J Review: The Washcloth

You might have heard all the hyped-up talk of muslin cloths and/or the Clarisonic and while I do adore the benefits of the latter I want to talk about the plain old washcloth {also known as flannel}.

This is what I'm currently using in place of my Clarisonic {I keep on forgetting to buy a new brush head} when I wash my face. I use it morning and night {I feel my skin needs it twice a day} and replace the cloth at the end of the second night of use. 

Here's what you need to do: apply cleanser to your face in a rubbing motion and leave for a minute or two. Dampen cloth with warm water and rub into skin in a gentle circular motion. Concentrate on problem areas and be gentle on cheeks. Rinse face and washcloth. Done.

Simple right? While the washcloth isn't as good as the Clarisonic {if the Clarisonic rates 100/100 I'd say the washcloth is 90/100} it is easier and nowhere near as expensive. The Clarisonic costs $150+ {not including the $35 cost of replacing the brush head every 3-4 months} a washcloth can cost as little as 50 cents and it does the job. It helps to reduce pore size and blackheads which is what I look for when it comes to my face cleansing routine. 

Right now I'd happily retire my Clarisonic and continue using cloths to wash my face with. I like that it doesn't cost me anything and love the simplicity. 

If after washing your face your skin still feels rough I'd happily recommend a washcloth. It might seem ridiculously simple but it's not something many people think of as a cleansing aid. Pick up a pack of the ones they sell for babies/children since they aren't as harsh and use as your skin needs.

J Tip: Use the washcloth along with your body wash and do the same routine you'd do with your face on your body for exfoliation in place of a body scrub.

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