Friday Loves

The full-on Christmas countdown is now on in the Gaff household. Bailey can usually be found hovering around the Christmas tree, sneakily ripping wrapping paper off presents and giggling when caught. I have been trying not to eat all the chocolate we have collected for our baking day on Monday. Today is Husband's last day of work for the year and tonight we're forgoing pizza night for a family trip to a local Carol's By Candlelight celebration. So that's what I'm loving this Friday.

I'm excited for Monday to come around so we can bake, listen to Christmas Carols and when 6.00 PM rolls around we'll eat a yummy, casual, dinner, open our Christmas Eve presents and watch a short Christmas movie that Bailey has been gifted {this year it's a Spot tale} together before we put Bailey down for bed. Once she's asleep Husband and I usually watch a Christmas movie together and then go to bed where I'll, undoubtedly, wake up at 5 in the morning, too excited to sleep any longer.

Have a wonderful weekend x

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