Friday Five

Last Friday I was sick/grumpy/blah and today I'm still living off the high of some alone time with Husband. We dropped Bailey off for her first day of Kindy {which she loved} and headed out to do some shopping and watch a movie. In the cinema. This is a triumph in many ways because we've never done anything without Bailey before. That's basically 2 years of never really being alone together {I say 2 years even though Bailey is 1 month off because my last month of pregnancy was basically me confined to bed}. It was nice. We bought pyjamas and ate Ben and Jerry's while watching Iron Man 3. We held hands and stopped for coffee and let me tell you doing things leisurely is something I really missed. Also, Husband is a really good person to go shopping with because he never judges and lets me take as long as I want without comment.

Yesterday, I popped into Lush to stock up on some much needed goodies so I thought I would share what I got and make them my Friday Five.

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