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friday five

I've always been a big quotes fan. I find they have answers to all the lessons in life and they do it in so few words. They also, somewhat inexplicably, get me through the darkest moments. They remind me of the person I am and the person I continue wanting to be. Of the parent, wife, role model I want to give my family. 

These are my favourites.

I'm big on margaritas. 


fragrance love

I am a massive fragrance fan. I don't believe a look can be completely done until some fragrance is added and as you can see above Marc Jacobs is dominating my perfume collection {although I don't actually own a bottle of Lola, just testers of it}. 

Daisy has top notes of strawberry and violet leaves
Dot has top notes of red berries
Lola has top notes of pink peppercorn, pear and ruby red grapefruit.

All are equally delicious and addictive and their bottles.... oh my.


shop sigma

If you haven't heard of Sigma, let me introduce you. They're an American based make up company that are mostly famous for their MAC-like make up brushes and that's how I discovered them. Back in my poor Uni student days I craved a set of affordable make up brushes that wouldn't shed like crazy. In comes Sigma like a knight on a white horse {or perhaps, something more appealing? A knight with chocolate?}. For a fraction of the prices of MAC brushes you get basically the same quality* and that's pretty darn great.

Recently, I picked up the new Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove {I got mine in pink}. I bought it in an online frenzy thinking I wouldn't get much use it of it. It was a bit of a why not? purchase that I'm kind of famous for. The day it arrived I cleaned all my new and old brushes with it and I was floored. Instead of soaping and rubbing and rinsing brushes repeatedly I just did a few soapy swipes on the glove, as directed, and my brushes were clean. Superfluous product no more.

I also added some more Sigma brushes to my collection. The Mr. Bunny brushes are vegan friendly and work perfectly with your make up to achieve that flawless look. I ordered the travel brush set because Sigma {unlike MAC} do great travel brushes {I find MAC's travel brushes, like a lot of other high end companies, have terribly poor quality and do not stand up}. 

The Mr. Bunny brushes are luxuriously soft and perfect for flawless make up application.

*The only brush I'd be willing to spend the money on from MAC is the 130 {their mini-stippling brush} because unlike others of the same ilk it doesn't shed and it's firm and soft at the exact same time. .


oh so cheeky

I find that I often neglect my cheeks when it comes to my beauty routine. I usually contour with bronzer {or most often, with my skin tone, a brown-y blush} and leave it at that. I'm not sure why. Actually, scratch that, I do know why.

noun - laziness
inactivity resulting from a dislike of work

I feel this is an issue. The cheeks are such an important part of the "done" make up look and I'm a big fan. So, I'm trying to rectify this by pulling out my most loved cheek products on a regular basis. Here are my favourites.

NARS Orgasm Blush - a tad cliche but it's good. Very shimmery/glittery but such a gorgeous colour. It's popular for a reason. Use sparingly.
MAC Pink Swoon - it's very pink {and I mean very} but don't let that scare you because it's matte so the colour isn't as bright and Barbie-like when applied. Still, don't go mad with it otherwise you can look clownish.
L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Universal Rosy Blush - this comes out of the tube clear{ish} but applies as a very sheer pink. Like with all liquid/cream blushes you need to work quickly as it dries fast. A little goes a long way.

*and if you're interested my favourite bronzer/brown-y blush is NARS "Zen" - find it here


Friday Five

Last Friday I was sick/grumpy/blah and today I'm still living off the high of some alone time with Husband. We dropped Bailey off for her first day of Kindy {which she loved} and headed out to do some shopping and watch a movie. In the cinema. This is a triumph in many ways because we've never done anything without Bailey before. That's basically 2 years of never really being alone together {I say 2 years even though Bailey is 1 month off because my last month of pregnancy was basically me confined to bed}. It was nice. We bought pyjamas and ate Ben and Jerry's while watching Iron Man 3. We held hands and stopped for coffee and let me tell you doing things leisurely is something I really missed. Also, Husband is a really good person to go shopping with because he never judges and lets me take as long as I want without comment.

Yesterday, I popped into Lush to stock up on some much needed goodies so I thought I would share what I got and make them my Friday Five.


current must haves

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara - the brush on this is amazing. Use in conjunction with my NARS eyelash curler. One coat and my lashes are ridiculously long.
Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream {in 010} - I've changed on my mind on this BB Cream since this post. After almost daily use I've come to find that it is the same texture and consistensy as my Missha BB Cream {though it's not as grey}. It's wonderfully long lasting and has really good coverage that I often think I'm wearing a foundation and can be seen looking confused at my face wondering "when did I put foundation on?".
ArtDeco Eyebrow Filler - sometimes a girl {or guy} just needs something easier than a eyebrow pencil. This is it and I love it. Love it. It gives you a nice groomed finish with a decent amount of colour. It picks up those hairs that are there but that you can never see and is perfect for everyday. Sometimes the drama of a fully done eyebrow makes me concerned for how my face feels when I'm just going food shopping. This product helps ease the obvious devastation that this concern causes. 
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara - I mentioned this product one Friday many moons ago {see here} and it arrived via postman the other week. I adore this mascara and whenever I use it I wonder what I did without it. I don't just use it for my bottom lashes either. Some of my top lashes are very short and blonde at the inner corner of my eye so I use it there  {because a normal mascara brush is just too big} as well as at the very end of my eye where I have these few stray random lashes that kind of kink rather than curl and it works wonderfully.


nap time craving

my current lust list from shopbop and modcloth {2 of my favourite online stores} this week

maybe next time I'll compile a list of things that would actually go well together?

An item of clothing with hot air balloons on it is my current obsession after seeing a kid on Glee with a hot air balloon sweater. After witnessing this must I hurried downstairs to ask husband if he thinks I need an item with said balloons and his answer? Yes! {I adore that he supports my mild shopping addiction. It's my hobby and he agrees. I call that love}. Also, in my humble opinion you can't go wrong with a pair of Tory Burch flats, flamingos or polka dots.


j review: almay oil-free makeup eraser sticks

The Almay oil-free makeup eraser sticks aren't new on the market, in fact I'm quite late to jump on this bandwagon. I've eyed these off quite a few times but I've always seen them as superfluous and talked myself out of buying them {though at $9.95, from Priceline, they aren't exactly the biggest investment ever made}. When the 40% off sale at Priceline came around I excitedly added them to my basket in a flurry of "I need everything" and I'm stupidly glad I did.

Yes, they're still unnecessary and I won't even try to claim that I need them when it comes to being sensible. This product is one of those needs that I claim everyone should have because why not? Also, cleaning up smudges with a cotton tip dabbed in eye make up remover just doesn't work as well. Here's what you do.

1. Hold tip with coloured ring up
2. Gently snap and allow remover to flow down to bottom tip
3. Dab away make up

Easy to use. Takes away everything you need it to. No greasy left over. Good for sensitive eyes. Perfect. Well, almost. The only downside is the amount of remover in each individual tip. There's quite a lot and after I tidy up any mascara smudges or flakes it just seems ridiculously wasteful to throw the used tip away but since it's, you know, used and all there's not much else to be done. Barring that downside this product is kind of perfect and I imagine always having a couple handy in your bag when you're out and about will be the perfect solution to any eye makeup mishaps.

*also, am I the only one who thinks Almay doesn't get enough raves? I am loving their brow pencil with built-in brow brush.


friday five

Happy Friday! Except, for me, it's not really that happy. I've been stuck in bed since late Tuesday with sciatica and slipped disc issues that I've had since I was pregnant with Bailey and it hasn't been fun. On the bright side {because I believe there is always one} I got to power through season 1 and 2 of Veronica Mars and am just waiting on season 3 now. I adore Kristen Bell. Another bright side? I've had plenty of time to compile my list of five things for today and it's a good one.