first photo ever

Lately, I've been trawling through family photos on my laptop. I have yet to make a photo album for any photos from when Husband and I started dating {way back in 2005} until today. I'm kind of hopeless that way. So, trawling through folders of family photos is what I have to resort to and when I happened upon this very photo here I felt my breath stop for a bit.

This was the first photo of Bailey. Taken within the first hours of her life while we were still in the birthing suite. The first thing she did after hugs and kisses and getting clean and rugged up was put her finger in her mouth.

I remember that red mark between her eyebrows. She was born with it and I was instantly worried. Some random midwife suggested that it may spread and cause her eyes to go bad. I was concerned that the salami I ate when I must have been about 2 weeks pregnant {and when I didn't know yet} was the cause. And then I thought that maybe I didn't give up alcohol early enough before trying to get pregnant. Maybe the month before wasn't long enough?

And then after a while when that ridiculous mother guilt wore off the red mark was a part of her and one that I loved. 

Looking at this photo made me realise that one day the mark disappeared. She doesn't have it anymore. Or at least it isn't noticeable. I can't see it. And I kind of miss it.

Anyway, I love that this is her first photo. The first one that people saw of her. The one that I can look at until the end of time and know this was her first and with that all the memories, that so easily seem forgotten, of her first breath/seconds/hours come flooding back.

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