rosehip oil routine

Rosehip Oil is one of my must have products. Without it my skin tends to get a bit dehydrated and look a bit dull. With it my skin can get oily and breakout. Which is why I came up with my current rosehip oil routine that makes me think that maybe I'm actually a massive genius who should be studied and loved worldwide. 

Step one: after cleansing your skin, put your daily/nightly moisturiser {sometimes I do this with both, sometimes just with one. Usually night} on your hand and add two small drops of your rosehip oil
Step two: mix
Step three: apply to your skin as normal

The great thing about following this routine is that your skin isn't left too oily after application {great for people who wear glasses actually} and won't cause you to break out. It also adds something extra to your moisturiser that I find I need. Sometimes skin just gets dull no matter how strict a skin care regime and this is where a good rosehip oil comes in handy.

As mentioned above, my skin can breakout if I use it alone but without the product my skin can look tired and dull. This solution is perfect for those who want that refreshed, glowy look without the oil slick feel.

My favourite is by Trilogy {find here} but you can, of course, use another brand that suits you best.

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