J Review: Zoë Foster's Amazing Face

I hope my title isn't deceiving. I'm not some stalker obsessed-fan type dedicating an entire post to Zoë Foster's actual face. Nope, I want to talk about her book Amazing Face. I received this book as a gift from my Husband for my birthday last year and now, almost a year later, I'm still flicking through it. I love it.

What I love most? The fact it has great tips, great product recommendations from a wide variety of brands and that it's written in true Foster style.

About the book, Penguin says: sometimes a lady just needs to know how to do the definitive smoky eye, or how to choose the perfect shade of lipstick or eye shadow. And there's no reason she shouldn't know which foundation or moisturiser is best for her, either. All the answers are here, in this top-to-toe beauty extravaganza. Former Cosmopolitan and Harper's BAZAAR beauty director Zoë Foster suggests makeup colours and brands for every occasion, skin care routines and products for every age, and step-by-step instructions for winged eyeliner, sensational red lips, foolproof tanning, simple updos, sexy-second day hair and much, much more. 

Amazing Face includes everything you could possibly need for now and the future {with tips for all age groups}. Foster doesn't tell you what to do she just provides recommendations and tips. She's not bossy. Actually, scratch that, she is bossy but in the fun way fans of Foster know and love. This book is also gorgeous on the inside and out. It's so amazingly well done and fun.

Here are some of my favourite parts...

I already knew we were meant to think this way before reading the book but I often forgot. Since seeing this I've never forgotten that my face stops at my boobs. I love the design here.

Makes so much sense and I always try and make sure to remember this when I do my make up. I love how the foundation is heavy and the concealer is light in the picture- something to also keep in mind when applying your concealer. If you don't apply it right you shouldn't bother applying it all.

This is my favourite tip. I always used to put my foundation and concealer on first and then wonder why I had to redo it after applying my eye shadow. Gosh I was naive. Even the best eye shadow's will have some fall out, especially if you're using one with glitter in it. It only makes sense to do your eyes first so you're not getting that fallout all over your gorgeously done face. That was a bit of a "duh!" moment for me. Ever since I've started doing my eyes first my make up has looked so much better and application time is shorter. Hooray for Foster!

If you don't have this book I recommend you go buy it now. It covers makeup, hair, body and skin care - everything essential to you looking and feeling your best. And that's what Amazing Face does it helps you to look and feel your best and to have fun while doing so.

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