friday five

If I'm at home I'm in pyjamas. Always. Well, not always. Sometimes I like to feign maturity by wearing actual clothes but by the middle of the day I'm always back in pj's. We're very big on them over here. Any occasion that involves a gift involves pyjamas. Easter. Birthdays. Christmas Eve presents are always pyjamas. Or sometimes we'll just randomly decide that we all need monkey pyjamas so we can be a monkey gang together. And you best be warned that if you have a kid I have to buy a present for pyjamas will be a part of it. 

I feel as though I am in desperate need of some new pj's. I only wear nighties and sleep tees to bed so the other kinds are strictly around the house business. I like to call them homewears. Here are my favourites {all from Peter Alexander}.
Pom Pom Hooded Gown {why are pom poms so alluring?}