I'm having issues with the word "no" but only when it comes to saying it to Bailey. This is a problem.

Here's what happens:

Step one: Bailey does something "naughty" like opening the glass doors of the TV cabinet and slamming them against things or slamming them closed.

Step two: I say "no" firmly.

Step three: she continues to do it.

Step four: I say "no" again.

Step five: she looks at me and continues.

Step six: I walk over to her and stop her from doing whatever it is and then put my hands on my hips and say "no" once again.

Step seven: Bailey, finding humour in all this, smiles at me and then begins to laugh.

Step eight: I try and pretend that it's not funny and try to resist a smile only to find that I've been smiling all along. I then laugh because laughter is contagious and hers most of all.

Step nine: I stop laughing and pretend I never did as I walk over to the couch and pretend to be mad.

Step ten: she walks over, puts her hands together and says "mama" with her cute little smile and I forget everything that happened, scoop her up and give her kisses.

So here's my problem... I can't resist how cute she is and she knows it. What is one to do?

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