ass}.

At $325 {plus $50 shipping for NSW orders. $20 if purchased with another item from the store} I think this will be first on my must-have list. 

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