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confession: I adore Adore Beauty. It's not the most startling revelation you'll ever hear but it's out there now. 

While I do adore online shopping I'm not the biggest fan of the loss of interaction and customer service that goes with it {although, lets face facts, what stores these days have great customer service *cough*Myer*cough* anyway?} and when it comes to beauty {despite how much I frequent Beauty Bay} I prefer to shop in-store. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to go into the Chanel Beauty Store and be treated nicely, shown things and given lovely sized samples. Gosh, I love Chanel.

Anyway... tangent. 

Point: I prefer to shop for beauty products in an actual store.

That was until I started to buy from Adore Beauty. My first foray was with the essential purchase of a Clarisonic brush head and when it arrived {promptly I might add} it came with a Tim Tam and some samples. Then a few months later I received an email from Adore telling me it was almost time to replace my brush head. So I purchased another. And the same thing happened: prompt delivery, Tim Tam and samples.

And then the other day while I was straightening my freshly cut hair my pink GHD {that I'd had for around 4 years} started to buzz and crackle and do weird and annoying things. It was obvious I needed a new one {also Husband informed me that my pink GHD, who I never got around to naming, was now probably a fire hazard and defo had to go}. My first stop without even thinking about it was Adore Beauty. I wasn't sure if they sold them and was pleasantly surprised when they did.

Even more of a surprise was that the GHD's {some, not all} were on sale with $60 off and shipping was free {although I elected for express shipping {1-3 days} that I paid $5.95 for}. There was also a pop up that gave me $5 off if I subscribed to their updates via email. In the little shipping section on the page it also said that if I was to order by 1pm it would be dispatched that day. How could I resist? Obviously, I couldn't. So I ordered and it was easy and the next day the postman came with my ruby red GHD, a Tim Tam and what I gather is the standard letter they send everyone, but a lovely letter nonetheless. 

And that's what I love the most {okay I love the Tim Tam the most} their customer service. How they want to hear from you even if the news is bad. And how they want to hear if you love them {which I do}. Of course, I could never really know if they cared about the feedback at all but I think they do. I think they really care about their customers. I mean, why else would they give you a Tim Tam?

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