Life with Bailey Part 2

I only just wrote this life with Bailey post and figured that was the end of the story and I wouldn't have anything else to add for a few years {I tend to be a bit delusional when it comes to parenting. I mean I actually believed that Bailey would keep her chalk in the container I designated it for and would only use it on her blackboard. Instead I find chalk everywhere, even in my bed, and really wonderful chalk drawings on the walls and the couch. Husband swears she drew the sign for Pi and I am convinced she drew a very anatomically correct male.}

Alas, I have something else to add...

Picture this, Saturday night. 8.30 PM. Husband and I are upstairs tidying up our room and closet {we are really wild}. Bailey's monitor is on. She's been in bed for half an hour. No tears. Her door is cracked open a little because she's recently become scared of the dark but is, weirdly, even more scared of her night light and while she likes her lamp off she does not like her lamp on. We hear a loud banging noise downstairs.

My first thought: oh crap someone has broken in to kidnap Bailey.

Husband goes downstairs because he is brave {but I think he must have wished he had a bat or a sharp rake}. And it's Bailey! Bouncing on her trampoline {this is it btw - it's one of the best things we've ever given her}. She's a ninja. She gets back into bed but insists {a.k.a cries} the door is left open a touch so the hall light can peek through. Good. Not a peep from her.

Now. Picture this, Sunday morning 6.30 AM. I wake up to go to the bathroom and am confronted with Bailey sleeping with her ladybug pillow pet {she loves that thing} on her bloody trampoline. She doesn't have a dummy. Or a blanket. It's just her and the ladybug and she looks so adorable that I scramble to get Husband to witness our daughter doing the cutest thing ever before she wakes up which he did {but we got no pictures of it *insert sad face*}. Then she woke up and had the face of someone who was guilty but pretended she wasn't and then later that day she got a cupcake for being the best kid ever.

I mean... Life with Bailey is pretty darn awesome. And now I'm pretty sure that she's going to continue to surprise me with her weird ways until the end of time. 

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