Christmas Baking Day Menu

Since our first year together as a married couple Husband and I have started the tradition of having a Christmas baking day. The past 2 years it has been on the 23rd of December but this year our annual baking day is being moved to the 24th {and will continue to be this date from now on}. On this day we prepare a number of delicious goodies to eat ourselves and to give as gifts to people. It's always fun. There's Christmas aprons, themed music and appropriate amounts of taste testing involved. Aside from Christmas this is my favourite day of the holidays and I can't wait until Bailey can become more actively involved in this tradition of ours {last year she played with flour. This year I predict us trying to squeeze in all the baking during her nap or trying to bribe her with chocolate so we can get stuff done}.

Every year I have my Christmas baking menu finalised before December begins and I wanted to share my plans with you.

Mint Chunk Choc Rocky Road. I have made this once before {mentioned here} and can't wait to make it again. To me, the minty taste and the pops of green make it very festive. It's also ridiculously easy to make.

Second up, are my Triple Choc Cookies. I gave these as gifts last year. They always go down well. I'm toying with the idea of making them into a red velvet choc cookie but I'm not decided. I tend to stress out if my baking goes wrong so in this case it might be best to stick with the classic.

Another chocolate dessert {can you tell I'm obsessed?}. These are chocolate snowballs. Everybody loves them and they're so easy. You need: milk arrowroot biscuits, condensed milk {do not use the light stuff}, cocoa and coconut. Crush the biscuits and put in a bowl. Add the condensed milk and cocoa {it will be sticky}. Sprinkle coconut on your bench. Roll mixture into balls and roll in coconut. Refrigerate overnight. 

*to give as gifts and to eat ourselves I usually use 3 packs of biscuits and 3 tins of condensed milk. I never measure the cocoa. I just sprinkle it in and taste until it's chocolate-y enough for me. 

I'm also planning to make a basic cookie with Christmas themed M&M's. Mine won't look exactly like the ones above because I want to cut them into Christmas themed shapes {trees, santa, snowmen, stars}.

*if these m&m cookies don't turn out or I change my mind I have this pecan shortbread recipe as a back up

And this isn't something we'll make on the 24th but I wanted to share what we'll be munching for breakfast on Christmas Day.

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