J Review: Strawberry Picking

I must admit I don't shop at The Body Shop too much but of the products I do have {or have had in the past - like this} I adore. The smell. The texture. The way they make your body feel. Delicious. 

I'm currently obsessed with everything in their strawberry range but I've only had the chance to use the two products above. They both smell delicious and while the scent isn't long lasting it does leave your skin with a slight hint of strawberry for a few hours and it doesn't destroy any fragrance you choose to wear.

The lotion is: a light, refreshing moisturiser with strawberry pulp, rich in antioxidants and fruit acids to help refine skin and strawberry seed oil to help protect.

The best thing? You can put clothes on right after applying without that greasy feeling.

The body polish is: a fragrant, foaming, gel-based scrub that's gentle to use everyday.

I love that it doesn't feel like it tears my skin. It's not too rough and doesn't burn my skin like many other scrubs tend to do.

I don't use these products every day just because I want to savour them but these are, by far, the best scrub and lotion I have come across.

And because I love them so much I now need these other Body Shop goodies...

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