three years

Today I'm celebrating my 3 year wedding anniversary {and 8 years of dating but that kind of doesn't ever seem as important once your married}. Bailey is at kindy and Husband and I have a leisurely day planned with no real big plans at all but I hope there's lots of chocolate and cupcakes consumed. 

If I'm going to be honest this 3 year thing seems a bit bittersweet. People say the first year of marriage is the hardest but Husband and I breezed through the first and second year somewhat easily. This third year has been tough and at some points you sit down and realise you married someone who is, at times, effortlessly lazy and can slip into selfishness with a scary ease. And then you get worried because your married and it's not something you can just walk away from but, gosh, it'd sure be easier if you could.

And after the disappointment slips away {and you realise that your obsessive need for the house to always be clean, the canned food to be lined up just so and your ability to slip into anxiety isn't some walk in the park for him either} you work things out and you come out stronger on the other side. And that's what I love about being married. The strength to get through everything and just knowing you're doing it for a reason. That's pretty great.

Also in my third year of being a wife I've learnt...

- that Lord of the RingsThe Hobbit and Back to the Future are actually good movies {and who knows maybe I'll love the older Star Wars trilogy as this year progresses?}
- that falling asleep cuddling and waking up cuddling is one of my most favourite things
- that he deserves breakfast in bed too
- that packing his lunch for work is just as fun as doing Bailey's for kindy
- that buying him Lego and watching him build it is kind of fun because his face gets all serious and his lips pout out in concentration
- that putting in the effort and having time and patience is the best thing I can do

Happy anniversary Husband. Thank you for 3 years x

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