Friday Loves

b. and her cousin kai playing with her gift from him. so adorable
{and, yes, i am one of those annoying people who often refer to their child as their first initial, only in text though. i'm a gossip girl junky}

After spending what feels like half a year preparing for Christmas it always feels bittersweet when the day is over. Even though I usually find myself awake before 6.00 am on Christmas the day goes ridiculously fast and before I know it Bailey is tucked up in bed and Husband and I are left to contemplate the inevitable mess {which we usually ignore for a few days until we decide to become adults again}. My Friday Loves this week are, of course, all Christmas related, most present-wise.

texts from dog {husband got this. wish i had}
summer dressing gown {feel like austin powers in this thing}
this tea {gifted from sister. smells like that cider that i forget the name of. she also got me an adorable teapot and 2 matching cups that you hug and that make me feel posh and defo mean i need more breakfast in bed time}
this tea maker {from the husband}
food {so many leftovers}

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