Friday Loves

paul frank for big w - getting bailey this {because she loves to sweep}
the 30 day marriage challenge - something I found on pinterest and decided to take on {will post on this - maybe}
'dot' by marc jacobs - I won a bottle of this and it arrived in the post during my week long stint in bed with wisdom tooth issues. love this fragrance. love the dots. "there is never a wrong time for a polka dot" - marc jacobs {so true}
modern family - so funny
nachos with chorizo - delicious


J Review: My Favourite Concealer

In the case of this concealer, I didn't realise what I had until I'd lost it. I've had the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer for quite some time now. It had always been a part of my make up routine but I'd never been in love with it. I was always looking for something new. I wanted something bigger and better but I'd never found it. Now I think I know why...

Because this concealer is it.

And when I "lost" it I almost had a nervous breakdown. I missed it. I needed it. And now I'm so glad it's back.

{side-note: I say "lost" like so because I didn't actually lose it. A little {adorable} person who Husband and I lovingly refer to as Chuckles, Moosh or Bailey {because that's her name} stole it. I found it just the after day, after it being missing, presumed dead, for a few weeks in Bailey's laundry hamper of all places}.

It conceals blemishes perfectly. It's super creamy and not drying. It blends into my skin perfectly and minimises redness. It's also perfect for, and works like a dream, under my eyes where it doesn't highlight fine lines and wrinkles. It cancels out most of the darkness under my eye area and evens and smooths around my nose {which has been marked with permanent redness from years of constant blowing from allergies}. 

I love this concealer.

And if you have the same skin issues as me I think you will too.


Christmas Pillows

For months I have been searching for Christmas pillows and not had much luck. Of course, Etsy has a wide variety {see here} but I wasn't that fond of paying $20+ for one pillow case. Last night I came across this idea on Pinterest and decided to make my own {I'm one of those people who love crafts and I have random bursts of "I'm crafty!" thoughts even though I'm really kind of crap}. We already had 2 Christmas stockings that Husband and I had used in years past but stopped using last year when we got personalised stockings for the whole family - dogs included - {again from Etsy - find here} so I decided to get some use out of the old ones. Here's what I did:

Step One: collect Christmas stockings. I only ever have 2 throw pillows on my couch so I only wanted 2 {you can find Christmas stockings at most places around Christmas time}
Step Two: Stuff stockings with pillow stuffing. I wanted my pillows firm so I filled right to the top {to make them firm I had to use the stuffing from one and a half throw pillows {I had pillows that weren't in use so I used the stuffing from those if you don't have stuffing lying around you can pick some up from craft stores}
Step Three: sew together the tops of the stockings. I just used a needle and silver thread. I would have rather used red to match the stockings but I didn't have any on hand. To sew I did long stitches and they worked out great.
Step Four: arrange pillows and you're done.

In case you can't tell I'm so bloody excited for Christmas. We start decorating our house and tree {tree decorating moved up from December 1} tomorrow. Exciting times.


Kaftan Lovers

I don't own any kaftans but I am obsessed with them. I think they're so easy and, yet, so gorgeous. I ordered all 4 of these above online from Tree Of Life at only $10 each {and free shipping}. I just had to {buying a home be damned}. Apparently these can fit up to a size 16 comfortably which, admittedly, does worry me a bit because I'm smaller than that though I'm confident I can make these work in some way.

Colours from left to right: blue, green, red and white.

I plan to wear these with thongs {or flip flops} or sandals. 

Friday Loves

martha stewart for officeworks - specifically this 

Have a wonderful weekend x


I Love My Stretch Marks

Did you know I had a baby?

While I was pregnant my stomach grew. I tried to prevent getting stretch marks with all the methods I could. I still got them and sometimes that happens. Sometimes you just get them no matter what you do and sometimes you don't. While I was pregnant I was embarrassed. My stretch marks were disgusting. Even after giving birth, those first few weeks when my stomach still resembled the 6 month pregnant me, I resented them. I didn't want to look at myself and that's a shame.

I gave birth. I had a baby and she's the greatest little baby in the whole world. But I resented what she left behind. I resented the inflated stomach and the marks {though I never resented the slipped disc and sciatic pains - weird?}. I never resented her but I didn't like what being a Mum had done to my body.

One night I was in bed trying to fall asleep. I missed Bailey terribly {as I do every night} and I wished that I could see her. I've always dreaded the nights, when she started sleeping through, because I knew I wouldn't see her again until morning. I resorted to trying to sneak into her room to stare at her before I went to bed but that only bothered her. On the first night I stopped I laid in bed and without even knowing it I was rubbing my belly just like I did when she was there. I missed her not only because she was asleep but because she would never be with me 24/7 again. I missed that feeling.

It was in that moment that I loved the little pooch my stomach had. I loved my stretch marks. They were a part of me just as Bailey had been. Bailey was only a few months old at the time. I had lost all my baby weight but my body was different. My hips were wider and my stomach not flat. I realised that I loved who I was and what I looked like after giving birth. I was glad that my stomach looked like life had been there. After that I stopped buying into looking perfect after having a baby. I stopped wanting my flat stomach back. I stopped wishing my stretch marks away. I hated the idea that I would ever be so ashamed of what I looked like while I was pregnant that I would want it to go away. I hated the idea that I would work my butt off to be who I was before having a baby. Because I'm not and I never will be.

I love the reminders.


My Body Is Currently Loving

I may or may not have swiped Bailey's lotion. I couldn't help it. I love it. 

Buy it here and "rediscover baby softness" {I couldn't help it. Lameness is my forte}


Foodie Gift Ideas

Since Christmas is coming up quickly I want to do more gift idea posts to give everyone some ideas {so expect about 100 million more - I'm slightly obsessed}. These are my gift ideas for the foodie in your life. Of course, these are all things I'd love to receive as a gift {some I already have} so it may not to be to everyone's taste {as is the way}. Enjoy.

click to enlarge

2. Jamie Oliver Recipe Tin $20.00 {sold out online - find in store at Target}



Sorry for my absence over this week. I've spent the majority of my time in bed resting and trying not to feel like I'm about to die from what could really only be classed as teething. My wisdom tooth started to come up and my gum decided it would be fun to swell over the top of it. So for this week my tooth tried to push through a large ball of gum and I tried to not cry and wonder how the hell I got through child birth drug free but couldn't get through this {I was most certain my tombstone would read: died from teething}. I haven't been able to eat, drink or do much of anything but I'm finally on the mend thanks {in large part} to {legal} drugs and a Husband who took carer's leave for a stint as a stay-at-home dad for a week. 


Geeky Gift Ideas

For some people Christmas will still feel like an age away but to me... as soon as July rolls around I begin to panic if I don't have my Christmas list and budget sorted. Despite my obsessive tendencies I thought November would be the perfect time to begin some Christmas gift ideas posts {though these presents are still good for most occasions}.

The following is for that {adorable} geeky guy in your life {like my Husband}. When he and I first started dating I wasn't the biggest fan of all his geeky ways but as time has gone on I find that I adore everything his geekiness has to offer {especially come present time}. Here's what you should buy for the geek in your life.

click image to enlarge


Friday Loves: TV Shows

Most weeks feel like one big weekend and this week was no exception. I completed everything I set out to do and had fun along the way. Mid-week Bailey started teething {again} and that was it for anything slightly negative happening. Or so I thought. Now it's Friday and she's teething and sick with the same cold that hit me late last night and saw me awake at 2.30 am clutching my throat and being greatly annoyed that I could feel my glands. Despite all that this week has been good so I wanted to share something on my Friday Loves that makes me happy - TV.

This isn't really a "Jaye" show which I think is a testament to its brilliance. It features war and terrorism - two things I just can't deal with watching but I find myself tuning in week after week needing more. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are amazing in their roles, individually and together. Homeland is currently airing its second season.

Once Upon A Time has to be my favourite show on TV at the moment. I just can't get enough. It's so beautifully done and doesn't leave a fairy tale fan {like me} disappointed. Also, currently in its second season.

Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23. Starring Krysten Ritter {you might have seen her as "Lucy" in Gilmore Girls}, Dreama Walker {she played one of Blair Waldorf's minions in Gossip Girl where she had to of been seriously undervalued - girl is funny} and James Van Der Beek {as James Van Der Beek}. I can't name a favourite character, they're all hilarious in their own ways, however, I don't think the show would be the same without James playing himself. He's seriously funny. This show is another second season-er. 

 If you're not watching any or all of these shows you're seriously missing out. Honest. From one TV addict to another. Watch them now.


Bits & Bobs

Admittedly this is quite a lazy post. I've been busy all week doing things around the house and trying my hardest to comfort a sick and teething child so haven't felt in the mood to do much of anything else. Here's some bits and bobs {a.k.a stuff that's been happening around these parts}.

Australia isn't big on Halloween and to be honest neither am I. However, I will take any chance to buy gifts and devour sweets. I made up a Halloween bucket for Bailey and my nephew, Kai, featuring Halloween bubbles, themed chocolate {ghosts, pumpkins and eyeballs} and lollies {body parts and witches fingers}, Spooky Scooby Snacks {the human kind} and a Cadbury Scream Egg. I feel like Bailey's face is very Halloween.

Halloween night/movie snacks. I didn't eat it all {and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was for Husband} but, gosh, they were delicious. The Phish Food was yummy, especially with the gooey marshmallow, but I'm not the biggest fan of the chocolate fish inside. The Maple Tree Hugger is the best thing ever and should be purchased by everyone right now. It has brown sugar brownie bits. Enough said.

I watched The Strangers in bed with a half-watching Husband who was on his laptop trying to complete an assignment for his online course. The movie still gave me chills. It really is that good.

I found this little note on a tissue the other morning. I'd like to say that it's very presumptuous of my Husband to put it on a tissue but I blow my nose... a lot. Allergies. 
This was my main task for today - revamping Bailey's playroom. Ideally I'd like to have the same large bookcase on the other side but, for now, I'm working with what I've got. The day bed is currently used for sitting/lounging and house guests but will become Bailey's toddler bed soon enough.

Some playroom details:
1. Toy and book wall. I love these dollhouse bookcases {bought from Deals Direct when I was pregnant with Bailey. No longer available}
2. Bailey's small Star Wars collection: Darth Tater, Darth Vader bobble head and a C-3PO PEZ dispenser that plays the Star Wars theme and doesn't have any PEZ to dispense
3. My favourite books as a kid that I managed to misplace a long way back. Husband found the exact same covers I had when I was young and gifted them to me for my 21st birthday. I always hoped that one day I could hand them down to my child and I did
4. Bailey's first jewellery box full of costume jewellery