J Review: Dettol Touch of Foam Hand Wash

After years of searching I have found a hand wash that does not irritate my hands. It feels like I tried every hand wash ever sold and they were all wrong for my sensitive skin. This Dettol range is different and is gorgeously foamy and smells delicious. It doesn't dry out my hands {which is weird because foaming cleansers do dry out my face} and doesn't create itching or a rash {the original Dettol hand wash, even the moisturising versions, caused really gross rashes all over my hands}.

Dettol says: Dettol Touch of Foam has a unique creamy later, enriched with micro-bubbles that deliver moisture to the skin, so your hands feel soft and comfortable after washing. It is dispensed as a ready-to-spread, non-drip lather, which kills 99.9% of germs.

The Dettol Touch of Foam hand washes are available in 3 variants: Wild Berry Bliss {my favourite}, Jasmine & Almond Dream and Rose & Cherry in Bloom and are also available in refill packs.

And like my incredibly riveting review on toothpaste that's about all I have to say about a hand wash. Though I think I will add this:

If you have incredibly sensitive skin/hands then this soap is perfect for you. 

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