friday five according to instagram

So, as I mentioned 150 times yesterday was my 3 year wedding anniversary. Bailey was at kindy so Husband and I had the day to ourselves and boy did we have fun. My feet are still feeling it. And as has become tradition in our little family celebrations such as these always span 2 {or more} days so that's what I'm doing today. Shopping and eating and, possibly, {ok really truly} trying to tear Bailey away from the little merry-go-rounds long enough to actually get some stuff done. Without further ado, my Friday five for this week {all from yesterday. click pictures to enlarge}...

outfit of the day: dress by Laura Ashley & shoes by Mimco
anniversary present from Husband: Tiffany 'B' Necklace and chain {a month or so ago I received my main anniversary present which was an eternity ring so that's not pictured but I love it all the same}

Chanel goodness. I mean, it's kind of almost worth the price just for the packaging alone. First time in a Chanel store and I did not leave empty handed {though the salesman's attitude kind of made me want to}. The wallet is zip-around and embossed with flowers and the CC's {and just in case you're wondering I named it Bob}.

And since I'm mostly all about beauty I figured this should be last and a row all of it's own {also it wouldn't fit anywhere else} - Chanel beauty {my first time in one of those stores too}. Chanel Chance Travel Fragrance x3 {in a twist and go}, Chanel Chance Body Mist and an illuminating powder {Mouche De Beauté}. Also, got a decent sample of the Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in 10 Noir. 

And can I just rave for a second about how all that beauty stuff was just under $300? For Australia that's pretty darn good. Also, I'd like to brag on how I picked up the last illuminating powder {minus the tester} in store. It was clearly fate.

And if you're wondering {though I doubt it} Husband got some goodies of his own. Earlier in the week he got an entire outfit {shirt, pants, shoes} to wear yesterday {while I had to wear a dress I'd already worn before! insert sarcasm here}. I also got him a pocket watch {don't even ask why he wanted one} that I had engraved with some lyrics to some obscure song that he told me about once before we were married. He also found joy in Williams-Sonoma.