a really random must have: for eye comfort

Let me introduce you to my little miracle product - Livostin Eye Drops.

When I moved to Sydney, way back in 2004, I started to have some issues with my eyes. They started to get really itchy and gunky and gross. As the years progressed and my allergies got even more annoying the issue got even worse. For about 3 months out of the year my eyes were basically a hot mess. During the worst of it I would be forced to lie with whichever eye hurt the most pressed hard against a pillow or something until the pain went away and I could comfortably open my eye and continue on. This usually took half an hour. Sometimes an hour. Of course, I know this isn't the worse issue to affect someone and I was pretty much able to get on with my day after resting.

Having Bailey changed that. I don't know why but in the past 2 years my eyes have gotten worse and since {I guess} I'm not able to flit off for 30 minutes to an hour and rest the pain has been constant and I've become even more frustrated. Nothing any doctor or chemist suggested worked until this.

Long story short... if you're after some relief from itchy eyes this may just be it. I picked it up from Chemist Warehouse. It comes in a 4ml bottle and costs around $10 {maybe a little less}. It's my little miracle worker.

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