J Review: Palmer's Purifying Face Mask

I adore face masks, especially those of the clay variety. This Palmer's face mask is my absolute favourite. I am yet to find one that I adore as much as this so, I feel, it rightly deserves its place in this Monday Review.

Palmer's saypacked with essential oils, this natural Kaolin Clay and Sweet Almond Oil Purifying Mask is a pampering treat for skin. It gently dries and draws out impurities leaving skin feeling fresh, revived and soothed. Cocoa and Shea Butters impart a gentle moisture while Aloe, Chamomile and Milk Proteins purify to leave you with radiant looking skin. Ideal for dull, stressed and irritated skin leaving it fresh, clean and smooth.

I say
* It doesn't break me out when I use it {many face masks including Dermalogica do break me out. It's hard for me to find one that doesn't}
* It doesn't irritate my skin
* I can keep it on for 30 minutes without it making me feel like my face is on fire
* It's useful for spot work {on breakouts}. It draws out all the yuck stuff from the pimple and helps minimise their life
* Once the mask is taken off {which is easy to do} my skin doesn't feel thirsty

Palmer's Directions: apply a thin layer of mask to cleansed face, avoiding eye area. Leave on for up to 10 minutes while a light drying occurs. Rinse thoroughly with water or remove with a damp wash cloth. Follow with your favourite moisturiser. Use 1-3 times per week or as desired. 

How I Use: after thoroughly cleansing and drying apply the product to your face {sometimes I apply all the way down to where my boobs start}. Leave product until completely dry {I find this often takes 20-30 minutes} or until it starts to become uncomfortable on skin {again 20-30 minutes}. Remove with a lukewarm wash cloth in a slight scrubby {is that even a word?} motion. Dry face and apply a rosehip oil {like this one from Trilogy}. Use 2-3 times a week.

I like to do this routine every third day after my evening shower and, as lame as this might sound, if I'm having a bad day I like to pop a layer of this on. For some reason, as soon as I've completed the routine I feel infinitely more capable to deal with the stresses ahead. 

You can purchase this product wherever Palmer's is stocked, however, I should note that, at times, it is difficult to find because it is either: a) sold out or b) not stocked at that particular store. I pick mine up during food shopping expeditions, at Coles, where it retails for around $10.

A clay mask is a must have product in everyone's beauty/skincare regime and I would recommend the Palmer's version over and over again. I even have my Husband onto it {for his oily t-zone} and it works wonders on his skin even though we have wildly different skin types.

J Tip 1: put a tiny amount of this product onto breakouts, whenever they appear, just before you go to bed and leave on overnight. Works a treat.

J Tip 2: when you can't squeeze any more of the product out of the tube cut the top off. When you do you'll see just how much product is still in there. And don't worry - this won't dry the product out, just wrap tightly in glad wrap after each use.


  1. This is a very helpful review, thanks so much.

    1. Would you believe that I've only just seen your comment right now? Why I wasn't notified I have no idea. So, thank you. I hope you've had a chance to try out the face mask. It really is wonderful.

    2. Haha! I've already forgotten that I commented on here if it wasn't for the email that I received. I did manage to try it out, only twice though but those two times have been pretty good!


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