Baby Style

I've wanted to do a post for a while now about Bailey's outfits, how I select each item/how I put them together and the shops I love. Each time I tried to write the post it always seemed incredibly narcissistic so today I wanted to share Bailey's very own personal style. She's just started to get into telling/showing us what she wants to wear {she also enjoys shoving jumpers at Husband for him to wear, usually on really hot days} and I have to say her style is certainly...different. Please observe.

This was one of her outfits from the weekend. Stunning, no?
Black shorts, flannel pyjama top, grey cardigan and purple singlet. 

Her outfit from Monday. Superwoman top, ruffled skirt, Bombers scarf and one Pumpkin Patch shoe that she grew out of about 3 months ago. She stuffed the shoe in my face and vibrated with rage until I put it on. Later in the day she took the shoe off and raged until I put it on the wrong foot. She's strange.

This was from last week - her first attempt at styling her own outfits. Grey Bonds dress {nappy cover not seen}, purple love jumper {even though it has two sleeves it's clearly only meant to be worn like model wears} and crumbs of Cruskit in hair. 

I think this is my punishment for wearing ugly clothes as a kid. In my defense my parents bought me the fugly green double denim jeans and jacket. I did pick out the Barbie shorts I loved though. 


Etsy Obsessions: Husband Love

After posting Etsy Obsessions every week for quite a while I decided perhaps it was a bit overkill. I mean, who needs to buy things from Etsy that often? From now I'll post Etsy Obsessions once in a while. Here's what I've been loving lately.

I always tell him that he's my favourite Husband so I think he needs this

I'm not great at remembering important dates so I think I need this. I'm sure I'll forget my wedding anniversary one of these days.

Because he always makes me happy.

This has got to be one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.


Nap Time Craving: Dresses

Watching the Emmy's yesterday inspired me to browse online for pretty dresses that I have decided I need in order to live past 25. My selections aren't as fancy {or anywhere near that} and wouldn't hold up on a red carpet but they're very "me" and would fit into my day-to-day perfectly.

Black and Pink Buttercup dresses from Myer Online
both $79.95

on sale for $39 {usually $49}


J Review: MAC Face and Body Foundation

The MAC Face and Body Foundation is a favourite of make up artists, celebrities and... ME. It's a gorgeous lightweight foundation that I imagine would suit every skin type and coverage preference. I prefer a full-coverage foundation and I adore this. 

The foundation is available in 11 shades {I am, as usual, the lightest shade} and is water-based and water-resistant {I wore this foundation on my honeymoon in Fiji and it stands up}. It's sheer so you can layer it without it looking cakey and since it's a foundation for both face and body you can build a flawless coverage all over your body. It's especially perfect for your decolletage.

Teamed with a primer this foundation will last all day and is perfect for big events. I wore this foundation on my wedding day and it lasted all day and well into the night. Whenever I look at my wedding pictures I like to stare at my skin because I think the application was amazing {disclaimer: it was applied by a professional. I'm not that good and, also, I was busy doing other things like sipping mimosas with my sister and friend}.

Cue shameless wedding day picture

Despite all that raving I do have one huge disappointment with this foundation and that is it just doesn't seem to have a long bottle life. Now, I'm not sure if it's because I travelled with it to Fiji {it seemed to curdle and split in the bottle on the way home} or if I just had a faulty product. We did have a good few months together though. 

You can buy Face and Body at MAC for $60 either online or in store. If you're not familiar with MAC foundations I'd go in store and get tested for your perfect colour. 


My Foundation Must Haves

click to enlarge

I am somewhat of a foundation junkie. I find it hard to go without foundation if I'm going out. I just believe your face isn't complete without that step. Above I've listed my 6 foundation favourites. I'll save individual reviews for my Monday Reviews. I currently only have 5 of these foundations in my collection {I'm missing Face and Body} but I think all of these are absolute essentials. I truly believe that having all {or most} of these in your collection is a must {am I delusional?}

Like I said, I'll save proper reviews for later but here are some tips:
- MAC Face and Body is the perfect lightweight foundation that is long lasting and offers wonderful coverage {I used this foundation on my wedding day}.
- Healthy Mix provides a nice "inside" type glow.
- Revlon PhotoReady and Revlon ColourStay are great used alone but provide the "perfect" foundation when used together.


Friday Loves

Gosh, I'm so glad it's Friday. This week has felt ridiculously long and I can't wait for Friday night to come so Husband and I can spend the night on the couch and hopefully get around to watching The Avengers. This weekend should be full of relaxing, avoidance of cleaning and taking Bailey to some fun places to play and hang around with other kids. Here's what I'm loving today.

Cheese Chips from Outback Steakhouse. These are so good. I know they're not healthy and all that jazz but I don't care. Taste trumps it all. Husband, Bailey and I made a detour to Outback on our way back from the Mountains on Monday and had dinner. I love it there. I'm classy like that. I'd rather eat at a cheesy restaurant than a posh one any day of the week. Right after finishing these I was craving them again so I see them in our future very soon.

Friendship bracelets with Bailey. I am aware this is slightly lame. I obviously don't have much of a life outside of my daughter. It's wonderful.


J Review: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Brows

It might sound cheesy but eyebrows really do frame your face. The day I realised the caterpillar look was hideous was a good day. The day after not so much... For years my eyebrows were thin and sparse. Honestly, they've never been the same since the beauticians in the small country town I lived in waxed them way too thin.

Cue years later... I got into make up a little. Then a lot. Then I discovered eyebrow products and I never went back. Investing in good quality eyebrow products that suit your hair and skin tone is important, however, for me, the most important thing is this...

Eyebrow Tinting

It doesn't matter if you wax, pluck or thread {is there more than that? I don't know} you need to have your eyebrows tinted. Like eyelash tinting, it's a huge time saver and looks natural. Eyebrow tinting is just a tint for your eyebrows that suits your natural brow colour {although you can ask for a darker or lighter shade - most places will let you pick the shade you want but if you have no idea your beautician will {or should} be able to pick your perfect shade}. 

It might sound scary {in fact I've recommended brow tinting to friends before and they've been nervous to try it} but it's not. Trust me. Mostly it just picks up all the light baby hairs and brings them to life. You might still have gaps in your brows but they won't be as noticeable. You won't need to apply brow products every day so it's perfect for lazy {or efficient} people like me. The tint lasts around 4 weeks and usually costs around $15-$20.

When I go out somewhere that isn't Coles or the park I will fill in my brows with an eyebrow pencil {currently using and loving this} but it isn't exactly necessary I just prefer my brows that way. Here's me being all show-offy with tinted brows and very light use of my brow products...

The thing I notice most with tinted brows is that I don't have to work as hard to make them seem presentable. Also,  the ends of my brows are more noticeable making them seem a normal length.

Here are my brows untinted and un-filled in, before I knew better. They're very thin and sparse and bloody ugly.

I much prefer the first picture to the second.

Now, since I'm such an amazing writer/reviewer I know you want to hop off and go get your eyebrows tinted this instant so here's my favourite place to go: Ella Rogue Beauty. Unlike other places {cough Vive La Beaute cough} you won't leave with the tint all over your forehead and while they do try to sell you every product under the sun when you visit it's still worth it.

If you're not willing to hear their constant product spiels I'd suggest heading to a Benefit Brow Bar of which I have heard amazing things {I'm dying to visit one soon}. 


Friday Loves

A part of this week was spent outside with Bailey who is obsessed with playing in the yard in her shell pool or in her play gym. The rest was spent in bed or on the couch with back and leg issues that appeared in my second trimester of pregnancy and have stuck around ever since. The one thing I'd really love this Friday is to feel better but that's not happening so I'm choosing to focus on some other things instead...
Family. On September 4 my brother and his partner welcomed a little baby boy, Jet. My second nephew. I may not have a relationship with my parents or some of my siblings but those that I do are in my life and in my world for a reason and I'm so happy they are.

I've been lusting after items from Anthropologie's online store for ages but only just realised they ship to Australia. I adore their homewares

. There's only one good thing about being stuck in bed and it's watching TV. Currently loving American Dreams.

And this is beyond random but I rekindled my love for steamed chicken. By far the best chicken cooking method around.

Have a wonderful weekend x


Mummy Tip: Brushing Teeth

If you're having a hard time brushing your child's teeth try Macleans Milk Teeth. Milk Teeth is specially designed for young mouths and is perfect for ages 0-3. 

We had such a hard time brushing Bailey's teeth every day but as soon as we incorporated this product into her brushing routine it's become infinitely easier. 


Birthday Wishlist Part 2

click image to enlarge

I feel a little narcissistic doing a second birthday wishlist post but I couldn't help myself {see part one here}

25 is less than a month away...


J Review: Macleans Extreme Clean Toothpaste

Writing about toothpaste seems really random and, to be perfectly honest, not at all interesting. Despite this I wanted to share my favourite toothpaste. I only discovered it a month or two ago but I'm never going back.

Now, it is spicy so if you're not into that thing you might want to steer clear. I love a bit of heat when it comes to toothpaste and mints {hate it everywhere else} so this is right up my alley. For so long, after finishing my brush, my teeth didn't feel clean enough and the longer I brushed the less clean they felt. Until this. You know those stupid mouth wash ads where the clean is so explosive that the person does that huge smile? Yeah those... that's how this toothpaste makes me feel. Like a stupid mouth wash ad.

Here's the basic info: Macleans Extreme Clean Toothpaste is a range of bold-tasting pastes that dissolve into thousands of micro-active foam bubbles, showering the mouth as you brush. These foam bubbles seek out and kill germs, even in hard to reach places like the back of the tongue, leaving the mouth cleaner and breath fresher.

Comes in three variants: Extreme Clean Fresh, Extreme Clean Polished Clean and Extreme Clean White {this is the one I use}.

The part I love the most? That this toothpaste makes your whole mouth feel clean.

And that's about all the words I have for a toothpaste. Even one I love.

If you're interested you can buy this toothpaste at Coles, Woolworths and chemists.


in the kitchen: treats

My Internet is back up and running. Hopefully, all the issues of a constant {and annoying} disconnecting wireless are behind me. It's just a first-world problem but, gosh, Internet issues really bother me. I have no patience when it comes to such things. In my first post back {it feels like I haven't written in months} I wanted to share some of the food that's been coming out of my kitchen recently.

Mint Chunk Rocky Road. Husband and I made this on Tuesday night. It's so good.

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I made these I thought that they'd be loaded with Nutella flavour but they're not. Still delicious though. I added extra choc chips {as I always do. That's my secret to a truly great cookie. Extra choc chips} so each bite was always bound to be deliciously soft and gooey. The Nutella adds extra gooeyness. But you might get a bite or two of straight up Nutella. Love these.

Frozen Yoghurt Dipped Strawberries. 

Put chopped strawberries into ice-cube trays and fill with yoghurt {I used honey flavoured}. Freeze.

I like to get the cubes out 10 minutes before eating so they're not too hard. It doesn't beat regular strawberries and yoghurt but it's good to have on hand when I have a craving and no strawberries in the fridge.


Internet Issues

I am currently having major Internet issues. It keeps on dropping out whenever I'm trying to write my regular Monday post so it looks like it's not happening today... Hopefully I will be back to posting properly soon. Until then the majority of my Internet use will be on my phone. I am yet to figure out how to do a proper post on here...