Friday Loves

On Sunday my sister and I took my brother's girlfriend to the Tea Room at QVB to celebrate her baby boy's imminent arrival {another nephew!} and while it will never live up to the high tea at The Langham {go there now!} it was amazing. I want to go back and swap the green tea for some sparkling wine. 

After years of hating candles I randomly decided I like them. I came across this smitten range of candles from hard to find and the differing scents amaze me and also make me hungry.

My new owl - who I decided to name Percy. He will house some of my most used make up brushes and I adore him. I discovered him while doing my Owl Etsy Obsessions and just had to scoop him up. 

New shoes purchased within the last 2 weeks. L-R: Nine West {no longer available}, Mollini, last 2 from Shoe Box. These make me so happy, particularly the first two. I love my new casual purchases but I would marry the dressier pair. Gosh they're gorgeous.

Lastly, the best lolly in the whole world. Sour Zoo. Not just a Friday love but a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday love. If you like sour lollies you will LOVE these. They're not as sour as lollies were when I was a kid but they're deliciously tangy and always hit the spot when my body craves sourness. I pick mine up from Aldi {have never seen them anywhere else and no other lolly from Haribo compares}.

Have a wonderful weekend x


  1. I just saw the Shoe Box pair on someone at work! Yay now I don't have to stalk them and awkwardly ask where they got them from :)

    1. You need to get these - they're so comfy.


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