J Review: My Favourite Concealer

In the case of this concealer, I didn't realise what I had until I'd lost it. I've had the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer for quite some time now. It had always been a part of my make up routine but I'd never been in love with it. I was always looking for something new. I wanted something bigger and better but I'd never found it. Now I think I know why...

Because this concealer is it.

And when I "lost" it I almost had a nervous breakdown. I missed it. I needed it. And now I'm so glad it's back.

{side-note: I say "lost" like so because I didn't actually lose it. A little {adorable} person who Husband and I lovingly refer to as Chuckles, Moosh or Bailey {because that's her name} stole it. I found it just the after day, after it being missing, presumed dead, for a few weeks in Bailey's laundry hamper of all places}.

It conceals blemishes perfectly. It's super creamy and not drying. It blends into my skin perfectly and minimises redness. It's also perfect for, and works like a dream, under my eyes where it doesn't highlight fine lines and wrinkles. It cancels out most of the darkness under my eye area and evens and smooths around my nose {which has been marked with permanent redness from years of constant blowing from allergies}. 

I love this concealer.

And if you have the same skin issues as me I think you will too.

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