J Review: MAC Mineralise Cream Foundation

Mac Mineralise Cream Foundation {SPF 15} is the last of my foundation favourites in my must-haves. It's the only product that I've ever hit pan in. On my first encounter with this foundation I had it applied by a MAC make up artist for a wedding I was attending. I fell so deeply in love with it that I rushed back into the MAC store the next day to get my hands on it. I'd never used a cream foundation before this and {aside from a use or two of Covergirl and Olay Cream Foundation- which I hated} have never used one since. To be honest, I'm scared of them and would never have even have bothered to use this had the MAC make up girl not strongly suggested it.

This foundation is luxuriously creamy and applies so amazingly well. It glides on and smooths into your skin and once blended it gives you that gorgeous {and flawless} no make up/natural beauty look. This foundation saved my skin during pregnancy. It's easy to apply {use the MAC 188 brush with it - it's $70 but you need it. Buy it now. You won't be sorry} and isn't ridiculously fiddly like so many foundations out there. The foundation doesn't highlight fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn't cake around blemishes and doesn't sink into pores. I don't have anything bad to say about it except that it finishes way too quickly.

When I saw that first hint of pan I almost cried. Actually, I think I did actually cry but I was pregnant and hormonal so forgive me.

I do have one negative and it's so ridiculous and such a simple fix but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Do not, and I repeat do not, apply this foundation with a dirty brush. Now that might seem stupid to say but I don't mean a week old dirty brush. I mean dirty in the sense that you may have deep cleaned it, used it once and are attempting to use it the very next day. Don't. Just don't. I learnt that the hard way. 

Easy fix - spot clean between deep cleans.

Here's what MAC says: a rich, luxurious compact foundation offering a creamy application for a flawless, medium-buildable, naturally revitalised, fully dimensional finish. Lightweight and silky to apply. Good for all skin types; particularly benefits dull and/or dry complexions {that's me!}. Provides super-hydrated, high-comfort wear and everyday SPF 15 sun protection.  

I feel like maybe I should add that the compact comes with a sponge {one of those flat ones} which you really should throw away because you shouldn't even bother trying to use it.


On Marriage

I read this the other day and I fell in love with it...

Pretend that I could marry you and your perfect mate {real or imagined} right now. By simply reading this paragraph, you are married. For women this means no ring, friends, family, flowers, dress, undivided attention or celebration of any kind. For men this means no bachelor party, tuxedo, strippers or Best Man. Neither of you would even be signing papers down at City Hall. Just this and you're legally committed. Do you still want to be married to this person right now? {source}

I don't pretend to be an expert on marriage and I never will be. No marriage is perfect. My marriage is not perfect but I think when your answer to the above is yes then that's pretty darn great. If I could do it all over again I would happily bypass the actual wedding {even when ours was ridiculously simple at the registry office} and all that came with it. To just say yes and just be married. 


Friday Loves

Happy Friday! This week has been one part sad and many other parts fun and exciting. We made a weekday trip into the City, ate some yummy food and had a yummy dinner out. This weekend we have plans to look after my nephew Kai and have a friend visit. Calm. Easy. Non-stressful. Just the way I like it. Here's what I'm loving this Friday {warning: incredibly braggy post to follow}.

Present from Husband and Bailey. Tiffany Infinity Bracelet to replace the one {that broke three times} I got as my 2nd wedding anniversary present. It's kind of really gorgeous and I kind of really love it {and the pretty box too}.

Another present just for me from Pandora - the bracelet and 2 charms {the 3rd, the chicken, I already owned} an owl and a "B". I love owls. The "B" is for: Bailey, Bum Bum {Summer} and Bon Bon {Minnie}. Love it. 

These make me laugh. My favourite brand of lollies {Natural Confectionery} in adorable disguise form. 

Have a wonderful weekend x


Product Rave: Garnier Mineral Roll-On Deodorant

The hunt for a good roll-on deodorant has proven quite difficult and spanned many years. I've tried the sprays {they burn}, Mitchum and Dove {seem to make me sweaty just by putting them on} and even the brand Husband uses {using a separate bottle} which worked well but the scent was too manly. Then I came across this roll-on by Garnier and it seems it's everything I wanted and a little bit more.

* Doesn't make me sweaty at any time during the day even when out with Bailey {and pushing her pram} in the heat
* Doesn't irritate my skin
* Smells pretty
* Packaging that I found adorable and too hard to pass up {pink!}


Make Up Find: Light or Darken Your Foundation

click to enlarge

I just happened upon this wonderful idea. It comes from FACE atelier, the Ultra Foundation {in Zero Minus, Zero Plus and Zero Plus Plus} that can lighten or darken your foundation to suit your skin tone. How amazing is that! All 3 products come in 30ml pump bottles and retail for $53.03 which sounds quite expensive but when you think of it you would never have to buy a new foundation for all the different seasons as your skin becomes lighter or darker.

I love it. 

Another great thing? You can even wear the darker 2 shades alone {to suit darker skin tones} and the whiter shade alone before foundation to highlight and contour.

Purchase online from Beauty Bay{which offers free worldwide shipping}. 


Nap Time Craving: More Bloody Polka Dots

I can hear everyone shouting... enough with the polka dots already! I'm even sick of my constant need to own every bloody item that has a polka dot on it. I just can't help it. I love them so.

Both dresses from Myer Online.


J Non-Review: Revlon ColourStay Foundation

The Revlon ColourStay that's above doesn't actually exist anymore. Sad face. So there's not really any point in reviewing it {the only reason I'm even putting this up is so I'm not leaving a blank with my foundation series}. ColourStay has been relaunched as: ColourStay Makeup with SoftFlex for Combination/Oily Skin and for Normal/Dry Skin

Since I haven't tried out the new ColourStay I can't review it and since nobody has access to the old ColourStay {or will for much longer} there's really no point in reviewing this one either. However, I will highlight my favourite parts of this foundation because I doubt that Revlon would change the formula too much and, perhaps, they're exactly the same.

Here's what I love:

*Good coverage and lasts for ages
*Nice matte finish so it's perfect for layering with shimmer products or other foundations that are glowy
*Perfect foundation to wear on bad skin days
*Perfect foundation to wear to an event/long day

Here's what I don't:

*Can get cakey
*A true flawless finish is only possible {for me} with a MAC 187 {or similar} brush. Doesn't work well with a blending sponge or fingers

You can buy the new ColourStay wherever Revlon is stocked.


Snippet: A Morning With Bailey

I love the simple moments of a nice spring morning when the sun is out and it's not too cold {and any chill can be cured with a nice cozy blanket} and we can head outside {me with a green tea and Bailey with a crumpet} and just be.


Friday Loves

This week, and particularly  today I am in love with Christmas-themed food. Desserts, mostly. This week I've been busy planning my Christmas menu. Every year we have a "Gaff Family Baking Day" where we bake {obviously} lots of desserts to give to people along with their Christmas gifts and to munch ourselves. So... that's what I'm loving this Friday. Christmas dessert.

Rocky Road Chocolate Brownie Slice. Um... yum! Not exactly Christmas specific but I plan to make this for Christmas day. 

Mint Chocolate Santa Cake. This has to be the most adorable cake ever. 

Santa Hat Brownies. I found this recipe a few days after Christmas last year and have been waiting all year long to make this for Christmas. I'm still waiting but I hope to make this for Christmas day also.

Have a wonderful weekend x 


A Love Letter To My Freckles

Dear Freckles,

Growing up I hated you. At school I was teased for being ugly. I got called a dog because I resembled a Dalmatian. People would come up to me and ask if I had poo on my face. Kids I didn't even know would ask my face looked like it did. Why was I spotty? I guess there's no wondering why I hated you...

I tried my best to not feel sorry for myself. Everybody got teased for something. This was just my thing. I heard a story about Nicole Kidman getting her freckles lasered off and I longed for the day when I could do the same. I knew that nobody would ever love me because of them. I'd never get married or have children. How could anyone possibly love me with those things on my face and body? So let's make it clear... I hated you.

I used to spread foundation on so thick that my face resembled a ghost just to cover you up. At times I tried to conceal every single one of you on my face. I thought it was better to wear a mask than to be natural and comfortable in my own skin. To be natural and comfortable with you.

And then I got a bit older and a friend of mine told me that you were what made me special. I didn't believe her. She said that she thought they were beautiful and, one day, somebody else would too. I didn't believe her. I actually scoffed internally thinking...

If my own parents don't love me who else would? Having freckles just adds another point to the list on why the people who are supposed to love me don't and the people who could eventually never will.

Not long after that I met this boy who everyone teased. He was sweaty and smelt from long days and nights working in a busy kitchen. The cigarette smoke didn't help. He wore a long trench coat in Summer with thongs. He liked Star Wars and had light saber fights in the kitchen where he worked with other equally nerdy staff members. Despite all of those things we made a connection. I was surprised he liked me. People were surprised I liked him. 

He had freckles too.

And from then on you being around never seemed to make me cry. As the days, months, years went by I fell in love, not only with him but me too. And with you. The main reason was him. My, now, Husband. He had freckles and I loved that about him. It was inevitable that I'd eventually love that about myself too. 

Not only that but he made me comfortable in my own skin. He loved me for me and, eventually, I loved me for me. Freckles and all. 

So freckles... I'm sorry I was such a horrible host to you for the first 17 years of my life. I'm sorry I told you that I hated you because without you I wouldn't be me. I wouldn't believe in natural beauty in all its forms.

Freckles... I love you.

- Jaye.


Products I've Repurchased {and still use}: Make Up

click to enlarge

It was actually quite difficult to think of products I have repurchased and still use. I've repurchased numerous products over the years only to find a better substitute along the way. There are a few products I've repurchased only to find that they weren't for me and many that I've finished but haven't replaced because I didn't need to {though I have wanted to}. The following 6 are the only products that don't fall into any of those categories and have surpassed any sensibility of not wanting to be a hoarder.

1. Revlon PhotoReady Foundation: despite owning many other "glowy" foundations I can't give this one up. It's so rare to find a foundation that I can slap on with my fingers that looks good but this one does.
2. Revlon ColourStay Foundation: I don't own many matte foundations like this one. I actually don't like many matte foundations but for some reason I adore this.
3. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer and Highlighter: I use this product only as an illuminator and it works well. For my skin tone and highlighting needs it works even better than YSL Touche Eclat. 
4. Bloom Eyebrow Gel: even though this still seems like an unecessary product I can't not have it. It has amazing staying power.
5. Covergirl Lash Blast Length Mascara: I don't use this mascara as much anymore but when I just want a casual look with some length I go for this.
6. Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara: same can be said for this - not used much anymore {since I stumbled upon LashGasm} but when it is I fall in love with the creaminess, the length and the volume all over again. 


J Review: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Another Monday. Another foundation review. Another "must-have". This time Revlon PhotoReady. This particular foundation has divided people. It's either fabulous or too Twilight. For me this foundation is the former. I adore it. When no other foundation is working but I don't want to wear a BB Cream I always go for this. It's perfect applied with your fingers, blending sponge, stippling brush or foundation brush. I've even had to resort to applying it with a powder brush and it worked well with that too.

The techincal stuff: PhotoReady gives poreless, airbrushed skin in any light with a professionally-designed formula {as opposed to what?} that has been tested under harsh light. It contains photo-chromatic pigments with a light diffusing formula that gives complete yet virtually undetectable coverage and preventing further sun damage with SPF 20. Oil-free.

From what I've read people not only hate the shimmer but also the way the shimmer highlights fine lines and wrinkles. Since I don't have to stress about wrinkles yet those factors don't bother me but I can see how they would for other people. If you have a lot of skin concerns I wouldn't bother with this. I find I only use PhotoReady when I'm having a good skin day. Too many blemishes and its coverage isn't enough. Skin too dry and the shimmer starts to bother me.

On good skin days it's an amazing foundation and perfect {when teamed with a primer} for a night out for that perfect luminous glow. 

You can buy PhotoReady wherever Revlon is stocked. In Australia you can find it at Priceline, Myer and David Jones. I've also seen it at Chemist Warehouse {though I'm not sure if it's at every location} and if you've ever come across a store called Cosmo Cosmetics you can get it there for much cheaper than everywhere else{that's where I buy mine}. 

Prices are different everywhere but I believe it retails for around $30+

J Tip: if the finish is just too glowy for you team the foundation with something more matte. My favourite combination is Revlon ColourStay. Bourjois Healthy Mix works great too. 


friday loves

Yesterday I woke up with a birthday hangover {def. when you've had so much fun on your birthday that you can't go back to reality}. It's a little less today but I'm hanging out for the weekend so I can embrace some laziness. Here's what I'm loving this Friday.

This is random... a tumbler with straw. I'm refusing to drink anything cold out of anything other than this. It's from Kmart. It was $3 and I am in love with it. I have no idea why.

On Wednesday Husband, Bailey and I popped into Kmart and stocked up on some Christmas stuff. I went a little bit overboard because I am obsessed with Christmas related stuff. I plan to start decorating my house on November 25. Our tree goes up on December 1. For some reason I decided we needed all our Christmas stuff now. It makes me happy. I love Christmas!

Have a wonderful weekend x


Another Year Older: 25

In case that old lady in China didn't hear... yesterday was my birthday. On Tuesday night I had a little crisis about turning older and told myself that if I didn't fall asleep the next day would never come. After being sad for a while I cuddled up next to Minnie. We hugged and she made it all better just like she did when I came home from a bad day at Uni or when Husband and I had a fight or when I was pregnant and sick with Bailey. Since I had such a great birthday I thought I'd be all up myself for a bit and share some birthday pics {all presents, unless otherwise mentioned, are from Husband, Bailey, Minnie and Summer}.

1. In my house we begin the birthday celebrations the day before the big day. We don't do anything huge we just have a special meal and give a little present. The badge is mine.
2. Pastel measuring cups and spoons {one spoon missing from the pile because I got proud}.
3. Present from my sister, her partner Eddie and my nephew Kai which I received on Saturday when she and I went for lunch {Grill'd}, pedicures and to see a movie {Taken 2}.
4. Scream 4 and Jamie Oliver Recipe Tin {that came with recipe cards, recipe dividers, a notebook and pencil}.

1, 2, 3 and 4 are all shots of my main birthday present. Finally I get a stand mixer. This is the Sunbeam Cafe Series and I adore it. I don't particularly know why I took a picture of the warning I just thought it was hilarious.

1. Birthday Breakfast: bacon and egg roll. Yum.
2. Birthday tea - fascinating stuff right there {in a mug I got as a wedding present from my friend Alex. It came in a set with a "stud" one for Husband. Love this mug}.
3. Malteser Brownie Cupcake. Yes, such a thing exists. Even better? This Brownie Bar {that's its name!} is literally 5 minutes walk from my house.
4. Dinner. Cheese Pizza. Yum.

*Lunch from Mad Mex at my sisters house {not pictured}.

1. Inside the Brownie Bar.
2. Inside the Malteser Brownie Cupcake.
3. Bailey eyeing off the brownies.
With the kids.

Family pics.

Nephew and daughter playing. Love.

1&2. My birthday cake which Husband let me help make and bake in my new mixer. Mint chocolate with mint slice biscuits for decoration.
3&4. Bailey, clearly, enjoying the cake.

All in all a really great birthday. Also, apologies for the picture overload. I'm a bit of a obsessive picture taker.


chicken? That's me. Today I'm 25. Happy birthday to me!

Today I request {if that's ok} that everybody munch some cake. Or a cupcake. Or both. 


Product Rave: Dove Shampoo & Conditioner

Every so often I'll come across a product that, after only the first use, makes me want to divorce my Husband and marry it instead. This is one of those times. I haven't been using the shampoo and conditioner long enough to feel comfortable reviewing them {but I do feel comfortable mentioning getting married to them - weird...} so I've decided to rave about them instead. 


This duo makes my hair feel clean, gives it some life and body and provides a bit of a straightening aspect. It also makes my hair feel smooth as soon as I've rinsed and without needing to brush/comb it. I love this stuff {and the scent isn't overpowering like the shampoo and conditioner I mentioned here}. 


J Review: L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation is another one of my must have foundations {and the third review in my foundation series}. It's a gorgeous foundation that provides a flawless finish. Lumi Magique comes in 9 shades and is a light-reflecting foundation that offers a natural complexion. I use this foundation in the shade Pure Pearl {so for all your paleites like me this shade is for you}. 

The foundation applies really well. The application is smooth and blends with minimal fuss. I use mine with the Beauty Blender or Manicare Sponge. I do find this foundation is too creamy/liquidy to apply with a stippling brush. I've put a picture below of me wearing Lumi. It's an iPhone pic and the light is crappy but you will get the idea {and you get to see Bailey's foot in the background which is like the best foot ever}.

You can see my cheeks look super glowy and the coverage is amazing. This picture is pretty true to what my skin looked like that night, however, disappointingly, my skin did start to look oily midway through my night out. I don't have oily skin, nowhere near it, so that was a surprise. If you're going to wear this foundation when you'll be out for a large length of time it might be wise to take a powder or blotting papers with you for touch ups and/or to control the shine. 

Since I don't go out too often I tend to mainly use this foundation mixed in with my Missha BB Cream which helps with the aforementioned shine as the BB Cream is matte.  

I adore this foundation for its creamy glow from within, its gorgeous texture and coverage and its ability to not feel heavy on my skin. It's billed to suit all skin types so I think everyone will love it for all those reasons too. 

You can buy Lumi Magique at Priceline stores and wherever L'Oreal is stocked.

The Lumi Magique range also features a highlighter and primer. There's also a Nude Magique BB Cream


Friday Loves: Blog Edition

I spend a lot of my downtime online. Either watching YouTube/TV Shows/Movies or reading blogs. I have a select view that I visit every single day and some {where the authors don't post that often} once or twice a week. I wanted to use this Friday Loves Post to highlight all the blogs I love {I'm hesitant to show any images from all the blogs so, to be safe, I won't be showing any}.

click to enlarge image

Cupcakes and Cashmere: a blog full of food, fashion, decor and how-tos. The first blog I check in the morning {and usually what I check just before bed}. I love her Five Things posts {up every Friday}.
Taza and Husband: a gorgeous family and one of my absolute favourite blogs to read. 
Bleubird Vintage: another gorgeous family. Has good food ideas for a baby/toddler and cute decor.
9 to 5 Chic: this girl has such a wonderful sense of style. Love.
What Shaz Said: great beauty tips and inside info
Tied With A Bouw: another gorgeous family. Sonja has wonderful style as does her home and daughter {she is also pregnant with baby number 2}.
Table Tonic: owner of the store Table Tonic this blog features a lot of items from the store as well as decor and healthy food ideas.
Buy Now Blog Later: Laura is one of my favourite bloggers {I followed her to this blog from her, now defunct, YouTube channel}. She is a talented/funny writer and I love her easy style.
Honest Toddler: a toddler's {hilarious} view on the world. I love the writing. Never fails to make me laugh.
Suri's Burn Book: "a study on Suri and the people who dissapoint her".
Stfu Parents: I wouldn't normally read a blog where parents are made fun of but this is too hilarious to pass up. What can I say? I love the mummy-jackers.
Dear Blank, Please Blank: I don't know if this is even considered a blog but I like to visit once a week and read the humorous letters.
Post Secret: this is updated every Sunday night {my time} and I look forward to it all week. This blog is such a wonderful exploration of humans and their secrets. It makes me feel less alone.

Other blogs that should rate a mention:
Ring My Bell - from actress Ashley Madekwe
Bakerella - major food envy

I'm always on the hunt for more blogs that I can become obsessed with so if you have any recommendations let me know. Have a wonderful weekend. 


The Ultimate Horror Night In

I'm a huge horror movie fan. Just ask my poor Husband who has to sit through countless horror movies with me all the while listening to his once sweet wife wax lyrically about how great each kill is and how smart the killers are {also, props to him for never complaining}. There aren't many movies that I find scary. I never go to bed terrified {or haven't since I got over my fear of rats}. I am aware that there are countless others who are more qualified to give horror movie advice over me but I won't lie I do pride myself {a little} on knowing what movies are good for getting your scare on {did I really just say that?}

Here's what you need to do: curl up on the couch either alone or with someone else {preferably someone not too chatty}, grab a blanket {for ultimate comfort which will double as an object to hide your face from the stuff on screen if necessary}, you will need popcorn and all your favourite movie foods and enough drinks to keep your thirst quenched. Turn the lights off. Make sure there will be no interruptions and if you scare easily check to see if the doors are locked. Here's what you need to watch.

Scream. I know this movie isn't really terrifying but it's good. Wes Craven is a genius. I love the story. I love the kills. One of my favourite movies of all time. I've watched it many times and I'll happily watch it over and over again until forever.

The Last House On The Left {2009}. This is a remake of the 1972 Wes Craven film {which I haven't seen} and, gosh, it makes me happy. The basic idea is: how far would you go to get revenge if someone hurt the one you love? My favourite part of the whole movie is the last few minutes.

The Strangers. I must admit that this movie freaked me out. I've been watching horror movies since I was really young {think grade 3} and haven't been this freaked out in a movie since I watched Candyman. The idea that someone would kill you just because you answered your door/were home is amazing. I love it. I've re-watched this movie a few times now and while I'm not scared of it anymore I do love the thrill it gives.

Mother's Day {2010}. It has Rebecca De Mornay in it. Enough said {that woman has scared me since my first viewing of The Hand That Rocks The Cradle}. This movie really is creepy and has a nice amount of gore {is that even normal to say?}. I'd say this movie is technically thriller but the lines between both genres are so blurred I don't think it matters.

De Mornay is amazing in this role. She's a true sociopath. I adore how she's so calm and collected. Her attitude and demeanor make her even scarier than a stereotypical movie psycho. 

Wolf Creek. I feel like even mentioning this movie is a cliche but I just had to. I've watched this numerous times and never get tired of it. I'm convinced John Jarratt is actually a murderer in real life, that's how good he is. I love that he's so sick and twisted and how he gets so much pleasure from torturing people {I am aware that makes me sound... odd. Look, some people like Star Trek or romantic movies. I like horror}. 

And that's my ultimate horror movie night in. All of those movies. One after the other {so maybe it's more of an afternoon/night in}. And, after those, if you're addicted and can't get enough here are some more I love:

* Scream 2, 3 and 4



I'm having issues with the word "no" but only when it comes to saying it to Bailey. This is a problem.

Here's what happens:

Step one: Bailey does something "naughty" like opening the glass doors of the TV cabinet and slamming them against things or slamming them closed.

Step two: I say "no" firmly.

Step three: she continues to do it.

Step four: I say "no" again.

Step five: she looks at me and continues.

Step six: I walk over to her and stop her from doing whatever it is and then put my hands on my hips and say "no" once again.

Step seven: Bailey, finding humour in all this, smiles at me and then begins to laugh.

Step eight: I try and pretend that it's not funny and try to resist a smile only to find that I've been smiling all along. I then laugh because laughter is contagious and hers most of all.

Step nine: I stop laughing and pretend I never did as I walk over to the couch and pretend to be mad.

Step ten: she walks over, puts her hands together and says "mama" with her cute little smile and I forget everything that happened, scoop her up and give her kisses.

So here's my problem... I can't resist how cute she is and she knows it. What is one to do?


Products I Couldn't Finish

The last thing I want to do is spend money on products only to bring them home and despise them right away. It makes me sad to say that, sometimes, this is inevitable. I have little patience for most things in life {Bailey excluded}. I'm never going to be one of those people who hate a product but finish it anyway. The thought drives me mad so into the bin they go. Here are the products that I just had to throw away.

1. Olay Pore Minimising Cleanser and Scrub - I was drawn to the "pore minimising" part of this product and couldn't bring myself to use it long enough to see if this held true. This product was just weird. It was too creamy and too rough and didn't work as a cleanser or a scrub. It was also drying and didn't make my skin feel exfoliated at all. The micro-beads also seemed to stick to my face no matter how much I rinsed and I was always left picking them off my face one by one.

2. Garnier Clean Detox Gentle Brightening Scrub - I'm always drawn to the claims of "gentle" and "brightening" when it comes to my skin care. My skin is very sensitive so I need something that's not too harsh. This scrub disappointed in that area. It felt like it was tearing my skin. The citrus extract in this scrub managed to make my face burn and like the Olay scrub it left micro-beads on my face long after rinsing. 

I've only managed to encounter one body product that I've had to throw out and it's the Radox Exfoliating Shower Gel. I hated this stuff. It was scratchy and made my skin feel raw after use. It also made my skin burn for an hour or so after washing off. 

1. Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Foundation - this is a perfectly good foundation but it just didn't work for me. It was too thick and just looked too heavy on my skin. The "ageless" aspect of this product should have deterred me from purchasing it but I was in a rush to buy anything and everything and decided that I needed it. I imagine it would be perfect for the older demographic {I do, however, think their version of the concealer with Olay is genius}.

2. MAC Painterly Paint Pot - again, a perfectly good product and one I actually loved but the shelf life on this product is disgraceful. After a month of use the paint pot was dry and unusable. After it did this the first time I repurchased but once it happened again I refused to try again and threw it out. 

3. Nude By Nature Magic Mineral Mascara - this mascara was awful. I tried it once and it barely created a curl or any length in my lashes. After a few minutes the product was still not dry and smudged all over my eye area. I cleaned up that mess and left it on for a few more hours before I got sick of the smudges and mascara flakes. This is truly the worst mascara I have ever tried.


J Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Bourjois Healthy Mix is one of my "must have" foundations. I adore the healthy, lit from within, glow it gives. The foundation has a light scent of apricot which I adore but if you're very sensitive to scents in products this might be too much for you. Healthy Mix is a Bourjois bestseller.

As you can tell by the packaging Healthy Mix provides radiance and hydration. These two factors is what made me fall in love with it, however, I have noticed that the longer you have this foundation the more cakey it becomes on the skin. I got mine in my Christmas stocking last year and a month ago it started to go a bit iffy. Since I didn't want to waste any of the product I decided to add another foundation to the mix and see if that made it better. And it did because I'm a genius.

Combined with Revlon PhotoReady Foundation {which is another must have foundation that I will review later} this foundation becomes creamier, easier to apply {it can be a bit thick} and even more glowy. Use a large amount of Healthy Mix and a small amount of PhotoReady to avoid an overly glowy look. Apply with a blending sponge {like the Beauty Blender} for a nice even look. 

It might seem ridiculous that you need 2 foundations to make one perfect foundation but it's not. Well, at least not to me. I don't buy into the idea that one foundation will do everything you need it to and I don't think we should expect it to {unless you're going very upmarket and buying from Chanel and YSL and even then a perfect foundation is not guaranteed}. Healthy Mix is great on its own so don't get me wrong. I'd be more than happy to recommend this foundation alone to everyone but as it nears the end of it's shelf life it's finish is amped up with the use of PhotoReady. 

Bourjois is sold at Priceline throughout Australia, Myer in selected stores and Target {excluding Target Country}.