A Tattered Elephant For Bailey

Every time we leave the house Bailey likes to select a toy or two to come along for the ride. For her first year {and a few weeks after} she didn't seem like she would ever become attached to anything {which, to tell you the truth, upset me a little since I'd become so attached to the toys I'd picked out for her before she was born}. But then she finally did. She started off small and now it seems like she's obsessed with everything and anything.

Last week she took her new santa dog {Spot} and her elephant along for a drive. The elephant was mine. I have seen pictures of me in the hospital incubator with it. It's 25 years old {I think. It might be before my time} and it's actually aged surprisingly well. I remember wanting to keep it. Always. Even when I was little I wanted to hold onto it. And I'm actually surprised I did because I moved house a fair few times when I was young. It came with me from WA to NSW when I was 15. For some reason I thought, one day, it will mean something to someone else.

And now it does. For the years I had it I never named it. I couldn't think of a name that seemed special enough for what this tiny elephant represented to me. I toyed with the name "squeaky" {because it squeaks} but it never stuck. Now I can't wait for the day when Bailey thinks of a name for him or her and {maybe} keeps it in her possession long enough to pass it down to someone she loves. 

update {25/08/2013}: since Minnie passed the tattered elephant has taken her name {the elephant was Minnie's companion when it was just she, Husband and I} and now Bailey has a link to Minnie.

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