Little Perfect Moments

When Bailey was younger and slept most of the day {mostly on me} those little perfect moments that take your breath away happened every day. Having a baby fall asleep on you for hours on end will do that. Now that she's older and ridiculously independent {a.k.a wants nothing to do with me most of the time} those moments don't happen as much which can be sad but also great at the same time. When those moments come I'm always reminded to savour them for as long as I can {a.k.a until Bailey gets sick of me}.

Yesterday, we were on the couch together watching One Fine Day. It was just her and I and it was great. We shared spoonfuls from a tub of Nutella and watched the movie. Bailey giggled and said "mumma" to ensure that she was given more spoonfuls than necessary. We cuddled and she almost fell asleep on me until she got an extra spurt of energy {that lasted until 8.00 pm that night} and then she was off and I was left with the warmth of the perfectness of the moment. 

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