Life with Bailey...

Life with a baby/toddler has certainly been interesting. Bailey does so many things that I never imagined anybody could ever do. She's the ultimate weirdo. She makes me laugh and raise my eyebrows every single day. I don't know where she got her epic weirdness from {okay, maybe I do}. She's my baby so, of course, every thing she does is amazing to me {and probably boring to anyone else} but I wanted to share some tidbits about life with Bailey {heavy sarcasm abound}.

Life with Bailey means:

1. Either drinking cold tea or gulping down a boiling hot cup
2. Making a nice lunch for her that she doesn't eat. Then, making a yummy salad for myself and getting less than half of it {same goes for breakfast. If I have 2 boiled eggs I get half an egg}
3. Hiding chocolate
4. Trying, to no avail, to hide my yummy fruit from her
5. Getting screamed at for not giving her juice, cordial, chocolate milk, chocolate, lollies, etc. Anything...
6. Never going to the toilet alone
7. Never showering alone
8. Pretending I am standing outside her door while she falls asleep {calling out "I'm still here" as I sit in the lounge room}
9. Kisses mingled with snot
10. Hugs combined with a punch in the boob {or, more often, both boobs}

I may get grossed out by changing her poopy nappies {still! 21 months later!} and snot kisses may not be my favourite thing but, gosh, she sure makes bruised boobs worth it

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