mumma make up essentials

I don't wear much make up during the days at home. You know those mums who say they don't have time? Well, I have the time and plenty of it. I just can't be bothered. I'm lazy but also I find that my skin looks better when I don't wear make up everyday. But when I do actually get around to putting something on it involves one or all of these four products.

A CC Cream* is a must to feel like you're not wearing anything but to even skin tone as well. This Rachel K one is my favourite.

A concealer is not necessary but necessary if you get my drift? I like to put it under my eyes {using this method}, around my nose {constant redness} and on any blemishes. Works wonders and great for a little pick me up. 

A bronzer is my lifeline and makes me happy. For my skin tone I like to use a brown blush since every bronzer I've encountered has been too dark. I contour on my cheek bones, around my jaw line and chin, around my nose and on my forehead.

A good brow product is the be all, end all. Most days my brows will be done even when my hair is a bird's nest and I'm in pyjamas. Brows are my thing. I love them so. 

*if you can't get your hands on a CC Cream then the next best thing is a BB Cream. While I adore BB Creams I favour CC Creams because they tend to cancel out a lot more redness and smooth out my skin tone better than a BB.


special offer alert: mario badescu say hello to clear collection

I'm sure that most of you have heard amazing things about the Mario Badescu Skin Care line, especially when it comes to their blemish control products. I came across this collection today while browsing Beauty Bay for skincare and I had to snap it up.

The 'Say Hello to Clear' Collection is a Beauty Bay exclusive and is currently on sale for $24.30 {with free delivery}. It includes a full size of the "world famous" Drying Lotion {29 ml} and Drying Cream {14 ml} as well as a deluxe sample of the Silver Powder {which I featured here}

Suitable for oily/combination skin. While my skin is normal/dry and lacking in hydration I've noticed patches of oily skin on my face. I'm excited to use these products as spot treatments.

friday five

Is it really Friday? This week has been a blur. Since last Friday afternoon to Wednesday I was in bed resting because if there's one thing I need to do when sick it's rest. If I don't I'm usually fighting the cold for 2 weeks or more. However, I'm not sure resting and missing out on Bailey time has done me any good. Am I still sick? I can't tell. Too blurry. On Wednesday my body decided to stay awake all night long. By the end of last night I had slept for 3 hours out of 36. This morning I woke up with that hangover like feeling that is only cured by lots of Panadol and hash browns which didn't work as well as usual. On the plus side I got to play Don't Cry For Me Argentina as Husband entered the room with painkillers all hand over forehead style.  Yes, I'm dramatic. This week I've watched many movies {so many}. All the Harry Potter's, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally.

I've also spent many a moment online trying not to purchase anything that is necessary but not exactly necessary and browsing the Kiehl's Australia website because I need a new a cleanser and just realised how reasonable their prices are. Of course, while browsing I happened upon items I don't need but need {I think there's another word for that. Is it want? No, couldn't be} and some stuff for Husband too. Can you tell where this is going? Friday five. Kiehl's. Enjoy.

1. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser - suitable for all skin types
2. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - 24 hour hydrator cream
3. Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 - relieves cracked or chapped lips
5. Kiehl's Soothing Gel Masque - hydrates and softens


same, same but different

Sometimes I think Bailey and I are the same person even though, obviously, we're not and she's much cuter than I ever was or could ever hope to be. I also think she's much more clever than me. Anyway... here's why we're same, same but different...

1. We both have the same cackle. Not laugh. The same cackle. We tend to do this cackle when we both think something is hilarious but nobody else does. Like the other day when Bailey got an egg out of the fridge because she wanted me to cook it for her but me being sick and lazy I convinced her to throw it at her Dad instead. So she did and then we cackled. And then she went to the fridge to collect another so I let her but then her Dad took it off her because "eggs aren't cheap you know!" {pretty sure they are} and also he's a spoil sport and then we kind of stomped away.

2. We both munch the same. Not eat. Munch. It's different and it's like this little lip smacking thing that my Husband finds adorable and that I had no idea I did until I saw Bailey do it and told Husband he was right all along. I do munch! And now, so does Bailey! Freaky! We also do the lip smacking munch thing in our sleep when we aren't actually munching food. Maybe we're munching imaginary food? I don't know.

3. We both like to sleep with something between our legs. Like a pregnancy pillow but since neither of us are pregnant not a pregnancy pillow. So, really, like a blanket or more for her her favourite toy dog that she got around Christmas time last year.

4. We sleep the same. All weird and haphazard like. But she also sleeps with her butt in the air {and more recently with her pj'd tutu butt in the air}. I do not have such butt in the air sleeping abilities.

5. We are both very weird. We dance randomly and scream randomly {and just for fun}. And, basically, we're just completely random all the time. Especially when we're together because we're kind of like besties {or, at least, my delusional mind tells me we're besties and it's us against the world which makes life as a stay at home mum 100 million times more enjoyable because we're besties. How many more times can I say it? Let's see shall we}.

6. We are both obsessed with pyjamas and often partake in pyjama days because those days are the best.

7. We both love to read and just love being surrounded by books in general.

8. We love being out and about but we also love lounging around {always in pj's} and doing nothing much all day.

9. We both love arts and crafts.

10. We both love to bake and {shhh} don't tell anyone this but I'm better at it than she is especially when it comes to making cookies into cookie like shapes. But she's far better at licking the bowl than I am.

11. We both love shoes. But she says "shoes" cuter than I ever thought possible. Shoes!

12. We both love shopping and love clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. And books and everything else in between. I have more restraint {or, rather, I know how to online shop and she does not} than she does because she cries if we don't go into a shopping center that we drive past and I don't cry. Like I said, the online shopping thing.

13. Speaking of shopping, we both have perfected the art of the shopping wander which I think she learnt from watching me and I kind of feel bad about that. I kind of lose my head a bit and get proud about seeing fun things so I go toward those fun things without letting Husband know where I'm going and I've now noticed Bailey doing the same thing when we're at Woolworths {though we always have an eye on her and one day soon I hope she learns how to scream "you're not my daddy/mummy" or "I don't know you" because you can never be too careful} and she usually comes back with cans of soup or something random and then cries when you try to put it back.

14. We both love cake. But just like the shoe thing she says cake much cuter than I ever could. Also, she seems able to stomach more cake than me. However, I can finish off a cupcake. She usually can not. Cake is awesome. We both agree.

15. And lastly, and possibly most importantly of all, we both pout our lips and do a "cute" {she= actually cute. me= not cute at all} face when we want something from Husband. Bailey does not do this with me. I do not do this with anyone else. Only Husband. And it works every time {cackle, cackle, cackle}. 


is this not the most gorgeous bag you ever did see?*


just gorgeous

*of course, I'll say that about plenty of other bags too


on beauty {products that is}

One of the things I love most about make up is how it can transform you while you remain yourself. Because, after all, why would you want to be anyone but yourself? Everyone else is already taken. Of course, make up can also transform you and make you someone you're not which is why I don't wear eyeliner all that often because eyeliner really isn't me.

Anyway, another thing I love most about make up is how you can go through periods of not wearing it and then come back to it like nothing ever happened. This is me right now. I'm sick and truly in one of those I'm never going to get better phases. My nose is red. But also my cheeks are red because my nose is that red. And I have a pimple on my forehead. Whoever heard of such a thing?

Sometimes I wonder if make up is a crutch but on days like today I know it's not because I'm slobbing around the house with my face all sick like and my skin all blotchy and dry in places and it's not the prettiest sight in the world but it's me. Or the sick me at least {and have I always been sick? It kind of feels like it. Day four and counting}.

And that's pretty cool isn't it? When make up isn't a crutch and you wear it just because you want to and not because you feel like you have to? 


f - o - x

I think You've Got Mail is one of my most favourite movies.

It's just delicious in the most perfect way.

Since my very first viewing {though I'm not even sure when it was} I've always dreamed of the oh-so romantic notion of being given a bouquet of sharpened pencils.

Like I said, delicious.

Watch it already.


friday five

a random assortment of things this Friday because I'm slightly random at times {my Husband would say all the time but he knows nothing}.


little gecko

It recently occurred to me that I haven't actually shared any of the stores that I love for Bailey {and other kids in our life}. And that seems a shame because I've happened upon some great finds over the 2 years so I'm going to start sharing and stop being so greedy.

Little Gecko is a recent find. They're based in WA and sell mostly licensed children's clothing products {Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam, Mickey Mouse, etc}. 

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of licensed kids clothing and accessories, however, since Bailey loves Peppa Pig I've made some exceptions when it comes to products like pyjamas, swimwear, underwear, plates/utensils and toys and for all these things Little Gecko didn't disappoint.

They have a good range of products and their prices are reasonable. The only negative I do have is that their express shipping was quite expensive but something I didn't mind paying for so we didn't have to wait.

Here's what I'm currently loving from the Little Gecko range

one. Peppa Pig Pyjama Tutu Set {Bailey owns}
five. Hello Kitty Underwear {Bailey owns}
six. Peppa Pig Underwear {Bailey owns}

I will try and post more finds like these when I happen upon them. As Bailey is a girl they'll mostly be for girls but I do have nephews {and, I think, another on the way} so boy stuff may find their way into my posts too.

If you have any stores that you think I should check out please let me know.


simply thankful

A week off with a broken laptop screen {BAILEY!} has seen me become more thankful for what {and who} I have and less lustful {in the worst ways} for what I don't.

And today, especially, I appreciate the clarity.


friday five: modcloth

Modcloth has become my online clothing/accessories holy grail. It suits where my style is at right now. I'm not sure what exactly that means, however. I'm currently favouring cute skirts and dresses, cardigans, collars and adorable little bags and flats that probably suit Bailey's age more than mine. Regardless I can't help but be drawn to things like pencil flats {see here}, polka dots, bows and anything owl related. This friday five is dedicated to 5 items {out of a million} that I'm currently craving from Modcloth.


j tip: your under-eye area

For awhile now I've seen this Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer as a waste of money. I've only had one moment of pure joy with it when it blended perfectly and that was with a rather nasty blemish. Not once has it not made my under-eye area look 10+ years older. Still, I persevered. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. Then, the other night when it was past 10pm and my skin was all clean and ready for bed I had a brain wave.

Mix it with my eye cream.

And let me tell you, the wait for morning to test it out was torture. 

Honestly, I'm a little {ok, a lot} embarrassed that I didn't think of it before. I always mix my moisturiser with BB/CC Creams or my various foundations so I don't know why it didn't occur to me to do the same with my eye cream and concealer. I mean... ridiculous.

If you have the KA product {or you've tested it} you'll know that while it is smooth and luxurious it's also really quite thick and can be hard to work with. Adding eye cream {my favourite and only is this Nivea Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle one} is the perfect solution. I also think if you have a similar product like Benefit's Erase Paste adding an eye cream will work the same.

I didn't manage to take a picture when I applied but trust me it works. My dark circles were lessened and the concealer blended in smoothly and didn't settle into my fine lines and wrinkles. Another plus? When I dabbed a light amount of illuminator it didn't look cakey. Ditto with a setting powder.

And all I can think to say to sum it up is:

Yay! I love it!

Which is very profound.


tv unit: down that little lane find

I know I just posted about some Down That Little Lane finds that I was craving for my house on Friday {see the friday five post here} but I happened upon this TV Unit on Saturday night whilst curled up in bed with my laptop and Bum Bum and I couldn't resist.

It's the Big Rig Crate TV Unit by MILKCART and I think it's perfect for the mish-mash look I've currently got going in my lounge room. I don't know what it is exactly but I love the industrial look/feel and think it will fit right in with our new leather couch and wicker basket coffee table/storage thing.

I'm hoping to pour some love into our house when we find a new place to live {yes, I did just move house. Yes, the owner decided to sell less than 4 months in without telling us before we signed the lease. Yes, he's an ass}.

At $325 {plus $50 shipping for NSW orders. $20 if purchased with another item from the store} I think this will be first on my must-have list. 


cardi love

A few months ago in a massive online shopping kick {when I also found heaven at Laura Ashley} I purchased this granny cardigan {from SurfStitch} that I fell in complete and utter love with. It's no longer available online so I don't have the ability to link. At the time it was the most expensive cardigan I owned {it was $75} and I bought it with the idea that I would never actually wear it. Don't ask me why I got it with that in mind. I just felt that my life would not be complete without it.

Since then I've been on a major cardigan kick. I just can't get enough of them. Here's my current lust list...

1. Hilary Cardi {waiting for this to be delivered into my open arms}
3. Embroidered Cardi {own this. love this}
7. Oceantide Cardi {waiting not so patiently for this one too}


adore adore

confession: I adore Adore Beauty. It's not the most startling revelation you'll ever hear but it's out there now. 

While I do adore online shopping I'm not the biggest fan of the loss of interaction and customer service that goes with it {although, lets face facts, what stores these days have great customer service *cough*Myer*cough* anyway?} and when it comes to beauty {despite how much I frequent Beauty Bay} I prefer to shop in-store. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to go into the Chanel Beauty Store and be treated nicely, shown things and given lovely sized samples. Gosh, I love Chanel.

Anyway... tangent. 

Point: I prefer to shop for beauty products in an actual store.

That was until I started to buy from Adore Beauty. My first foray was with the essential purchase of a Clarisonic brush head and when it arrived {promptly I might add} it came with a Tim Tam and some samples. Then a few months later I received an email from Adore telling me it was almost time to replace my brush head. So I purchased another. And the same thing happened: prompt delivery, Tim Tam and samples.

And then the other day while I was straightening my freshly cut hair my pink GHD {that I'd had for around 4 years} started to buzz and crackle and do weird and annoying things. It was obvious I needed a new one {also Husband informed me that my pink GHD, who I never got around to naming, was now probably a fire hazard and defo had to go}. My first stop without even thinking about it was Adore Beauty. I wasn't sure if they sold them and was pleasantly surprised when they did.

Even more of a surprise was that the GHD's {some, not all} were on sale with $60 off and shipping was free {although I elected for express shipping {1-3 days} that I paid $5.95 for}. There was also a pop up that gave me $5 off if I subscribed to their updates via email. In the little shipping section on the page it also said that if I was to order by 1pm it would be dispatched that day. How could I resist? Obviously, I couldn't. So I ordered and it was easy and the next day the postman came with my ruby red GHD, a Tim Tam and what I gather is the standard letter they send everyone, but a lovely letter nonetheless. 

And that's what I love the most {okay I love the Tim Tam the most} their customer service. How they want to hear from you even if the news is bad. And how they want to hear if you love them {which I do}. Of course, I could never really know if they cared about the feedback at all but I think they do. I think they really care about their customers. I mean, why else would they give you a Tim Tam?


friday five: down that little lane

Happy Friday everyone. Despite being sick since Tuesday this week has gone surprisingly quickly even though I've been stuck in bed for most of it {and, gosh, that gets really boring after the first few hours. I am not a fan of relaxing}. This week I've fallen even more in love with a wonderful online shop, Down That Little Lane {I mean, the name itself just draws you in}. Here's five pieces I'm loving right now.


bailey at 2

Each and every day I wake up completely and utterly amazed that this child, Bailey Jane Gaff, is mine. I was pregnant with her. I gave birth to her. Each and every day I get to take care of her. The hospital actually let me take her home when she was 2 days old. I'm still shocked about that...

I'm struck by how much I love her.

I'm also struck about the mother I am. I never thought I'd find joy in making lunchboxes and endless amounts of fairy bread and toilet training {oh goodness, the toilet training!}. And as weird as it may be to say I'm actually grateful to my parents for only being a mum and dad when it came to bringing me into this world because now I know exactly what not to do when it comes raising this gorgeous little girl and for everything that comes with it {future spouses and grandchildren included}.

This 2 year old phase is certainly fun. The talking. The learning. The word "cake" being her favourite word. And cake being, quite possibly, her favourite thing. The tantrums. Oh, goodness, the tantrums... I really try not to laugh when she has them but for some reason I find a little kid throwing a tantrum to be utterly adorable.

I guess most parents have that really stressful time where their kid doesn't sleep and they cry a lot in the first year. I didn't. Bailey always slept and she rarely cried. So I was in for a shock when she was a few months off 2 and she started waking for the morning at 6am and stopped napping. It felt like all hell broke loose. 

For a while there we both kind of floundered and there were lots of tears from her and me. It took a while to get used to the 8+ full hours a day with no breaks in between but once we got there {a few weeks before her 2nd birthday}, and she started rising at a normal time, it was as if this is how it had been all along.

And right now...? Bailey wakes up between 7.30-9.30. Or, at least, that's when she chooses to let us know she's woken. Because you can be certain that when you go to her door her pants and sleep nappy will be off, she'll be gesturing wildly that she needs to use the toilet and her room will be strewn with everything it contains and some things she must have smuggled in. 

She's obsessed with dancing, Peppa Pig and her cousin Kai. She prefers transporting toys from one room to the other over playing with them. She loves to read. She's obsessed with going to the shops and if we drive past a shopping center and don't go in she gets very upset and confused. She likes to bounce on beds and push others off them. She laughs at random things and thinks her dad and I are funny {same thing really}.

She often answers questions like so: "umm... umm... no" and shakes her head. She has the sweetest little talking voice. She calls me "mumma" and Husband "dada" or "deedee". She calls Summer "Bu Bu" because we more often than not refer to her as Bum Bum. When she's worried she says "oh no!" and when she agrees she says "oh-kay".

Each and everyday she learns/does something new.

And we love her so.