current must haves

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara - the brush on this is amazing. Use in conjunction with my NARS eyelash curler. One coat and my lashes are ridiculously long.
Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream {in 010} - I've changed on my mind on this BB Cream since this post. After almost daily use I've come to find that it is the same texture and consistensy as my Missha BB Cream {though it's not as grey}. It's wonderfully long lasting and has really good coverage that I often think I'm wearing a foundation and can be seen looking confused at my face wondering "when did I put foundation on?".
ArtDeco Eyebrow Filler - sometimes a girl {or guy} just needs something easier than a eyebrow pencil. This is it and I love it. Love it. It gives you a nice groomed finish with a decent amount of colour. It picks up those hairs that are there but that you can never see and is perfect for everyday. Sometimes the drama of a fully done eyebrow makes me concerned for how my face feels when I'm just going food shopping. This product helps ease the obvious devastation that this concern causes. 
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - I mentioned this product one Friday many moons ago {see here} and it arrived via postman the other week. I adore this mascara and whenever I use it I wonder what I did without it. I don't just use it for my bottom lashes either. Some of my top lashes are very short and blonde at the inner corner of my eye so I use it there  {because a normal mascara brush is just too big} as well as at the very end of my eye where I have these few stray random lashes that kind of kink rather than curl and it works wonderfully.

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