In The Kitchen: Nutella Surprise

I love to be in the kitchen. Mostly I adore baking, however, there aren't many occasions where I get to fulfill my passion. I'm not usually that proud of the food I cook for lunch or dinner {breakfast is not my forte} because it just seems so boring but when I am I'll make sure to post those meals. I'd also like to post some of the food I prepare for Bailey, if it warrants, for all those parents out there who are stuck for ideas. I'm no kitchen goddess but I do enjoy my time in there even if I'm just making lunch for my Husband to take to work {doesn't happen too often, trust me. I'd rather sleep but sometimes doting on him takes precedence over being rested}. But first things first... a dessert.

This "recipe" actually involves no baking, nor does it require much preparation or thought but it's so amazing that I couldn't not share it. If you don't like Nutella I wouldn't bother. This is my Nutella Surprise {real desserty type people please don't laugh}...

What You'll Need:
Nutella - as much as desired but 3 tablespoons is a good start {make sure you use real Nutella. None of this fake stuff}
Whipped Cream - as much as you want but only use Gippsland Dairy Whipped Cream {this cream is the best thing in the world. Use it}
Pecans - as much as desired & chopped into rough pieces

What You Need To Do:
1. Spoon Nutella into the base of your bowl/cup {whatever you prefer}. I like to use these small glasses we purchased for a house guest that had a penchant for spirits and that, since he's gone, never get used. A good measure is about 3-4 heaped tablespoons.
2. Spoon whipped cream on top of Nutella. You'll need a larger ratio of whipped cream than Nutella to break up the strong taste.
3. Sprinkle chopped pecans on top and serve. 
{I prefer using roughly chopped pecans to use over whole or finely chopped ones as these add a nice crunch that isn't too big or too small}.

And that's it. Simple. Perhaps a bit lame for my first In The Kitchen post because not much effort was involved. However, I am actually quite proud of my invention. I created this while watching Masterchef Australia a few weeks ago and have been craving it so much since that I scoffed this last night in bed whilst watching the last episodes of Parenthood Season 3. 

For someone that loves Nutella as much as me this dessert is perfect because the whipped cream and pecans break up the thickness of the Nutella so much so that you don't get that sickly feeling after eating so much of it. When eating it I also like to tell myself that this is a healthy dessert because:

1. They encourage children to eat Nutella for breakfast {with toast but still...}
2. Whipped cream feels very light and so it is light
3. Nuts {in moderation} are healthy. Pecans are nuts. Pecans are heatlhy

Enjoy x

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