on the hunt

I am currently on the hunt for a foot product that takes care of dreadfully crappy heels.
No matter what I use my heels are constantly and consistently dry and dehydrated and in need of something.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

{and you can add this to the list of post-pregnancy body changes that are not fun}


out of my comfort zone

One would think that with going through hours of labour without any drugs I'd be good with pain or at least think that I'm strong enough to cope with it. Wrong. I'm terrified of pain and even though I've been told numerous times that I'm stronger than I think I've never believed it. Drug free child birth? No big deal. Endorphins and all that. But anything else that may hurt scares the crap out of me and I don't want to go anywhere near it.

Which is why it was kind of weird of me to step into a tattoo shop on Thursday and ask for them to give me one. I told them what I wanted. They helped me with placement. And then they asked if I wanted to get one right then and there {going in early in the morning was a good idea}. After freaking out a bit and with their assurance that it wouldn't hurt as much as child birth {they likened it to scratching a really bad sunburn} I decided to go for it. And this is what happened...

If you know me you'll know I'm not a tattoo person. I actually really dislike them. I don't think they age well and, yet, in the past few weeks I haven't been able to get the idea of a tattoo that would always remind me of Minnie out of mind. This past month and a half has been really hard for me in terms of grieving. Crying in the shower. Crying in bed. Crying everywhere and holding it in until Husband came home so I could go cry without Bailey having to see me. This whole not coping thing hasn't sat well with me. I always cope with things. No matter how hard. I always see the bright side but lately there hasn't been one that makes it all okay.

Getting the tattoo felt like relief in many ways. The physical discomfort in getting it {to me, the pain was reminiscent of stitches after child birth}, the healing and the effects of {which are still mostly to come} and the idea that's she's always going to be with me. I'm a big fan of physical reminders that I can wear everyday. My infinity bracelet helps me believe in a forever marriage and now {as lame as it may sound} Minnie can be with me forever just like I always imagined.

If you're interested I got mine done at Wicked Ink. They were really quite lovely.


rosehip oil routine

Rosehip Oil is one of my must have products. Without it my skin tends to get a bit dehydrated and look a bit dull. With it my skin can get oily and breakout. Which is why I came up with my current rosehip oil routine that makes me think that maybe I'm actually a massive genius who should be studied and loved worldwide. 

Step one: after cleansing your skin, put your daily/nightly moisturiser {sometimes I do this with both, sometimes just with one. Usually night} on your hand and add two small drops of your rosehip oil
Step two: mix
Step three: apply to your skin as normal

The great thing about following this routine is that your skin isn't left too oily after application {great for people who wear glasses actually} and won't cause you to break out. It also adds something extra to your moisturiser that I find I need. Sometimes skin just gets dull no matter how strict a skin care regime and this is where a good rosehip oil comes in handy.

As mentioned above, my skin can breakout if I use it alone but without the product my skin can look tired and dull. This solution is perfect for those who want that refreshed, glowy look without the oil slick feel.

My favourite is by Trilogy {find here} but you can, of course, use another brand that suits you best.


friday five

Long time, no post. For that I'm sorry but in all seriousness I've been busy with life - spending some quality time with Bailey, missing Minnie, Bailey turning two {the 9th of June} and getting ready for her birthday party {tomorrow!}. You know how life kind of gets in the way? But it has been a welcome, busy, hectic, change that I've enjoyed.

So, yes, Bailey is two and it's still quite unbelievable but not at all scary or sad which surprised me. I love birthdays and I adore celebrating with the people I love most so every year she turns another year older I'm just overwhelmed by happiness and excitement that I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve. So much so that the night before her birthday I have trouble sleeping and get tempted to wake Bailey as soon as the clock strikes midnight {for some unknown reason my Husband told me not to. Ridiculous right?}

This Friday I have become even more obsessed with BB and CC Creams {probably just because I won a competition for the Rachel K CC Cream} so I've put together a list of my current cravings. Enjoy.