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If you haven't heard of Sigma, let me introduce you. They're an American based make up company that are mostly famous for their MAC-like make up brushes and that's how I discovered them. Back in my poor Uni student days I craved a set of affordable make up brushes that wouldn't shed like crazy. In comes Sigma like a knight on a white horse {or perhaps, something more appealing? A knight with chocolate?}. For a fraction of the prices of MAC brushes you get basically the same quality* and that's pretty darn great.

Recently, I picked up the new Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove {I got mine in pink}. I bought it in an online frenzy thinking I wouldn't get much use it of it. It was a bit of a why not? purchase that I'm kind of famous for. The day it arrived I cleaned all my new and old brushes with it and I was floored. Instead of soaping and rubbing and rinsing brushes repeatedly I just did a few soapy swipes on the glove, as directed, and my brushes were clean. Superfluous product no more.

I also added some more Sigma brushes to my collection. The Mr. Bunny brushes are vegan friendly and work perfectly with your make up to achieve that flawless look. I ordered the travel brush set because Sigma {unlike MAC} do great travel brushes {I find MAC's travel brushes, like a lot of other high end companies, have terribly poor quality and do not stand up}. 

The Mr. Bunny brushes are luxuriously soft and perfect for flawless make up application.

*The only brush I'd be willing to spend the money on from MAC is the 130 {their mini-stippling brush} because unlike others of the same ilk it doesn't shed and it's firm and soft at the exact same time. .

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